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  1. Feels a bit like Bolton under big Sam or Stoke under Pulis. Not so much in style of play but been there a long time and established them in the prem and wonder what will happen with a change of manager
  2. Quite looking forward to a new start after these past couple of years to be honest
  3. His best spell with us was when on loan to Derby unfortunately
  4. Got to make the most of the fresh start and don’t tie ourselves into more big contracts
  5. Mixed feelings but possible silver lining is another step towards being able to make a fresh start and build something successful
  6. Agree. A bit like Alan Shearer. Record goalscorer and probably enjoyed his career but just the one title to show for it all
  7. Such a waste seeing as their opportunity came at our expense
  8. Kind of glad we don't have to suffer VAR yet. There's no way that inch was giving him any meaningful advantage there
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