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  1. Quality

    we are surprisingly good at it though... I hate it, I really do, but I cannot deny it often seems to work out for us holding on to these horrible 1-0 leads... it didn't today but I can see why Carlos does it.
  2. IFollow quality

    I can't say anything for last match, but I will say for the matches I saw when I was away, I quite enjoyed the lack of on screen information, felt more like I was watching the match, listening to the fans etc as opposed to watching it on tv. I also found when it freezes a lot reloading the page works for me.
  3. Burton Presser pt2

    Great article that, well written, a good length, interesting points. Does make a stark difference to the trash you get in the papers.
  4. iFollow

    I find that if I reload the stream at half time then there isn't much juddery-ness in the second half
  5. Any foreign channels showing match tonight?

    To whoever noted the commentary my lag behind the live stream... you can pause the live stream to let the commentary catch up. Makes the live stream less live but hey. Slowmo is there too... looked forward to messing around with it but there was nothing worth slowmoing last match.
  6. These are good times...

    I'm not sure I agree about the whole Chansiri wanting to sell us thing, although I can imagine he would want to stop having to put money in so much, but I think you are spot on with not needing to rush... I mean if we spent 5 more years challenging for promotion, I'd take that. I like this league, even if it is not a financially stable or sustainable league, I've always preferred the football here and in league 1 than I have the premiership football.
  7. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    I want to see some real nice yet pointless sweeteners. Free lifetime matchday access to the 1867 lounge, a swanky metal card that affords you access to said lounge, a personalised pen, yearly newsletter, be able to be let into the ground early, official 1867 watch a training session day. Maybe a badge. Not like the club badge, but a name badge. Access to whichever turnstile you want to use instead of being forced through those tiny end ones, name in the end of the programme on the 1867 page, a handwritten thank you letter from the chairmen... all that jazz. I want to feel Executive damn it
  8. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Depends what floats your boat. If I had 1.5k spare I would do it in a heartbeat. Why? because I love the idea of having my name on my seat, I mean I sit there every year, might as well make it official, being a part of the stadium I love would be nice too. Just redecorated an entire house though, so no dosh, but hey maybe one day. It all depends what you value in life I guess, I am one of those people who pay for sentiments more so than who cares about the material aspect. Not really a question of sense, just a question of taste.
  9. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    And I am sure chansiri agrees with that too, "would never seek the backing of a single supporter who cannot afford to do so." Not meaning to say that you aren't free to give an opinion, just furthering the discussion
  10. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    variety is the spice of life
  11. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Speak for yourself, I believe thinking with your heart can be worthwhile so long as it doesn't put you in jepardy. If you ask me, this is like when people go on holiday. You would spend a similar amount, hoping for Sun, that sun may not be there but you pay anyway. At the very least you get the experience of being away and the time off work. Also as an accountant you should know as well as I do that most spending is frivolous anyway, if people want to spend 1500 on a plaque then so long as it makes them happy who are we to argue against it. We all have our opinion, sure, but some (not so much you mk) seem to want to delve into conspiracy theories about the reasoning behind this all and stir sh*t up
  12. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    the thing is, it isn't £500 per season on the kop, it is £1500 for a plaque and 3 years worth of season tickets. I do wish they did some other benefits to make it worth it but hey-ho, a plaque can be nice. People pay for them on benches all the time, why not on seats
  13. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    only just noticed... it has a west stand option too. I guess that means they are planning to have the west stand option ready for whenever we are in the prem
  14. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    I don't think he was conspiracy theory-ing... just pointing out we have a lot of negative nellies... though I agree about the person who may not go anymore being a daft thing to say, they could still contribute plenty