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  1. Chris Woods, England keeper who was no better than what we had got. Big disappointment.
  2. Yes, you're right. I remember going down on Croftys coach to Millwall at that time and not many Wednesday fans there at all. Mind you, we were bloody awful.
  3. Probably Bristol City away in either 90 or 91 when most of our supporters were stuck on the M1 in snow for about 6 hours.
  4. This was my first, absolutely blown away by the fact you could actually send text messages to people.
  5. Can they not, it's not funny it's flecking depressing.
  6. Not only was it long range, he started running with the ball in their half and took a couple of Norwich players on. Brilliant goal and never televised!
  7. It's not doing Derby any favours at the moment!
  8. Do you think he asked " How much is this ?"
  9. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie That's Amoorey.....
  10. Didn't Pat Heard play because Ian Bailey had broken his leg the week before?
  11. Walk Tall by VD is an absolute classic.
  12. Newcastle away 84, a crucial win for Wednesday and all the coaches went back through Newcastle town centre. We drove past thousands lining the street with bricks flying everywhere and blokes well into their 70s giving us the reverse Churchill sign. Great days!
  13. Yes, the old Zulus gonna get yer chant was popular that day.
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