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  1. This new tight system we are playing is not working, it has cost us the chance of automatic promotion and now we are in danger of slipping out of the play-offs. We need to go for JR and shape the team around him and Hooper to give them a very good supply in the box. If we played with the fast one touch football of last season we will rip teams in this league, but Carlos has to take the shackles of and go for it. We need to get Jordan and make him the main man to take over from FF as our talisman.
  2. I would think the reason SW are interested in Jordan is because we need to have enough quality and firepower to win a play-off final. looking at our current strikers, Joao and Nuhiu don't look as though they will ever score again, George Hirst won't be ready and Fletcher isn't prolific enough. We only have Fessi, Winnall and Hooper as real strikers and one injury would reduce us to two with nobody to come off the bench. This won't be enough if we are playing someone like Leeds and is why we need a striker of the calibre of Jordan Rhodes.
  3. I think you may have a point. Dc is supposed to be a very shrewd business man and may have a plan like this:- jack the match prices sky high (everybody gets pissed off), annouce tomorrow the signings we have all been waiting for mcgugan.pinto and somebody like a Jordan Rhodes (everybody is over the moon again) then on friday he announces 3rd tier season ticket prices at a much lower level than expected (everybody happy again and DC gets a nice boost of regular support). We will see!!
  4. Also, the thing is that if Blackburn get 10M for Rhodes and also sell Gestede they may not even need to sell Ben. Wednesday need to get their fingers out and get Ben home now.
  5. I can't understand why we are fannying about trying to get a quality winger like Ben on the cheap. It's great that he seems to be available and for a club that that is setting out to pursue promotion another 500K to get him should be no problem. Just get on with it Wednesday and get the job done ! Bring Ben home !
  6. Derby sign Bent Preston sign Beckford Mboro winning race for Rhodes. Reading in for Grabban Hudds. in for Hooper. Meanwhile we have two bids for Ben10 kicked out and we're linked with the likes of 37 year old Ian Harte.No progress on Mcgugan and only one of our 5 new contract offers accepted. WTF is going on at S6? What happened to "whatever it takes"?
  7. It was worrying that we could not clinch his signature in January. I hope it was not a case of Aldridge trying to be smart and save a few quid! We should have done it with a view to a permanent deal in the summer, now anybody can come in unless we do the business with Watford quickly, He is the best central midfielder we have had since John Sheridan and we should be building a promotion team around him. He is pure quality and a joy to watch in some very average team performances at Hillsborough. I hope SG is making a really strong case to our new boss. get it done Wednesday!!!
  8. I think the new owners have realised we have no chance of the play-offs so what is the point of spending more money unless we need some more strike power if we sink too near the regulation zone. Basically, SG has the remit now to keep us up despite his bravodo that he is only looking upwards. Lose tonight and Sat and we are definitely dragged into the mire!
  9. He was the one we obviously should have signed him in Jan. It may indicate our new owners do not have as much money as we thought or Aldridge was trying to be too clever. He is a quality player and is at the same level as Westwood and Lees and the type of player we need if we are to challenge next season.
  10. SG could go for Vardy at Leicester. Lost his place and falling down their pecking order. he has pace and is a big Wednesdayite! go for it Stu !
  11. Yeah but not even allowng the player to answer the question is taking editing a bit far (even by Staton's standards)
  12. Where is the signing of Lewis? Why have we not got this done yet? We have new owners with money who are supposed to be ambitious and aggresive financialy. Mcgugan wanted to come.Watford said he can go. SG wants him.We have no competition. So what on earth is going on?
  13. SG ruled out any interest in Andy Johnson or Keith Andrews last night on radio sheff.
  14. The first thing he should do is get rid of Aldridge and get someone in with the flair to actually acheive some quality signings and quick. We've missed out on our top targets of the last two summers in Ross McCormack and Fryatt. We need some quick action before the best guy's go elsewhere.
  15. Boro in for Eagles, Bolton for Burke,Watford forDyer, Forest for Fryatt, Cardiff sign Grabban. All the best players are already being targetted. What are Wednesday doing ?
  16. As I understand our system Gray will name his preferences and then the negotiating is done by Aldridge/Milan. The problem is if they do not make sensible offers then Gray has to go down his list of priorities and we will end up with inferior players eg. Nolan more likley than Fryatt. Does anybody seriosly thing Stuart would choose Nolan before Fryatt? Gray has done his business quickly and efficiently and released players and has his list of replacements ready. But, has his chairman even met with him yet? The silence from Hillsborough is deafening! Other clubs are acting, like Middlesboro chasing Eagles and Watford getting Dyer. The quality free signings are going fast but we cannot even seem to sign the players like Kirkland and Semedo who want to stay. Just what does Aldridge do all day? Backing is what Gray needs, without it he has little chance.
  17. There are no bigger or better clubs in the championship than Wednesday. But you are correct that there are more ambitous ones !
  18. I agree we have little chance. Milan has made these false promises many times before remember Alfie and Ben 10? what chance have we when they cannot even sign players that have openly said they want to stay at the club like Kirkland,Semedo? Do we just make derisory offers ? We should have generated enough extra money for wages from all the released players to allow us to sign at least 3 quality players but instead we are linked with players like Novak and that crap Aberdeen defender. It makes me sick seeing our great club being also rans and mocked by Rotherham fans. Hull ,Burnley and even Rotherham have shown what can be done with a little investment, it is time for Milan to stand up to the plate or pass this famous old club on to someone who will.
  19. yes later this year either August or November but judging by his reaction after scoring i don't think he wants to play for Brighton anymore. Are you saying Maghoma is better?
  20. He openly showed he was p-ssed off after he scored for Brighton tonight. Perhaps it was because Garcia had not picked him to start either play-off leg against Derby?? Stu.- get on to his agent and bring him to a club where he will be appreciated! Would be a strengthening in place of Maghoma down the left side and the sort of signing we need to bring some excitement back to Hillsborough !
  21. I agree with most of what you say except that if we also re-sign Hutchinson then we probably will only have about 30K per week left and therefore no chance of getting more than 2 or 3 quality signings (assuming Milan keeps the budget the same as last year ie. between £ 7-8m / year?). If Stu gets no extra money then he should put some of our other players who are not up to standard on the transfer list to try and raise more cash eg. Coke, Zayette, McCabe,Corry, Maghoma and Madine. This summer is very important and Stu has made a good start, but if Milan doesn't back him then he will have to try to generate more this way. I think you are right in that we need 5 more good players if we are to achieve what Milan seems to dream about ie. promotion!
  22. Hull also have Graham injured so they may recall Fryatt after the Barnsley match !
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