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  1. Some idiot in the North stand was chanting " Charlton out" at some stage in that match!
  2. West Brom away, 30 years ago this week. Played crap all game and got an equaliser with 2 minutes to go and then a winner on 90. Absolute pandemonium in the away end and fluffy toys thrown everywhere. Happy days.
  3. That isn't fun. But probably a fact.
  4. So what you're saying is you don't want people starting threads offering their opinions on Sheffield Wednesday?
  5. The best bit about that routine is the fact that Dem Blades didn't think a wall was necessary!
  6. " Small quaint market town" Seriously?
  7. Crystal Palace at home in 92 is. He'd just come back from a bad injury and he volleyed one in from a tightish angle into the top corner in front of the Kop.
  8. There was another chant that day, referring to alsations as well. Elton Johns name was mentioned in the same song. God knows what it all meant !
  9. Dragged our club from the absolute abyss of the old fourth division and sent us on a completely different path.From annihilating the scum on Boxing day after taking Arsenal to 5 matches then taking us to promotion in 1980 and then getting to the semi final in 83. Absolute legend that turned our club right back round and if only for a bit more cash would probably have sent us to the 1st division. No better manager in my 40 years of watching Wednesday and a proper genuine bloke.
  10. It didn't look like an accident at the time, it looked like he actually meant to do it Ruined an extremely talented footballers career in an instant.
  11. James Tavernier was ďreadful, was only here for half a dozen games but got absolutely ripped to shreds in the Huddersfield 4-4 game.
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