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  1. I'll get me coat then
  2. Hopefully by having higher levels of fitness we will have less levels of injuries.
  3. I feel we would be more likely to sell Westwood and Hooper, both of whom are quality players but are probably easier to replace than FF and Bannan.
  4. Great news, haven't been this excited about a young Wednesday striker since.....
  5. full fathom five


    No problem mate, im here all week
  6. full fathom five

    Liam Palmer

    Can't head a ball to save his life
  7. full fathom five


    He's alright i suppose
  8. full fathom five

    Do we think George Boyd...

    Looks like a player who's age is catching up with him to me, legs have gone so it isn't a situation that's likely to improve. Move him on if possible
  9. full fathom five

    #SWFC Season Ticket Deadline is TOMORROW

    Popped down to Hillsborough this afternoon and renewed my season ticket. Always say i don't know if im going to bother renewing then always end up getting one anyway.
  10. full fathom five

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP Tinks mum
  11. full fathom five

    New Kit

    Im 43 years old and voted for kit A (hope this helps)
  12. Good luck to the under 23s today. UTO
  13. Don't understand why we need so many "phases" just set a price and stick to it
  14. full fathom five

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT