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  1. Any other pubs in sheffield that 'import' their television signal?
  2. Which pubs are people watching the match in tomorrow around sheffield?
  3. If your job is in analysis, of course toy would use credible sources. I call bullshiit!
  4. Strangest thread ever. ALL of this info in public domain, including injuries! Lazy fookerlol!
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Applied :) (and Im only very slightly odd!)
  6. I saw some guys looking through from the car park today. I know a lot of clubs have issues with it due to fans sueing clubs for getting hit with wild shots... true story!
  7. Unlikely they're not good enough. I imagine he's easing them in. Both come with rave reviews.
  8. .....but.... What? He's just not! ok?!
  9. Thats what I meant I convey in my original post above, but missed out question mark! Oh dear...!
  10. So assists dont count? If the team get more goals when he plays, what does it matter? Do we only win games only if our strikers score?
  11. I do disagree with your opinion. To such an extent that I assumed you were taking the wee wee. 1. 'First mistake of his tenure' Seriously, Dave Jones has not made ONE single mistake since he joined the club. You happen to point out what you believe to be his first mistake after our first defeat. 2. Madine was by new means 'outstanding' against Fulham. He scored a penalty and chased a few balls though by no means set the world on fire. 3. COGs been playing well this season and has been bringing players into the game well. But come on, you know all this. Confess, your taking the wee wee!
  12. Dont you think our Centre Backs could help by occasionally marking a player? Been the same all season, our defence has some adjusting to do in this league!
  13. That is incredibly innovative! I love it. I'm having one of those 'wish I had thought if that's moments. My brother still maintains Heinz stole his baked bean pizza idea... I digress, great effort mate!
  14. yeah, rodri was instrumental in us being able to see the game off. That lad has such quality!!
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