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  1. One of the very few players who wears the correct coloured boots, the fact he's a good defender is a bonus.
  2. At the risk of opening a can of worms, i'll never understand leaving early.
  3. and what if I live overseas? here's your options 1) Don't be a c*nt 2) Repeat 1
  4. Who do you bet with? I'm never using them, they've done you out of 300k!
  5. This forums obsession with Cowley is utterly bizarre, I have never known so much hype for a lower league manager
  6. If it turns out the criteria isn't to have had a promotion from this league then i'd much, much rather have Rowett
  7. For the first time in years everyone was in agreement that we had the right manager in charge, now it seems a lot of fans want a completely different approach by getting someone who has never managed at this level before. I just don't get it.
  8. He said he wanted it a few weeks ago, then appeared in the betting.
  9. I'd take Gabriel Paletta, just so I could squint my eyes and pretend we have Yordan Letchkov playing for us
  10. Anyone saying Campbell wasn't a success at Macclesfield is talking absolute crap You may not want him as Wednesday manager fair enough, but come on now
  11. That's fair enough and I can't disagree he does have an impressive record overall.
  12. If it's true about his playing style it has to be a no (no idea if it is, never seen one of his sides play) We really can't afford to be ripping things up and starting again and throwing away the momentum gained this year Also, this '5 promotions' is a bit tenuous, we are including promotions from the Essex Senior football league and the Isthmian league as reasons to appoint a manager?
  13. He could be out of a job next week if we get a new manager in who wants his own people
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