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  1. Ian Fleming

    Andy McCulloch

    It was that far up his thigh that it went in off his chest.
  2. Ian Fleming

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Gary Sheltons overhead kick in 84 up at Newcastle. Was a very important goal as well.
  3. Ian Fleming

    Villa Highlights from Sky

    Is it just me, them highlights are crap.
  4. Ian Fleming

    Worst Signing Ever

    Wednesday signed Taylor from Port Vale after having scored a bucket full of goals. He came to Wednesday and scored 1 in half a season. After selling him on to Villa he proceeded to score a bucket full of goals. Hence the disappointment. A bit like Glyn Snodin, came as a left back who scored regularly and scored just the one for us.
  5. Ian Fleming

    Worst Signing Ever

    Probably not the worst, but most disappointing have to be Ian Taylor and Craig Shakespeare.
  6. It says in Mansfields local rag that FF is still under investigation for racist comments.
  7. Ian Fleming

    Anyone Remember these?

    I don't know what happened to West Ham that season but I'm pretty sure they didn't finish top of the 3rd Division.
  8. Andy Mac scores a goal !
  9. Ian Fleming

    Boycott Membership

    A boycott is a protest against doing something, whereas people not buying a completely pointless membership that beggars belief is just common sense. Hope that helps.
  10. Ian Fleming

    Boycott Membership

    It doesn't need a boycott, not many will buy one anyway.
  11. Ian Fleming

    What they up to?

    Gary Hooper ?
  12. Ian Fleming

    What they up to?

    Probably wondering out of a population of 60 million how they've managed to be in the same place as a Wednesdayite.