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  1. Something else that seems to have been forgotten by the miserables on here is that we don't know how much can be discounted/excluded for P&S. A £20m loss in the accounts doesn't mean a £20m loss towards P&S. So yea...fully agree with Sonny, stop talking s**t and throwing exact figures/wages about, none of us know.
  2. Of course we should be getting that side right, I know what you are saying, in this context however it's barely relevant, it's peanuts. There are no long term ramifications compared to the money we are talking about. Under Milan with a squad barely good enough to stay in the division, we were losing £5m a year, that leaves us with £8m a season to compete with clubs coming down from a division where they were making that in a month. it's crazy, the Premiership money is causing all of this.
  3. Pointless argument, calm down everyone. The reason we have sailed close to the wind with P&S is because of a lack of player sales, nothing else. Football transfer fees and wages are out of control. Our recruitment has been slated on here (rightfully so) but even still, from a finance perspective it's still been ok enough that a few sales at the right time would have seen us break even.
  4. Haha 2 or 3 years? he'll be lucky to get 2 or 3 months before the usual gobshites start up.
  5. Since when did it become acceptable to abuse and hound a manager out of a job? It's expected of the usual poisonous, classless suspects and trolls on here but everyone else shouldn't lower themselves He isn't what we need at this time but no one can deny he has had one hand tied behind his back, he's kept us ticking over for a season, which is just about all we can do until we ship out the big earners and sort our finances out, he's in no way responsible for our current mess, he will ultimately be forgotten. It's become so hard to still love football and it's the grown adults acting like spoilt, petulant children that follow it, that make it impossible
  6. Annoyed here too! i've chatted to them, they say it's being blacked out because it's being picked up by their international partner!? not one of the reasons I remember for games not being shown
  7. You seem to be ignoring the question and I'd quite like to know the answer as well, so I'll try, how much did we offer him?
  8. We were losing 5 million a year under Mandaric with a wage bill less than half the size, I think we all know the plan was promotion in 2-3 seasons, it didn't happen and now we need to take our medicine. I really don't like that we are not allowed to renew contracts, i'm thinking of Bannan and Joao who could fetch 10 million+, and we could lose them for nothing, how is that a fair punishment for a club who has broken financial rules!? the rules are supposed to stop clubs going bust are they not?
  9. That's just not true is it. We've spent as much money as we possibly can under the current 'rules' Our problem then was our starting position and the squad when he arrived, very few of top championship quality. Our problem now is only a handful of players we've since brought in are worth any serious money. We need to start to get out of this hole by being run more ruthlessly, I would start by selling anyone who is out of contract next summer including Joao and Bannan (if they won't sign new contracts) we simply can't afford to have players run down their contracts. I agree with others, we are crying out for a DOF, or a Paul Aldridge type.
  10. I mean..what the hell is this all about!? We really need to stray from the template of.. - makes up scenario based on nothing - GETS REALLY ANGRY AT SAID SCENARIO IN THE VERY NEXT SENTANCE AS IF IT'S NOW FACT it's very unhealthy.
  11. To those that think this is just a way to get money into the club for FFP reasons, wasn't the same said about the club 1867 scheme? we didn't have 10,000 mysterious investors in that, did we!?
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