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  1. Nuhiu will play his part and win us some points of that i am sure. He's just behind Fletcher in what he gives to the team in his overall game.
  2. Exactly, i bet if you asked Fletcher who he'd like supplying the crosses in i bet Reach would be his first choice, a strikers dream crosses like that.
  3. That's a very naive view, the fact remains that we barely had a shot on target and only started to have a real go once we were two down and we made the subs.
  4. Shocking by Moses for both penalties. Needs dropping for that
  5. Good at holding the ball up, useless at winning headers or even properly challenging for them resulting in the ball coming straight back at us. Also not as good at Fletcher at closing down centre backs.
  6. This^^^ i hate it when he's dropping too deep to get the ball, he's so much more effective further forwards with people making angles for him
  7. Agree though i think you meant to say Harris
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