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  1. They were so awful, no one can really get angry they are bringing it back, there's nothing left to destroy.
  2. Ridiculous penalty but who cares, we'll take it uto!
  3. We're witnessing the final nail in the football coffin as we know it. It will be a relief if it happens in a way, I can finally throw in the towel. Years of hanging on with FFP, VAR, courtroom drama and all the other crap. It's been exhausting to follow. How fitting that the hammer is in the hands of a corrupt, morally bankrupt c*nt.
  4. It's so depressing that this is a genuinely serious comment and not even a controversial one these days.
  5. Not sure if you're being serious but he wasn't caught doing it and charged, so it's essentially hot air from his autobiography. It's a different matter if he was caught doing it, would have been big news at the time. Maybe not enough impact to rule him out of being a club ambasdador but then again, im not sure what importance that role has on anything.
  6. Could change the outcome of the game not will change the outcome of the game. This is a similar argument (although not as clear cut) as the Pakistani bowlers, people defending them were saying 'it's only one ball' what if that one ball got a wicket? Zero tolerance needed from the authorities on things like this, it's pure greed and dishonesty.
  7. I've been to a lot of countries and done a fair amount of long haul flying in the last 5 years, the main reason I sometimes choose a stopover is just to see another country. You can usually get an idea if you'll like it within a few days. If I do, i'll go back and book a longer trip, and sometimes you'll know a few days is enough. Another example, I work in engineering and always wanted to see the Burj Khalifa but knew I wouldn't be keen on Dubai, so flying from Sydney to UK, I stopped off there for a few days earlier this year.
  8. Brazilian Ronaldo is my favourite player of all time (easily) but you can't put him ahead of Messi. Had it not been for his injury he would most likely be sitting top of the list with few arguments. As it is, he just wasn't able to perform to the level of a 'greatest of all time' for long enough. I don't understand how anyone can put Ronaldinho above Messi either.
  9. I never judge managers in interviews and press conferences, can you imagine having to answer the same inane questions 20 times a day? And having to give reactions to mostly, purely made up rubbish that lazy journos spew out daily. Or being asked to comment on sensitive or legal issues they clearly can't comment on but still ask again and again. I'm amazed everyone isn't like Jose or Big Nige, I know I certainly would be.
  10. "I know he likes playing young, hungry players and I felt like I fell into that dynamic." Seems like some are opting to ignore this because hahaha Monk is crap, what CV innit etc... If this is a common thought among young players, it could be a big plus for the situation we are in
  11. Just to add to places that haven't been mentioned, I did a Stewart Island road trip last year, stopped off in the Catlins, Ideal for this type of trip I would have thought. Stewart Island was also good, although probably only worth it if you are a bird enthusiast, it's a hairy ferry or plane ride across. Nelson is probably my favourite place in the whole of NZ too
  12. Told a distasteful 'Tsunami/Toon Army' gag and that was it It's a shame the utterly vile Carragher somehow still keeps his job
  13. What do you think you are doing? The miseries on here were already reeling and then you go and post this positive thread, talk about rubbing salt in the wound! We only want to hear testimonies that highlight how bad our new backroom staff are please.
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