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  1. Wednesday vs Wycombe. Best mate asked me to be best man which meant I missed our promotion game. Throughout the ceremony, I was wondering what was happening. Got outside, checked phone and a massive YEEES from me while the photographer was clicking away. PS. My best man's speech was poo as thinking more about what happened during the game and what I'd missed
  2. Tankiano

    Pelle Van Amersfoort

    Amersfoort is also a pretty and quiet city in the Netherlands. None of the tourist shybo you get in Amsterdam
  3. Tankiano

    SWFC graffiti

    Not really graffiti but was in the North Bar in Leeds a while back. In the bogs there's a chalk board and noticed LUFC on it. I obviously had to finish it off
  4. Tankiano

    Dutch Day

    I'm saying pre-season in either Alkmaar or Den Haag for me...away from the tourists and much better & cheaper windows
  5. Clark on a Lazarou doesn't rhyme
  6. Found a free one in Sheffield Tap. Anyone know why road in front of station was closed off?
  7. Do your best...Indy swapping the idol in Raiders Of The Lost Ark...
  8. My first attempt with Paint:
  9. Can someone work their magic with this one?
  10. Looking at their surnames, the second letter is a vowel, or...they've all had stints at team's starting with the letter B. Tenuous I know