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  1. This is the reason threads like this become about him, that showed everyone what they need to know about him really. A character best ignored, pure attention seeker who loves the sound of his own voice Another 'expert' perfect for a generation who think they know everything from half an hour on google.
  2. This is a thread on Coronavirus in the matchday section of a football site, so surely it's a thread for discussing the implications it has on football? Of course it's insignificant in the bigger picture but people shouldn't be castigated for discussing what the thread is about.
  3. Just a bit of British humour chap, it's all good
  4. I'm in NZ too mate and I couldn't care less about it, shame really, so many missed opportunities to gloat!
  5. One of the very few players who wears the correct coloured boots, the fact he's a good defender is a bonus.
  6. At the risk of opening a can of worms, i'll never understand leaving early.
  7. and what if I live overseas? here's your options 1) Don't be a c*nt 2) Repeat 1
  8. Who do you bet with? I'm never using them, they've done you out of 300k!
  9. This forums obsession with Cowley is utterly bizarre, I have never known so much hype for a lower league manager
  10. If it turns out the criteria isn't to have had a promotion from this league then i'd much, much rather have Rowett
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