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  1. Don't understand why we need so many "phases" just set a price and stick to it
  2. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

  3. I think we all know that our injury situation has been largely of our own , or should i say Carlos making.
  4. Im positive every time i step foot in the stadium mate, im just expressing my doubts on a forum.
  5. It's not that i don't like him as that has nothing to do with it. It's im just not convinced he's the right man to get us promoted. That's my opinion, i'd love to be proven wrong.
  6. Sounds more like a man who will worry about the opposition than play to our strengths. Yes you have to be adaptable but let's hope it's more a case of us being positive rather than negative.
  7. When the alternatives for Bannan, Lee and Hutchinson are Buttercup, Pelupessy and Jones it's not hard to see why they are so greatly missed.
  8. At last - Thank you Jos!!!

    I really hope your right but i have my doubts.
  9. At last - Thank you Jos!!!

    Does this mean he's here for next season??? deep joy
  10. I hope the matter of who is staying and who is going is nothing to do with Jos as i don't see us being successful with him in charge.
  11. Sean Clare future in doubt

    Yeah but wouldn't you rather pay top dollar to watch Jones and Buttercup boss our midfield
  12. 'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    He can however be held responsible for our starting at such a slow tempo and fannying about across our own penalty box from the first minute as it's been the same in every game under his leadership.
  13. JOS OUT

    Agree 100%
  14. JOS OUT

    Exactly, injuries or not he's had time to put across his style of football, yet we persist with our keeper rolling the ball out to our defenders from the off who in turn fanny about with it at a snails pace thus setting the tone for the game. This has happened in every game under Jos and he still hasn't adressed it, this is just one point that convinces me he isn't the man to be trusted with sorting us out long term. Add to that his bizarre team selection at Millwall and last night along with his first signing of Pelupessy being at best bang average and no better than what we already have then to give Jos the job long term doesn't fill me with any confidence at all.
  15. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    That's more like it