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  1. Our midfield retreated to a defensive position in the second half against Leeds and invited them on. There was a yawning gap between midfield and the strikers - we must close that gap tonight and link up better. Shame about B.B.
  2. snufkin123

    Central midfield

    I agree that in the second half particularly the midfield retreated to a defensive position leading to a yawning gap between them and the strikers. It also meant that we invited Leeds to ‘come at us’ and exposed our dodgy back line too often.
  3. Yes - a yawning gap between midfield and the front men. Always inviting Leeds to come at us !
  4. What an amazing goal !!! Excellent change of tactics by Jos late on !!
  5. A blatant foul on Penney then. How biased is this referee ? He’s going to get some stick from our fans and rightly so !
  6. Poor communication at the back is an ongoing problem. We’re not looking good in that department. Tom Lees is no captain - he should be supporting the youngsters. Dawson just does his own thing. We miss the leadership skills of Glenn Loovens and the more vocal Keiren Westwood
  7. snufkin123

    Man Of The Match

    I thought Des Walker was solid at the back !
  8. Aah ! Tom Lees again - too many errors creaping in to his game. He’s never as composed as he used to be with Glenn Loovens at his side - certainly not a leader.
  9. Lees certainly isn't confident to be the main man at the back - too many errors now. I always thought that he was a better player with Glenn Loovens at his side to shoulder the responsibility.
  10. Kirby didn’t touch Maguire then - I remember his dives from the past !
  11. Needlessly giving the ball away again !
  12. Very nasty foul - totally unnecessary !
  13. Yes, BB may do - he does spend a lot of time trying to cover up his balding bits ?
  14. Still needlessly losing possession far too easily, and the yawning gap between midfield and attack - shades of last season unfortunately. Must close that gap with the midfield pushing forward and putting more bodies in the box. We've more talent than Wigan - let's express it ! A half-time team talk needed by Jos to change tactics. We can still win this !
  15. So much anticipation - I may be daft, but I always think that the first match gives some idea of how the team will perform in the season and how the pre-season training has really gone for the team together with their fitness levels. C'mon Wednesday ! WAWAW ?