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  1. I had the phone call earlier. Literally took a minute and all done. Few seconds later the confirmation email came through
  2. Can’t remember the game but seem to remember Sky putting out team news and didn’t they use Adam Reach’s mugshot for Urby?
  3. City Sauna. Cum and put your balls in our box
  4. Life Is Beautiful Completely missed this one but what a great film
  5. Just seen the latest Halifax advert and had to do a double take...the cakeball has returned!! I'm in awe at their video editing skills.
  6. The food stand, El Paraiso, where Tony Montana gets his first job is also the name of the nightclub owned by Carlito in Carlito's Way. The magician in series 3 of The League Of Gentlemen has the name of the film producer Dean Tavalouris.
  7. Helan committed a foul and the ref gave Antonio the yellow card for it...Might've been the other way around though
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