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  1. We pay Middlesbrough whatever and whenever we agreed to pay them. You are describing how it gets reported financialy to the FL not how we pay Middlesbrough.
  2. Embarrassing (but a Good, timely reminder of how much we've moved on)
  3. dobbo

    OK let it begin

    So 10 games is all it's taken, he's not even had use of half the squad Pathetic
  4. Let's hope more of our players get "frozen out" but then play anyway, seems to be a good motivation, well done DC, shrewd move.
  5. Decent enough but a few complaints, the commentary thing as per everyone else and the fact there seems to be an awful lot of games unavailable due to the rights. Bit annoying especially as the games are not available to watch in NZ.
  6. dobbo

    Sean Clare

    Just read this thread from the start, mental but classic owlstalk Where's evidence of the contract situation? Some of you need some fresh air
  7. dobbo


    It's not that the players were wrong, they were an ageing Mourinho team that needed breaking up, whoever did it would be on a hiding to nothing given how successful they were under Mourinho Back to the 'my mate the Spurs fan reckons...' argument, so i'll agree to disagree AVB is a victim of coming to England with a huge reputation and being shot down by the media at the first opportunity, happens all the time
  8. dobbo


    Difficult to comment on anything Chelsea as we don't know what happened, it was a unique situation post Mourinho, he never really had a chance trying to change his players, similar to Moyes at ManU Why do 50% of managers lose their jobs? It was a harsh, short-term mindset sacking not made by a 'football' man Forgive me for disregarding the opinions of some random football fans I don't know, especially Spurs fans, but they are a strange breed. It set them back a few years until they got lucky with Pochetino
  9. dobbo


    Not as simple as that, never had a chance at Chelsea due to the players and he certainly never failed at Spurs, they had the record points total for them in the Prem under him at the time.
  10. dobbo

    Well done Carlos

    What an absolute car crash of a thread Utterly embarrassing Ignoring the obvious wind up merchants, I've no idea how the rest of you get through life.
  11. Good news then, there's been no abuse on here, I must have imagined our own manager being called a "clueless c*nt" and a "f*cking clown". Nothing to see here.
  12. dobbo

    roland nilsson

    With ex players you need to ask would you appoint them if they had no association to the club previously. The answer here is no.
  13. dobbo

    Feel sorry for Joao

    It's a trolling account, no-one takes them seriously...do they?
  14. dobbo

    Carlos Outers...

    Absolutely spot on. It's no surprise the classless ones doing it are the very same people commenting in this thread and completely missing the point.
  15. dobbo

    jefferson farfan

    And more bent than Serie B!