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  1. There was another chant that day, referring to alsations as well. Elton Johns name was mentioned in the same song. God knows what it all meant !
  2. Dragged our club from the absolute abyss of the old fourth division and sent us on a completely different path.From annihilating the scum on Boxing day after taking Arsenal to 5 matches then taking us to promotion in 1980 and then getting to the semi final in 83. Absolute legend that turned our club right back round and if only for a bit more cash would probably have sent us to the 1st division. No better manager in my 40 years of watching Wednesday and a proper genuine bloke.
  3. It didn't look like an accident at the time, it looked like he actually meant to do it Ruined an extremely talented footballers career in an instant.
  4. James Tavernier was ďreadful, was only here for half a dozen games but got absolutely ripped to shreds in the Huddersfield 4-4 game.
  5. He must have had something about him because Howard Kendall had him at Blackburn.
  6. Not the most prolific striker we've ever had, but then again we've had (got) a few like that.
  7. I can remember walking back to the coaches after the game and the Geordies were selling Keegan burgers. Christ knows what was in them!
  8. We were singing " Your worse then Sheff Utd" They must have been bad.
  9. Season 89-90, Coventry away and we surprisingly won 4-1. The coppers had been arsey all game, telling us to sit down and when we got the 3rd goal a bloke had just come back from the refreshments with the hottest pie ever. As Wednesday scored, a copper told him to calm down in a very aggressive way. So in a flash the fan shoved this steaming hot pie straight into the coppers face. Didn't see the fan again for the rest of the game. My abiding memory is seeing lumps of (ahem) beef and gravy all over this coppers face.
  10. Scored one goal for us away at QPR, thunderbolt into the top corner. That's how I remember it anyway, it was a while ago.
  11. Chris Maguires home to Barnsley, not the best but still very satisfying nonetheless.
  12. Newcastle away 1984, Sheltons overhead kick game. Atmosphere from both sets of fans on open terraces was unbelievable.
  13. Best thing I ever witnessed was at home to Arsenal on one of the rare occasions we were beating them. Waddle was having a great game and in a lull in play, David Seaman raced out of his area and screamed to the then manager, Stewart Houston " What the f**k are we going to do about Waddle?" They couldn't get near him that day and I think we beat them 3-1.
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