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  1. Wasn't she the daughter in The Beverley Hillbillies?.
  2. Don't expect Smith to score 25 goals this coming season. Last season was a one off, be good for 10-15, but he will be a real presence for us up front and, hopefully, will terrify the opposition.
  3. Rumour has it that we are on the verge of signing Paul Warne as fitness guru.
  4. Oh joy, another exhibition of diving, falling and general time wasting, from them wannabe Geordies.
  5. We haven't kicked a ball yet, and already the moaners are on.
  6. It looks like we will not be signing any more Midgets in the near future.
  7. Not a shame, just badly run clubs over the decades.
  8. And that makes him a Poor prospect?.
  9. True, Remember when NOW tv was £4.99 a month just a few years ago?.
  10. Yep, we really dodged a bullet there. Agree with team work thing, TEAMS win games and trophys, not individuals.
  11. Fitness levels worsening year after year after the 'Jolly boy's outing' led by? you guessed it. Where did it get us?.
  12. With a year left on his present contract, give him another 3 year deal. He will be worth a few quid in 12 months time.
  13. For pre-season 'Hot weather' training. Hope it is more productive than when The Clown took them.
  14. He single handedly destroyed our midfield at Hillsboro in that season
  15. The type of midfielder we have been crying out for since 2016 Play offs.
  16. NO we move them on to other 1st division clubs.
  17. He inherited some very good players from Gray, spent a fortune and we finished with a squad worst than the one he inherited. The 1st half of his 1st season was good, but struggled after that.
  18. We need players who can get us promoted from the 1st division, worry about Championship when we get there.
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