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  1. He's another athlete not a footballer
  2. Good result today, problem is it won't happen consistently under Monk as he's not good enough.
  3. [email protected] ME!!! been sorting the kids out, check scores and we are winning!!! Is this a trick???
  4. That is a terrible line up but it does not surprise me one bit under this clown Monk
  5. Just heard the news. How sad he was the manager when i first started watching Wednesday. A great man and character. OOOOOO JACKIE CHARLTON'S MAGIC......
  6. Good now pay the fans for the outstanding games from our season tickets. When i say outstanding i don't mean they were entertaining games with free flowing attacking football (as DC suggested we would be watching) I mean games yet to be played that we can't attend (thank god).
  7. I miss him and his flat cap, proper stylish was our Carlos.
  8. Every post you make is about United, i smell pork
  9. But hopefully his rolling contract is stopped in it's tracks, a bit like his team.
  10. We ALL KNOW Monk isn't the only problem. We ALL KNOW DC is a major problem. But DC isn't going to fire himself now is he?
  11. Your 100% correct and the right people won't come until DC changes his ways and learns his lessons and the same can be said for the thousands of fans that will not be attending.
  12. People who tell us to stick with bad managers, has this ever worked, what do you think it will achieve???
  13. I honestly believe DC employed Monk because he knew a points deduction was a real possibility and Monk had worked under such conditions previously.
  14. Agreed but we are stuck with DC, we don't have to be stuck with Monk and even Monk's biggest supporter would be really struggling to come up with any hard evidence that Monk has shown he is up to the massive job in hand if their being honest.
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