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  1. snufkin123

    No Almen Abdi today

    Has Abdi Abdicated ? Doesn't he want to be a footballer any more ?
  2. Unfortunately, I'm sure the problem with Jordan is in his head and not in his feet. His self-confidence has completely sizzled out because his career over the last couple of years has been mishandled by Karanka and by Carlos sadly, Not looking good under Jos either.
  3. snufkin123

    Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Great news ! Fernando's returned ! However he's unfortunately suffered a setback. He is so upset by the weather that greeted him on his return he is having to undergo a six week course of counselling sessions !
  4. snufkin123

    FAO Neil Swarbrick

    When, oh when, will a retired top referee write a book revealing corruption within the refereeing community ? It will happen I'm sure, but please make it soon ! Your book will be a bestseller !
  5. snufkin123


    I'm really getting fed up when, on a regular basis, the main talking point at the end of our games is not about the performance of our players but that of the referee/officials and it surely shouldn't be like this. Another dreadful performance from a crap referee again today, and, of course, he isn't accountable, which is SO wrong. Surely their performances ought to be able to be questioned by Clubs/managers without censorship ? 16 fouls awarded against us and 1 against Villa says an awful lot to me. The referee seemed to be constantly appeasing the mouthy and odious characters Snodgrass and Terry. I'm sure, one day, that a retired top referee will publish a book, (hoping for a bestseller) which reveals the extent of corruption within the refereeing community. It seems SO obvious to me that it must go on ? I'm not saying that Neil Swarbrick is corrupt, but honestly !
  6. I thought Rob asked the questions that a lot of fans wanted the answers to - nothing wrong with that !
  7. snufkin123

    Last Night's Tactics

    Hopefully last night was a mental aberration from Jos ? His team selection and tactics were bizarre, and his press conference after the game was incoherent at times. To play 7-3-0 or 5-5-0 formation and be successful you have to have a very talented team. Was Jos hoping for another 70 yarder from Glenn Loovens which we have seen so many times before ? Or another of Joe Wildsmith’s regular goals where he throws the ball from his area direct in the oppositions goal ? ‘Oh sarcasm - the lowest form of wit (but the highest form of intelligence)’ - Oscar Wilde ! We may have had a smidgen of success if our players had stopped constantly losing possession in all areas of the pitch ! Let’s see what happens on Saturday - hopefully a similar team and tactics we saw against Derby ? But WAWAW ? That’s all that matters at the end of the day ?
  8. There must be an explanation for that team selection - has there been some sort of illness hitting the team, and the players selected are the ones that are less ill ? I'm just trying to work it out. The selection is certainly bizarre. If we win this, Jos deserves a Knighthood !
  9. Great photos ! There seems to be a lot more passion, camaraderie and commitment in the team now which is so important as we need the wins. Thank you Jos - you’ve definitely instilled some self belief in to the players, which was sadly lacking - you could be a psychologist !
  10. snufkin123

    Sean Clare first league start

    One of the best Owls 90 min. debuts I’ve ever seen ! A ‘midfield general’ ! That’s how a midfielder should play - direct, positive, and be the root of the team’s attack. He defended well too, when needed, when we were under pressure. I thought that the midfield gelled really well and that massive gap between midfield and the front men was filled by him, Reach, and Pelupessy. Look what happens ! Well played Sean !
  11. snufkin123

    Well done Jos

    Jos surely had to be given time to suss out which is the best team to put out with the players at his disposal. He picked that team tonight ! Lovely stuff Jos - thank you !
  12. snufkin123

    How you feeling tonight?

    Pan's People - they always tickled my fancy ! The way things are going these days I suppose they'd now have to wear flipping overcoats !!
  13. snufkin123


    Best performance yet and is always passionate. Very composed on the ball and fought for everything. Obviously adjusting to the Championship style and hopefully will get better and better !
  14. Played well like all the team tonight ! Commitment is the word. Let's hope this performance helps his self confidence which has been rock bottom. We may see him start scoring goals ?
  15. It’s wrong that referees and officials are unaccountable and a manager is always on dodgy ground if he dare criticise them, with a reprimand or a threat of a fine. This surely must change. They shouldn’t be untouchable and there should be an opportunity to question them regarding their ridiculous decisions. There have been many occasions when virtually everyone in the ground has seen something different to the officials and nothing can be done. VAR will help if it’s used correctly so let’s get on with that - the technology is available ! I wouldn’t be surprised if one day a retired top class referee, wanting a best seller, writes his biography and spills the beans regarding corrupt officials either betting on games or receiving bungs. I can’t wait for that !