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  1. Can i also make a plea to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, please don't let Joey Pelupessy wear the new kit EVER
  2. He's a poo manager who will drift down the leagues. Not good enough for my team
  3. Everton in the semis and Brighton prepared me for life as a Wednesdayite.
  4. Remember this,thought Wilko was going to kill him which was very out of character.
  5. Yeah i remember that crush at Oxford, scary stuff.
  6. The problem is we can draw as many wish lists as we want for managers but who in their right mind would come and work for DC???? Until DC either goes (unlikely) or changes his ways and employs the right people to run this club from top to bottom (even more unlikely) then we will continue on this downward spiral.
  7. Don't think you'll struggle to get a beer on the kop between now and the end of the season.
  8. Hammered today against Brentford, tell me how high are my expectations meant to be now?
  9. This is the main problem here. DC and Monk will refuse to admit they were wrong and DC especially refuses to employ anyone who can guide this club in every area of the club
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