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  1. Formation guess again

    If we're in Poseidon, hms pi55 the league is going to struggle this year
  2. Chansiri statement

    Perfect statement. Bang on the money
  3. Youdan trophy

    It's not me. Might b the other Dan
  4. jón daði böðvarsson

    This. And for that reason I'm out
  5. Abdi from Watford?

    Genuine question to pass the time. Will Pudil have had a medical, given that he was here last season?
  6. Abdi from Watford?

    And mine. Every little helps
  7. David cotterill

    This was on that HITC website (or whatever it's called) a few days ago , so its probably bull
  8. It's on os now so it a official official