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    International break and we come back looking lethargic, predictable, devoid of any confidence and fail to test their keeper. Im sorry but that's not acceptable no matter how much he bigs up our opposites.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Westwood to Loovens, Loovens to Lee, Lee to Hunt, Hunt to Lee, Lee to Loovens, Loovens to Bannan, Bannan to Loovens, Loovens to Westwood, Westwood boot, lose ball start again. H
  3. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Bristol City OMDT

    Wallace MOM so far, are you on drugs?
  4. Championship Table predictor

    It is, we will finish above the pigs.
  5. The Sheffield Wednesday FC Kop Band

    In the bands time at Hillsborough a new breed of fan has developed that doesn't know how to sing create or a atmosphere without some cnut with a trumpet/drum. They sound particularly bad whenever England are on the tv,just ask any fan who goes to England games, an embarrassment to our great club. Another sad consequence of modern day football.
  6. Hopefully this includes the "band" from bringing their musical instruments cases that are the size of a small child. If so bring it on.
  7. If CC would release the shackles then we could and should bury teams like Bolton 9 times out of 10. Unfortunately his over cautious approach could already have cost us this seasons ultimate objective.
  8. Barring one or two very dodgy decisions from the officials which would have seen us possibly 4 or 5 points better off i agree.
  9. SWFC U-23's v Sheffield United

    Mind the gap
  10. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT