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  1. HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!!!!! Rhodes has been told he can leave, my post has worked again Mr Chansiri has listened to me like he did with the sacking of Jos. I will now rest my posts untill i feel the need for change again BYE FOR NOW MY FELLOW POSTER'S.Including Reading Owl whom i seem to have upset
  2. Am sorry Reading Owl but you must have been to a different match to me clearly
  3. All in his head ? what he needs to have in his head is thanks for the outlandish wage i'm getting Knuckle down look interested and at least TRY TO CONTRIBUTE IN 90 MINUTES
  4. on that showing he wouldn't have got into the Centre Spot Sunday League side that George Obrian Managed so what chance have we got of gerrin any money for him ? NON
  5. The last time i posted was to get rid of Jos and they did, so hopefully Mr Chansiri reads my posts and takes my advice
  6. well done mate it's time to count our losses an give him away asap
  7. A good win for our lads tonight despite playing with 10 men, RHODES what an absolute waste of our beloved shirt. Last night was the last straw for me i would give him 0/10 score, never won a header, weak in the tackle, shocking ball control, brushed off the ball easily, never held the ball up once and never once found space for a chance. I have always said give him a chance but sorry IT'S TIME TO OFFLOAD ASAP.
  8. Its on BT SPORT EXTRA 1 on the red button just started
  9. What a heart warming story that epitimises the Wednesday family, once an Owl always an Owl. I had a triple heart bypass in 2007 and on my return to Hillsborough when i was recovering i had a dedication in the programme and loads of well wishes. I must say this lifted my spirits and helped me recover. Sheffield Wednesday is not just football for 90 minutes it's a way of life and has been a part of mine since my first match when i was 5 years old in 1958 when my dad used to pass me over the turnstiles, i do remember then when the pigs and Owls used to stand together at the derby matches and no trouble. I've seen good times and bad times but will always be Wednesday till i die.WAWAW
  10. It would be a perfect Birthday of 66 years if my beloved SWFC could get back to where we belong in the Prem next season.Even better if we were to beat the snorters in the semi's. WAWAW.
  11. Legend Big Ron best season i've had warching the Owls when we won the Rumbelows cup and got promoted, Tricky was a close second with all the Wembley visits especially beating the sows ears at wembley. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PURE LEGEND. PS.i'm feeling somthing similar now wi Brucie. WAWAW
  12. I would just like to thank you all for your useful replies
  14. Well known clip from a film HE'S NOT THE MESSIAH HE'S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY !!!!!!!!! name that film ?
  15. I know a specialist with free kick and corner delivery Hmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think his second name rymed with something like paddle !!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Anybody remember Miguel Llera and Reda Johnson from throw ins and corners it was so simple.
  17. SWFC Application form for fullback Left/Right. (both positions available) 1. Must have pace. 2. Must be able to tackle. 3. Must be able to pass the ball forward to a blue and white shirt. 4. Must be able to cross a ball and beat the first defender. 5. Must be able to throw a ball towards the opposition half and recognise we play in blue and white. 6. A bonus would be if they can head a ball away from our goal. These are the simple rules of being a fullback.
  18. Could someone tell me is the purpose of a throw in to actually throw the ball to one of your own players ? Cos why o why do we persist in both our so called full backs (debatable) throwing the ball to the opposition. Example 3rd goal yesterday Fox straight to a Hull City head, this has been going on for some seasons now ! do we ever practice ?????????
  19. Probably the highest profile manager we've had in charge since Big Ron and Tricky Trev.
  20. No finer place than Hillsborough full and bouncing,We all hope for better times but i understand no guarantees.
  21. Why so pesimistic ? no pleasing some folks Mr Chansiri has listened to the fans it takes a bigger man to admit he was wrong and change his mind. now hopefully he will look at the pricing structure and make it more affordable for all of us.
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