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  1. Championship Table - 8 points clear

    did not notice that hull was so low down.... Hope they drop
  2. Consilio et Animis - really?

    Just a note about the current Latin motto... it does indeed translate to roughly something like by wisdom and courage. The by is omitted because you can get it by the case used (the word endings in latin). Translating from Latin can be a pain in the arse but with a knowledge of cases and a proper dictionary it is fun. This phrase was the first thing I translated when I did my year of Latin.
  3. Now to be fair, when you sit and look at our new badge, the owl is still quite simple. I never got the hang of drawing the old badge from memory, never looked quite right. What's wrong with good old fashioned righting WAWAW on arms or I heart ****? I look at is as not needing aggression, the wise confident owl, brave and talented, not just an aggressive unthinking swine.
  4. It's swings and roundabouts, if we were a premier club with this badge it would become recognisable at a glance because it would become more iconic. I've never been a fan of minimal representation, I feel it's a shame when brands simplify their logo for easier recognition, it seems to scream to me "I don't think people are smart enough to remember this logo so let's dumb it down". Like with newspapers moving to short simple articles because they don't think that an average reader of a newspaper wants to... well read anything, a crying shame because reading newspapers from 100 years ago, you got so much more information and content, an enjoyable read for an afternoon. I am getting off track. I hope we stick with the new one, I feel it represents the history of the club better. The whole class vs graft thing and all that.
  5. 7 years ago today... a real low point

    I was in the (home)away end that day too! Despite the result it was a good laugh, giving a bit of banter with our own fans around the stadium and what not. Didn't Reda also throw up on the pitch?
  6. IF

    I thought we were going to get a rendition of the poem here... disappointed.
  7. To offer a counter, got to love our new/old badge, bit of class, a proper badge for a proper club. Not like that tacky piece of poo I grew up looking at, some minimalist representation of an owl that looked like it was done by a child or a modern arts professor.
  8. probably not, doesn't mean he isn't worth that to us.
  9. He'll be asking for 20k with an agent fee of 500k, they always bloody do on that game when I try sign someone
  10. to be honest, I can see that. I mean prices have ballooned so much recently and he is arguably one of our best players when fit. Also I believe the stats and values are from the start of the season so this season won't have devalued him
  11. Well I cannot speak for all of those on offer, but you can get better beer than the Wednesday ale easily less than £3, but then again I wasn't a big fan of the Wednesday ale. I don't pay too much attention to names but I tend to drink whatever real ale is on tap, most of which at places are quite nice and a lot less than £4. In fact I cannot think of any time I have had a beer over £4 that hasn't tasted like overpriced crap...
  12. Call it off.

    That being said, last winter I was in Sweden visiting the inlaws and it was -15, but it felt warmer than in Sheffield to me because there wasn't much wind. The Swedes I know are far from hardy people, all the missus' family and friends that have visited sheffield always complain it is cold and what not. I think as well in cold countries people see the temperature and wrap up more, so when they come somewhere and it is 10 degrees they don't wrap up as much and feel super cold.
  13. Call it off.

    They have a law where at some point in the year everyone has to switch to winter tyres. That probably helps.
  14. Call it off.

    Showed my missus this (she's originally from Sweden), she could only laugh at our uselessness. Not only do we flounce around in such weather, such weather is not even enough to be considered snow for her.