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    I agree - when he ran he did look as though he had Velcro on the bottom of his boots or he’d pooed himself. I honestly think it was a self-confidence issue, and the problem was in his head rather than in his feet. I’m sure that he really wanted to do well with us particularly with his dad being here. I don’t think his recent career was handled well by Carlos, and Karanka before him. He’s a decent chap and I hope he regains his form, as his record of goalscoring in the Championship speaks for itself. I think that he’ll stay with Norwich, but If he does return to us, I’m sure that Steve Bruce, more than anyone, would get the best out of him if the ‘best’ is still there.
  2. Westie giving us more confidence at the back ! We were desperate for some leadership
  3. snufkin123

    Jos banned mushrooms

    Jos always seemed FLAT and was never on the BUTTON - he would never have the MAGIC that was needed A lot of fans thought he was pretty SHIITAKE, but now he’s unemployed the world is his OYSTER. The MOREL of the story is it’s best to go for a manager with Championship experience. We need a FUNGI and not a miserable one
  4. snufkin123

    Guess tomorows lineup

    Nope - he’s Abdicated
  5. snufkin123

    Sam Hutchinson

    The Hutchinson mystery along with the all the other mysteries associated with the Club whether that be regarding players or FFP problems, should be out in the open. The loyal fans, who pay more than enough in to the coffers of the Club, and without them there wouldn’t be a Club, need to be treated with respect and should be kept informed. There is far too much speculation going on regarding the players that have been ‘frozen out’ - the fans are entitled to know why. There is similar speculation going on regarding players that are injured - have some playing careers come to an end ? How long before players with long term injuries return to training ? What are those injuries ? I remember a section in the Club programme years ago that kept the fans informed about injured players - what their injuries were and how long they would likely be on the sidelines. The fans deserve some honesty and openness from the Club and I think that in some instances they have been treated with contempt. Will the upcoming fans forum reveal all - we will have to wait and see.
  6. snufkin123

    Players at Preston Station!

    Perhaps they were at the station for retraining - trying to get on the right track ? Have they trained too hard and have run out of steam ? Do you think Jos has gone a little loco ? Is he a silly chuff chuff ? Has he gone off the rails ? Will DC choo chose somebody decent or has he got tunnel vision and will carriage on regardless ? Only time will tell, and will he even be given a platform ?
  7. snufkin123


    He won’t be sacked - he’ll have to resign ! He was good in that pop group Sparks - should have stuck to music I reckon
  8. snufkin123

    just got back to car

    Lees is not a captain or a leader. I remember all those clean sheets with Loovens and Lees as centre backs. Loovens always brought the best out of Lees. We desperately need a Loovens mark 2 who can keep a tight back line, is communicative and LEADS !
  9. snufkin123

    Live Stream

    Hesgoal is the one ! Decent signal !
  10. It was like watching a training session at a funeral, but we won !
  11. I reckon we’ll nick this with Matias knocking one in with his upper right canine !
  12. snufkin123

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    We never have enough bodies in the box - our build up play is so slow. The ‘strikers’ should be in or around the box and not be going wide to gather the ball and it doesn’t help that the midfield is too deep either.
  13. Our midfield retreated to a defensive position in the second half against Leeds and invited them on. There was a yawning gap between midfield and the strikers - we must close that gap tonight and link up better. Shame about B.B.