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  1. Newcastle away 84, a crucial win for Wednesday and all the coaches went back through Newcastle town centre. We drove past thousands lining the street with bricks flying everywhere and blokes well into their 70s giving us the reverse Churchill sign. Great days!
  2. Yes, the old Zulus gonna get yer chant was popular that day.
  3. Just said the same, they seem to make the rules up as they go along.
  4. If we lose Saturday, I might have to go on the special brew.
  5. I would imagine Hillsborough will be like a ghost town at the weekend.
  6. I'll be listening to the game on Saturday " On my Radio"
  7. The bit where you have to detour due to it been closed, has a very old cobbled street that must have been like that for decades.
  8. Frog and Parrot, by any chance?
  9. That was the first time I saw Big Ron run onto a pitch and do do his fist pump celebrating a Wednesday goal. Brilliant to see his passion after the sheer quality of that goal.
  10. The following season we won 4-2 (I think) at the Goldstone Ground and they were parading their recently sacked manager ( Jimmy Melia) on their terrace. Which was bizarre.
  11. Not surprised to see the one in Leeds stopping open.
  12. Yes, it's under the old Victoria Station and part of the Five Weirs walk which is a different walk altogether and where you may indeed come across rats and litter. Although that's hardly surprising as it runs alongside the Don.
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