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  1. I contacted the ticket office today and was told i had applied for my ST refund on the first available day the 29th June, so it has been recorded by the club but not acted on. I was told the club would refund me when they had received more funds from future income. I was also told ST prices for next season would be reduced and i would be refunded the difference for my 2 year ST, I asked if i would be able to apply for a full refund for not being able to attend a match last season so as i have not received the goods i had paid for and the answer to that was no. Surely this is against the law bu
  2. I feel at my lowest ebb since i was sat on the top deck of a bus reading the front page of the Sheffield Star in 1975 with the Save Our Owls appeal. This owner admitedly has spent money but not wisely and has employed sub standard advisors, through his inept financial sircumstances we were hit with a 6 point deduction which in the end sent us down. Not paying wages and not producing accounts are no way to run a business, i fear this owner will run our club into the ground before he admits defeat and accepts he has lost his Thai honour. I am still waiting for my ST refund which is now nearly 12
  3. In protest i've voted for a young player that has really impressed me when selected Osaze Urhoghide but sadly we will lose him under this clueless owner. Very sad Fan
  4. I applied for the refund on the first availabe date in June and after being told on numerous occasions when i've managed to get through on the phone, i would be on the next batch but still no refund !!! Can i ask if there has been anything said about the 2020/21 season ticket options yet ? Long serving Very dissapointed sad Owl.
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else think we need someone to score goals for the second half of the season, or shall we just plod on purrin our defence under pressure for 75% of the game. One person recognised this but is no longer here probably for telling the truth. Very disappointed deadline day Owl.
  6. Chansiri + SWFC = Disaster As bad as i have ever known the feeling of our beloved club.
  7. i can only see another early 70's Sheffield Star appeal to SAVE OUR OWLS. What an absolute shambles. Still waiting for my ST refund.
  8. and the debt owed to the CoOp banks
  9. Nothing else for it we are being robbed and being taken the P--s out off absolute farce, i fear the worse for our beloved club in this mans hands.
  10. The first 5 throw ins we had went straight to Coventry Penny being the biggest culprit this has been happening for years BASICS get them sorted. Disheartened Dammo Owl
  11. I was on the cop that day result 1 1 i couldn't stand anywhere to see the match other than to stand on the railings down the side of the cop. I watched the replay on TV without knowing the score as if it was live when we won 3 1 Woodall 2 goals and Ritche the scorers brilliant match.
  12. I can't believe what the papers are writing this morning that the new front runner for our new manager is that thug Joey Barton, hopefully our chairmans advisors will show him a video of all the savage play over the years that Barton was party too. mind you if Barton reads this he'llprobably be round to mine to try and stick the nut on me.
  13. I must stress this is hearsay from one person i spoke too in a telephone conversation and i have no evidence other than the persons word.
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