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  1. All you lefties that drone on about black, white, mixed race, gay, trans blah blah bloody blah are part of the 'problem'. Who the hell cares? I don't care who people want to f*ck and I don't care what colour someone's skin is, neither do 99% of the population FACT
  2. Just Visiting

    wow realising you've yet again made a complete fool out of yourself with pre-season predictions and finding out your team is poo by October is REALLY hurting this time around
  3. Mick McCarthy

    If true, then they are a bigger set of spoiled brats than our own fan-base, some going that Blaming him for the club having no money is quite something and they would be playing in League 1 without McCarthy, hows that for a achievement?
  4. Joost

    The last thread I read on Joost, we were going to receive bids of £20m for him in the January transfer window, am I right in thinking we are all agreed we should accept said offer when it arrives? Maybe there's a lesson to be learned here (haha yea right) let's give him some time shall we? (and I mean more than 5, 10, 20, 30.... games)
  5. Dunno, quarter of a season? Even that's too soon for me. To turn the question around, do you think it's acceptable to react the way so many on here did after a pre season friendly, before the season had begun? Or even after 5 sodding games? Because I thought it was absolutely pathetic.
  6. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Year after year of getting everything wrong and spouting complete drivel, this is 1 thing he can 'appear' to have got right (even though he might not have) just let him have it
  7. Has anyone made a joke about playing him out of position yet? Because that would be fuuuucking HILLARIOUS and be getting in a worthwhile dig at our manager ........oh they have.....a hundred times.......and it wasn't
  8. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Doesn't really matter does it!? If it's true he doesn't want to be here then hopefully he goes, if not true then he will stay. He's hardly being 'hounded out'.
  9. This really is the most pathetic post i've read on here in the last few months and there's been some strong competition congrats
  10. Viz top tip for I Follow

    There's a rewind button, I just use that
  11. Stick with the diamond!

    You can't be serious!?
  12. Steve Bruce OUT

    This post says it all, classic knee jerking. We have blown our chance and Sunderland, Cardiff and Wolves are in with a shout of promotion after 2/3 games. A big chunk of what I hate about modern football and fans.
  13. I don't live in the UK and i've just looked at the fixture list, why are 90% of our games on Sunday!?!? This is going to ruin me with the time difference, if I had known, I wouldn't have got iFollow for the season