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  1. I'd take Gabriel Paletta, just so I could squint my eyes and pretend we have Yordan Letchkov playing for us
  2. Anyone saying Campbell wasn't a success at Macclesfield is talking absolute crap You may not want him as Wednesday manager fair enough, but come on now
  3. That's fair enough and I can't disagree he does have an impressive record overall.
  4. If it's true about his playing style it has to be a no (no idea if it is, never seen one of his sides play) We really can't afford to be ripping things up and starting again and throwing away the momentum gained this year Also, this '5 promotions' is a bit tenuous, we are including promotions from the Essex Senior football league and the Isthmian league as reasons to appoint a manager?
  5. He could be out of a job next week if we get a new manager in who wants his own people
  6. It's really noticeable how the team as a whole look much fitter, we look like we mean business, great signs I presume Strudwick has had a big impact
  7. I'd have taken Rowett but to be honest I don't have a problem with Bullen for a few months. The list is hardly inspiring, let's just take our time and see who becomes available. Think DC is doing the right thing.
  8. Seems to be because they were already resigned to losing him though, £3m for a player that wants out always sounds good
  9. How depressing that a manager gets linked and then a full on discussion and analysis breaks out about who their agent is, sign of the times I guess.
  10. No mate, you are not allowed to use your brain and look it in context these days win % is all that matters, Sky said so
  11. Not that this will happen, nor do I want it to, he walked into a total mess at Monaco
  12. You could have gone round there any night of the week and found Keysey hanging out the back of it.
  13. Same, absolutely no one jumps out. If it was me, I would just take an absolute punt on a big personality recent ex player, still no idea who, Sol Campbell maybe, not that I like him. I think we can take solace in the fact all managerial appointments are a gamble anyway, sometimes it just clicks, look at Adkins last season.
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