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  1. Nope, but if you saw your local pub chef, in the kitchen of another pub, you might think a move is being considered.
  2. Picking the 2nd HALF of our season, which finished 6 weeks ago is hardly selective. Bizarre post.
  3. A good traditional blue & white kit. Being born & brought up c 800 yards from the ground. The 1970s designed Owl. Major part of childhood, gone since 4, school holiday in the swfc sports hall, young owls. Wednesday is always there. Family tradition handed down through the generation. Seeing my kids in Wednesday gear
  4. Apart from the fact, players on massive wages bought during those years were pivotal in gaining us enough to stay up this season (Fletcher).
  5. My overbiding memory of Wembley is our fans stating how we've done it too quick, shud have done it sustainably over a few years. How a top weekend Neil, reclaiming your teddy bears.
  6. 'Dejhon, please dont spend millions on transfers & wages to get us promoted, let's do it in a sustainable way, over many years' SAID NO FECKER!
  7. I'll ignore your gaslighting. Chansiri gambled, backed by the fan base. We got very close. Chansiri warned there would be consequences, if the gamble failed. We now have these.
  8. Whoooohhhh Chansiri , don't spend the money on big players & gamble on promotion. Who sed this - no fecker.
  9. There was none you feck wit. He gambled on promotion in the 1st two years, poo or bust. We all bought into this & it didn't work, because 8 other clubs were trying to do the same thing, for 3 spots. We ALL agreed with his gamble, it didn't work. Stop acting like a baby.
  10. We're Sheffield Wednesday, we'll stay up when we want.
  11. I thought Luke Boden, looked like he was gonna play right at top level. Carved himself a decent in States & had his green card.
  12. Will do, might even chuck a letter to church, regarding it being marked in some small way
  13. Invite him, to come and do this work, from your spare bedroom. As long as there's a phone, computer & the internet, he'll be fine
  14. Going to visit this today, as it's only down, the church is St John's, right in the middle of Penistone.
  15. The people wanting Bannan out, as part of a rebuild, have me scratching my head. The only way Bannan goes is if Monk is given 40 million to spend in 6 weeks. Be surprised if he's given 4. Bannon goes & we're fecked. Too early for Hunt to step up, & replace him.
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