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  1. Behave, Reach has performed consistently and every championship club would have him in a heartbeat. Our fans always seem to under rate and under value our players (until they move) strange lot
  2. Agreed and i think the 5/6 brought in will be younger, fitter and more importantly have a resale value.
  3. Agreed though my third choice would be difficult with Shirtliffe, Viv Anderson, Mark Smith, Nigel Pearson, Paul Warhurst, Ian Knight and even Carlton Palmer back there
  4. A player who always gave it his all for us. Thanks and good luck in the future (apart from if you play against us obviously)
  5. Watford away in 2015 should have been a win as a Watford fan run on the pitch as Nuhiu was about to score.
  6. I said we'd be a bottom 6 side under Jos at the start of the season so im happy with where we are now. No excuses next season though, it's time we got back in with the big boys.
  7. Reach for me with notable contributions from Fletcher and Hector
  8. Irish for me, though my dad would say Don Megson.
  9. Was a decent makeshift striker as well. I too loved watching Zico but im afraid he would be on the bench with Roland as right back.
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