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  1. I'm still reserving judgement on Monk, so far about 50/50 with the good and bad. Given time i want to see a lot of these mistakes coached out of them and us have a plan b and c and definitely want to see us start to put two halves of football together instead of just 45 minutes then nothing.
  2. Definitely agree regarding Hutchinson, love his commitment but he's got to show more maturity than that.
  3. I just feel it was a case of a game that we needed to battle in midfield and it showed that once Luongo went off the Lee, Bannan combo wasn't suited to such a game.
  4. Fox played well tonight but Palmer had a stinker, though to be fair to the lad he's been playing really well for the last 25 games or so. Maybe representing Scotland as well as playing so many games for us has caught up with him a bit.
  5. If fit Westwood Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Harris Luongo Hutchinson Reach FF Fletcher
  6. Why not leave Reach on? He was the player covering the most hard yards to get in support of Fletcher
  7. Reach ran his blood to water trying to support Fletcher and made two or three really dangerous breaks.
  8. I agree, i personally feel we have been bang average so far and am reserving judgement on Monk.
  9. Outstanding today, well done lad.
  10. Borner for me with special mention for Iorfa and what a save from Westwood who has been slightly below his usual high standards lately.
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