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  1. I'd prefer a younger Big Ron, he'd wee wee this league in style
  2. Iorfa old-manned god give me strength, some dodgy decisions against him doesn't equate to being old-manned
  3. Palmer (who isn't brilliant) is 5 times the player that Odubajo is
  4. Is Monk hasn't learned to manage a side that can dominate for first half should expect an early onslaught second half but yet fails to get our side to get their foot on the ball and slow the game down, fail to get our players to commit their players to commit a foul and slow the game down, fails to get our players to spend the first 10 to 15 minutes of the second half slowing the game down and taking the wind out of their sails. It's a reoccurring theme of our season and until we learn to manage a game we will never achieve our goals.That's our main problem (from a playing point of view)
  5. He's half the player Reach is as shown again tonight
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