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  1. Exactly, I've been far more frustrated by Bannan's performances this season but it seems that to a certain section of our fans it's more fashionable to slate Reach even though yet again he's playing out of position for the benefit of the team and just getting on with it.
  2. Haven't tried the new home shirt mate so couldn't tell you in respect to that . The Pulp shirt I've got is a large and im 6ft with a 42"" chest and just under 14stone (fatty) and it fits me fine (not tight)
  3. That was my Christmas present last year, i echo the op post it's excellent quality.
  4. Im too old for computer games pal, just a fan giving an opinion.
  5. They will get behind him and the team at the games
  6. I believe our fans are more concerned about the fact it taken DC 6 weeks to bring in an out of work manager. Something doesn't sit right and im not buying into this he wanted to see how Bullen did as he knew Bullen's capabilities from his previous spell in charge.
  7. If Hughton was never approached for the job then DC really is being badly advised.
  8. 3/10 Taken 6 weeks to get an out of work manager who by the looks of that press conference knows he's about 6th choice. Not brought any backroom staff with him even though we are short there. A manager who never stays anywhere long so the long term building that a manager of Hughton's ilk or even the philosophy of the Cowley management pair would bring. I can honestly see us being in exactly the same position in a years time desperately seeking another uninspiring manager who will work under our delusional chairman (top 2 my arse) I will support him as i have every manager we have had but I'm very concerned.
  9. Why after our first choice (Hughton) turned the job down would it take you 6 weeks to get an out of work manager (Monk) in? Doesn't make sense unless he was way down the list but we couldn't get anyone else to take the job.
  10. Folk aren't assuming DC is doing nothing they are saying he's taking too long about it just as he did with CC, Jos and Bruce.
  11. We all knew this was coming, absolute joke.
  12. It's worth what someone's willing to pay for it, end of
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