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  1. Havin-a-hoot

    Chansiri kicking off

    I'd argue he is neither a business man nor a football man, he is just a man, as fallible as the rest of us. He just wants to do his best and unfortunately it hasn't worked out perfectly so far, it has been ups and downs but any new venture is always the same in that regard. He has shown already with Carlos that his heart isn't purely in business, or he would have cut the losses much sooner then.
  2. Havin-a-hoot

    Chansiri kicking off

    I feel a bit sorry for Chansiri, from what I've seen he's never done anything to deserve the abuse he has gotten. Sure he has made some mistakes, but who hasn't? From the few times I've spoke to him and from when I've seen him talk, his heart seems in the right place, that's good enough for me. I'd kick off too if people were slagging me off for trying my best.
  3. Havin-a-hoot

    What are we drinking tonight

  4. Havin-a-hoot

    Be Warned No Bottle Tops Allowed Tonight

    I honestly cannot understand the logic behind this... if it's to stop them being thrown, coins hurt more, if it's to stop bottles being thrown with liquid in... why do they sell hot drinks with lids on?
  5. Havin-a-hoot

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Had christmas dinner with the bloke, nice guy, never smiled though. Helan sometimes had to help with language as they both spoke French, but generally his English was great. Didn't eat much. Been to a fair few of those christmas dinners and the only one who ate like a champ was Antonio, he even made them refill the bread basket!
  6. Havin-a-hoot


    https://www.swlfc.co.uk/ Is this not our women's team? I mean I say we all SHOULD follow it, I am not claiming to actually do so... Remember hearing they did alright a few years back though
  7. Havin-a-hoot


    Everyone of us should have second team and third teams - Wednesday Youth, Wednesday Women
  8. Havin-a-hoot


    This will bug me all week now
  9. Havin-a-hoot


    "There's no question about...." About what Jos?! About what!?!!?! Don't leave me hanging!
  10. two wing backs needed really, maybe more.
  11. Aye it's fair enough, I just wondered if it was choice or injury.
  12. Solid team. What's reason for wildsmith drop Though?
  13. Havin-a-hoot


    He said it himself didn't he when he moved here that he wanted to show he wasn't just there for heading the ball or something. I think he has proved that consistently, hold up play is excellent, has made some right goals/assists over the years by running past players and taking them on.
  14. Havin-a-hoot

    Quality balls

    Not that I expect it to change much, but I do wonder how Rhodes would do now that we are getting quality balls in. I wouldn't change up the team and test it right now, but if someone picks up a knock it could be worth a go.
  15. Havin-a-hoot


    2 year deal for me. He offers something different, a nice asset to have, always works hard, good for morale etc. I'd be happy with a strikeforce of nuhiu, hooper, joao, forestieri to be honest, maybe one more with our injury luck recently. Then again I've always liked Nuhiu, my sort of player, so maybe I am a bit biased.