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  1. Haha fair enough. i went to the Chelsea v Derby league cup game a couple of months back, big fuss about Lampard coming back, game sold out and more interest than there will be playing us on a Sunday evening, which is live on tv. Touts outside stood next to police selling tickets just above face value, no problem at all.
  2. Be a great away day, I live in Pimlico and work in Knightsbridge/belgravia, Sunday’s a great day in the pubs round London, Earls Court, Brompton rd Parsons Green all good for a booze pre game within walking distance, plenty of tickets a tenner above face available just before kick off. Can’t wait
  3. Got weekend off work at last minute so decided to go, tried to get one from ticket office for home end, but wouldn't sell me one on the day unless registered. Asked a fella outside away end, went and picked them up from someone at players entrance. Fair few others doing the same.
  4. Plenty including myself went without tickets, asked about and picked up 6 from the players entrance. When we got to seats, stewards said we could stand/sit where we liked. Stood in stair well. Behaved though.
  5. Some of our 'naughty boys' looked like they bit off more than they could chew in Manchester yesterday, running for their lives they were from a load of Man City fans. Even our hooligans are useless
  6. Very highly regarded at Derby by all accounts
  7. Ante on route to the airport! Your right though, 25 is pushing decency to be fair
  8. Anyone over the age of 25 who wears replica kits need to take a long hard look at the way their life is going, utterly tragic carry on
  9. The Premier league is utterly soulless imo, but then again, so is most top level football these days. Contrived plastic atmosphere in stadiums, sensationalist coverage in media (transfer deadline day for example). A league so corrupted with greed and money that overseas agents can take billions out of the English game, whilst clubs like ourselves and many other big old clubs play Russian roulette with foreign ownership and massive debt in the hope that one day they will be back where they 'belong'. A league where a crook like 'Big Sam', who should have been kicked out of the game for life, is lauded as a lovable rogue, and employed on a huge wage weeks after being exposed for being the filthy rat he is. For Wednesday, getting in the top flight is vital, as history shows foreign ownership at this level never lasts very long unless promotion is achieved. For me, I just want entertainment when I buy my ticket and to see good football matches, the championship is great for that, unfortunately, that's not enough for a club to survive any more.
  10. Seriously??? folk complaining about a tweet from an ex player calling Carlos boring. Dear lord, honestly cannot believe people can get upset and offended by that? Soggy soggy people
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