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  1. Sums up how i feel about the current situation pretty accurately
  2. Need to be on Moors or at least Greno woods to win promotion😉
  3. I know Beattie played for the pigs but to call him an old tools a bit harsh mate😄
  4. Craftsmen tend to prefer their old trusty tools rather than new ones but other than that yeah😉
  5. I think he's fired up to prove a few wrong given how he says he was treat by Wigan.
  6. If you knew what happened at Christmas you wouldn't say that
  7. Same, never heard anything but praise for Spurr's attitude
  8. Did FF beat him at musical chairs and Monk got monk on? Then Westwood won the toy from the cracker and Monk got monk on?
  9. Here we go, just keep them going this season instead of giving up on them 2 games in like last time.😉
  10. Come on then tell us the truth, something we don't know? if not stop the fake spin.
  11. Nice to put one over Cardiff after that dodgy free kick last season.
  12. Looking forward to your form tables Neil😎
  13. Good if somewhat unexpected win and clean sheet. We done Wednesday
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