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  1. I hope your right
  2. What do you think? Better or worse?

    Preferred the old one but this one also looks good
  3. Official January Transfer Rumours Thread..

    Big Sam saying Evertons squad is too big and looking to move some players out. Any of you football manager geeks know of anyone we should be looking at?
  4. Fair enough i don't judge people from their media persona
  5. Talk to Gary about Colin and im sure alot of Wednesday fans wouldn't be so eager in their praise of the man.
  6. Congrats to Adam Reach

    Our player of the season so far just edging out Bannan and Hooper, keep it up Adam Reach.
  7. He understands where the line is, really. Applauding the L##ds fans after one of thrm assaulted our goalkeeper and sang some horrific songs at our manager. The same Warnock who sent Keith Curle to break Alan Quinn's leg in the derby at Hillsborough. The same Warnock who was in charge of the thugs during the battle of Bramall Lane against WBA. Ask Gary Megson and a few other professional manager if they think Colin undrrstands where the line is? The fact that he knows how to manipulate the media doesn't hide the fact of what he really is.
  8. Mini SWFC documentary

    Apart from the average height of our midfield