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  1. full fathom five

    Give Pelupessy a break

    So you like to use a ratings site to judge a players performances, i prefer to use my eyes and so far they have seen that Pelupessy isn't very good.
  2. full fathom five

    #SWFC PRESS CONFERENCE - Live now...

    I hope your right
  3. full fathom five

    #SWFC PRESS CONFERENCE - Live now...

    If Van Aken, Fox or Pelupessy are playing anytime soon it would appear he seems to accept sh*t performances from some players.
  4. What i have been told by someone at the club is Westwood has "caused trouble". He wasn't willing to elaborate on this, so whether as I've seen mentioned on here that he's been fit to play last season but the club wouldn't so he's let his feelings be known? Or wether the club want to sell him but he's playing hard ball and won't move? or wether he's simply been a disruptive voice in the camp? This same source told my that Vernancio was desperate to re sign for us in the close season and that George Hirst was "never any bother" to work with and the problems came from Hirst snr and DC.
  5. This isn't about ability, this is personal. Though i agree with what you say.
  6. Exactly, won't happen though, same with Winnall.
  7. full fathom five

    Just got back

    How about a team with Pressman, Pearson, Worthington, Palmer, Hirst ect managed by Ron Atkinson? Can remember many saying that team was too good to go down.
  8. full fathom five

    Morgan Fox

    Thoughts are same as last year, not good enough
  9. full fathom five

    Just got back

    We are a relegation side, the sooner people accept this the better
  10. full fathom five

    After today

    Agree we are in trouble
  11. full fathom five

    Joey Pelupessy

    I said ut last and im saying it again, he is way, way short of what' s requiered
  12. full fathom five

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    1 up top against Hull at home FFS
  13. I don't believe it needs saying, wether your for or against DC we are all for Wednesday.