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  1. Havin-a-hoot

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Had christmas dinner with the bloke, nice guy, never smiled though. Helan sometimes had to help with language as they both spoke French, but generally his English was great. Didn't eat much. Been to a fair few of those christmas dinners and the only one who ate like a champ was Antonio, he even made them refill the bread basket!
  2. Havin-a-hoot


    https://www.swlfc.co.uk/ Is this not our women's team? I mean I say we all SHOULD follow it, I am not claiming to actually do so... Remember hearing they did alright a few years back though
  3. Havin-a-hoot


    Everyone of us should have second team and third teams - Wednesday Youth, Wednesday Women
  4. Havin-a-hoot


    This will bug me all week now
  5. Havin-a-hoot


    "There's no question about...." About what Jos?! About what!?!!?! Don't leave me hanging!
  6. two wing backs needed really, maybe more.
  7. Aye it's fair enough, I just wondered if it was choice or injury.
  8. Solid team. What's reason for wildsmith drop Though?
  9. Havin-a-hoot


    He said it himself didn't he when he moved here that he wanted to show he wasn't just there for heading the ball or something. I think he has proved that consistently, hold up play is excellent, has made some right goals/assists over the years by running past players and taking them on.
  10. Havin-a-hoot

    Quality balls

    Not that I expect it to change much, but I do wonder how Rhodes would do now that we are getting quality balls in. I wouldn't change up the team and test it right now, but if someone picks up a knock it could be worth a go.
  11. Havin-a-hoot


    2 year deal for me. He offers something different, a nice asset to have, always works hard, good for morale etc. I'd be happy with a strikeforce of nuhiu, hooper, joao, forestieri to be honest, maybe one more with our injury luck recently. Then again I've always liked Nuhiu, my sort of player, so maybe I am a bit biased.
  12. Havin-a-hoot

    Championship Table - 8 points clear

    did not notice that hull was so low down.... Hope they drop
  13. Havin-a-hoot

    Consilio et Animis - really?

    Just a note about the current Latin motto... it does indeed translate to roughly something like by wisdom and courage. The by is omitted because you can get it by the case used (the word endings in latin). Translating from Latin can be a pain in the arse but with a knowledge of cases and a proper dictionary it is fun. This phrase was the first thing I translated when I did my year of Latin.
  14. Now to be fair, when you sit and look at our new badge, the owl is still quite simple. I never got the hang of drawing the old badge from memory, never looked quite right. What's wrong with good old fashioned righting WAWAW on arms or I heart ****? I look at is as not needing aggression, the wise confident owl, brave and talented, not just an aggressive unthinking swine.
  15. It's swings and roundabouts, if we were a premier club with this badge it would become recognisable at a glance because it would become more iconic. I've never been a fan of minimal representation, I feel it's a shame when brands simplify their logo for easier recognition, it seems to scream to me "I don't think people are smart enough to remember this logo so let's dumb it down". Like with newspapers moving to short simple articles because they don't think that an average reader of a newspaper wants to... well read anything, a crying shame because reading newspapers from 100 years ago, you got so much more information and content, an enjoyable read for an afternoon. I am getting off track. I hope we stick with the new one, I feel it represents the history of the club better. The whole class vs graft thing and all that.