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  1. They've not long since left Kendry with half a tickets worth of scrap
  2. Yeah. He picked him up from his boozer Hope he doesn't serve bitter
  3. Can't wait until they start selling the £3 sun visors on North again
  4. Not sure of price but it comes with a free retro play off final t-shirt
  5. Watched Total Recall this aft as well
  6. That bit of land has been cleared and is going to be a Stoneacre car dealership
  7. Here's a link that tells you what each hotel charges for their resort fees: https://www.lasvegasjaunt.com/las-vegas-resort-fees-2018-guide/ Also add 13.38% tax
  8. We're in Vegas next week as well...also staying at Excalibur. * If you find anywhere playing the game, let me know and vice versa ** Providing I survive the zip-line at Canyon of course
  9. Wednesday vs Wycombe. Best mate asked me to be best man which meant I missed our promotion game. Throughout the ceremony, I was wondering what was happening. Got outside, checked phone and a massive YEEES from me while the photographer was clicking away. PS. My best man's speech was poo as thinking more about what happened during the game and what I'd missed
  10. Amersfoort is also a pretty and quiet city in the Netherlands. None of the tourist shybo you get in Amsterdam
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