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  1. Should have been no more than £20 with no categories in this division.
  2. His total inability to take ANY responsibility for the failings under HIS tenure is astounding. He is delusional beyond belief and our downward spiral will continue under his hand.
  3. Send In The Clowns would seem more appropriate of late
  4. Funny I've seen 60% hate it 40% think it's alright
  5. Pink???? are you having a laugh, f@cking awful kit
  6. I'll still be going as and when, won't be getting a season ticket whilst the crook still owes me money.
  7. Never ever been plain sailing following The Owls but under DCs stewardship it's been ridiculous.
  8. Hard times i can deal with, same with poor football as been watching since 1979. Total incompetence that's destroying the club i love and driving fans away as well as ripping them off i can't stand.
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