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Community Answers

  1. Shouldn't be taking penalties, which is Moores fault. But one of the few players with a will to win. Hunt, keeper maybe a couple more. Rest have no spirit. Blaming Bannan is a joke.
  2. We wouldn't have gone down, had he been with us last season.
  3. Now we appear to have a much better keeper & Lees has gone, I don't poo myself, half as much as I used to.
  4. It looks like Moore plan is for Bannan to play higher up & have Hutchinson take on Bannans number 4 role from centre back. Big hole in the middle when Hutch left.
  5. Decent performance, certainly has the right attitude, but 'first touch good', did you watch the same match as me?
  6. You are confident enough to dismiss any suggestion that this could be contract related?
  7. Fecking hell, the shirt looked pretty poo from the front, stripes too narrow with gash blue sleeves - but an acceptable 7/10. With the white bib effect on the back, to force buyers to spend an extra 20 on names & numbers, it's fecking dogshit. One of the worst. 4/10.
  8. Sounds like a Jedi knight.
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