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  1. Because unfortunately for you ^Gand^ is a word.
  2. No, I used to be but call me what you want but I only go now when there's something good to watch on the pitch.
  3. As I said, successful attractive football. That is all, nothing else really matters.
  4. No, it really isn't. I'm 55,absolutely don't do any social media or in anyway a technophobe and don't possess a printer but I can order a ticket online and pick it up outside the stadium on the day of the match. It really is simple.
  5. It's not hard to buy tickets, it's not the atmosphere people go for particularly, it's not the food on the concourse, it maybe is the price of tickets, but it's not been too bad this season, it's what's happening on the pitch. If the team are playing attractive, successful football then the crowd's will come . It's that simple.
  6. Bit of a shocker that tackle, lucky he wasn't badly injured.
  7. It was a brilliant night and because Wednesday had been starved of success for that long it made it all the more sweeter. I've never seen the kop as packed in my life as that night, I'm sure there were far more on there than should have been.
  8. On the South stand concourse before the game on Saturday a bloke and his young son went up to the huge Don Megson poster and were obviously overjoyed to see it. He asked the steward to take a photo of him and his son in front of it. As they were walking away the steward asked if he was related to Don Megson and he replied " Yes, he's my Grandad "
  9. I hope to God they don't play any Bananarama on Saturday, that could be the straw that breaks the camels back!
  10. I thought at first it was a dyslexic post about Bannan. Must learn to read things properly.
  11. The picture is from the season before promotion.
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