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  1. Yorkshire post

    The most amazing aspect of this is that the Yorkshire Post are actually ( allegedly) discussing anything south of Wakefield.
  2. Frauline Wednesday

    You can tell she was a Wednesdayite, she was an alcoholic dependant on painkillers !
  3. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    That's a chance, not chances.
  4. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    Snatching at what chances?
  5. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    We didn't get our tactics right, we lost. How many teams don't have a shot on target, even non league teams in the F.A. Cup have shots on target against far better teams.
  6. Our final ball

    Getting that final ball in would be a bonus, we can't even get that far.
  7. And there's the headed goal.
  8. We are Top of a League

    Never mind that, click on the team and a great T shirt pops up.
  9. Serfs

    And the alternative is ??????
  10. Woman stadium announcer

    Surely once was enough, you would have had to be in a coma if you didn't hear the first time and the most stupid person in the entire universe if you didn't actually undestand it. I'm sure she was extracting the urine.
  11. Too many players

    Yes but all we do is just buy players. Nobody gets sold, hardly any go on loan and there comes a time when you just can't keep adding to a squad without shedding a few.
  12. Too many players

    Great cameo appearance from Butterfield as well. Another unnecessary signing, just because we could.

    I'd rather stick pins in my eyes and up my nose and in my ears than have Pardew as manager. Surely you can think of someone better than him.
  14. Calmed Down Thoughts

    At least you've calmed down and to be honest how often do we look like we're going to concede in the first few minutes? Especially at home, barring the Forest game, we always look like we're miles behind the pace at the start of the game. At 2-2 I thought we'd cracked it but they are alot better side than I thought and I think Westwood could do with a spell out of the team.
  15. Burnley at home in the quarter final of the FA cup in 83, 5-0 to Wednesday and Hillsborough was packed and absolutely rocking. I've never seen the kop as full as it was that day.