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  1. 8???? no wonder the games f#cked, world's gone mad
  2. Feel sorry for Moore and hope he recovers soon. This really is the club that just keeps giving isn't it ffs. We must surely be due a change of luck soon, like DC ******** off.
  3. Well done to all concerned. Things like this give you that bit of faith in the club and show the human side of the club and the good things that the club can contribute to the community and Wednesday family.
  4. Division 4 for the first time in our history would be a fitting example of our chairman's time here.
  5. To be fair every poster on here has been telling us how it should be done. None of us have got the gig either
  6. Exactly mate, because he according to some experts in our fanbase he "neshes" tackles it renders everything else he does irrelevant. Compare his stats season on season and i know who I'd rather have and who most managers would rather have in their team.
  7. Terrific player who is extremely underrated by our fans just as Brunt and Whelan were.
  8. Makes me want to put my fist through my tv
  9. Yep backed Watford, no interest, can't wait for the season to be over.
  10. Yep, takes many ingredients to make this cake ball mess and all have contributed.
  11. News of Pelupessy and Van Aken leaving along with beating the Brazilian Dingles all in one week, things are looking up.
  12. If he's not in control of the ball it's not really any good to us though
  13. Does the ball not bounce off him 10 yards when he's playing in midfield?
  14. Felt this way all season to be honest. We were effectively relegated before a ball was kicked with our points deduction on top of the absolutely stupid decision to start the season with the inept Monk as manager who had shown no evidence whatsoever that he was capable of doing the job last season. Add to that our appalling business in the close season and you'd have to be blind not to have seen this coming a mile off. So yeah was resigned to us losing a long time ago in fact it just feels all so inevitable and almost laughable. Get f#cked Chansiri
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