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  1. passed 1000 games last season, 89 away grounds visited and i still think the last game i attended was the best atmosphere pre match ive ever been to.
  2. might be sour grapes but who wants to play Thursdays, Sat tea time, Sunday dinner or Sunday afternoons, footballs for saturday afternoons be it 12.30 or 3.00pm.
  3. looks like they are removing the cardboard cut out named ?
  4. on our way, on our our way to the premier league were on our way when will we get there, i dont know how will we get there, with carlo on our way...........
  5. totally agree, and to add a bit, having a preconcieved idea that you will do something to affect a game is called CHEATING and it may be worth looking into irregular betting patterns in Asia to see why he did this
  6. Michael Gray on the football league show said " Evans took too long in the toilet and had to be told by his NUMBER 2" Kelly and Clint Morrisons faces were a picture
  7. "Nuhiu signs new Wednesday contract" hopefully this means he can only play on Wednesdays
  8. a transparent crossbar cos now theyve raised the pitch I cant see flip all
  9. top ref, reffed us at Scunthorpe when we won 3 nil and had a laugh at tango calling him a fat barsteward, he used to live in the appartment above me while I was working away in Sunderland and he was on gardening leave while a business deal was investigated,always some top totty around seemed like a genuine guy, f**k knows whats happened to his hair though must knock about with Rooney
  10. Hope you have a season to be jolly on all fronts Trev all the best to you and yours
  11. Nuihu, big dave, the lump, however he is labelled cannot ever be faulted for attitude or effort.The issue for me is not how he plays, but how the team play with him in the side.Yesterday was the classic example, until he went off Keiran lee never got near their box, Wallace was ineffective and Fredo only had the diving header to show for his efforts. we constantly hit balls to him for flick ons or holding up but none ever came to anything, again not entirely his fault as he was usually isolated. My one critisism of him would be that he tends to drift towards the action, often cramping the space instead of moving into space nearer the goal. Once he went off CC changed the system into a diamond allowing Lee,Wallace and Fredo to get up and support the two forwards with the essence of the system being speed and mobility, the outcome was that Huddersfield had no answer to it and a game that was drifting to a defeat was instantly winnable. None of this was Nuihu`s fault, he is one of us and should be appreciated for what he puts in to the cause, I just feel if we are to move on further his participation will be limited.
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