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  1. Dutch Day

    I'm saying pre-season in either Alkmaar or Den Haag for me...away from the tourists and much better & cheaper windows
  2. Clark on a Lazarou doesn't rhyme
  3. Found a free one in Sheffield Tap. Anyone know why road in front of station was closed off?
  4. Can someone put the cake on Atlas please?
  5. Do your best...Indy swapping the idol in Raiders Of The Lost Ark...
  6. My first attempt with Paint:
  7. Can someone work their magic with this one?
  8. Looking at their surnames, the second letter is a vowel, or...they've all had stints at team's starting with the letter B. Tenuous I know
  9. Caption Competition

    Hey Carlos. I'm in Pontefract park. F'kin Ponte I tell ya
  10. Can't wait for my first "shiny"
  11. Pete McKee

    “Everyone talks about Wednesday being a sleeping giant, and it is, but the giant has taken a lot of sleeping pills so we all have to work extremely hard to wake him up and bring him back to reality.”