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  1. We said this last close season. They were both given a chance this season & neither were/are good enough.
  2. Good to declare early that DM will be in charge next season. Difficult to have faith that Chansiri will be the Chairman/owner to revive us.
  3. What the feck was reach doing there,points to everyone else, go and do it yourself you lazy sod.
  4. A real sad & worrying reflection of wider society & where things are going.
  5. Playing like he doesn't give a s h i t in a relegation battle. Hate watching him play. Lazy bottler, with no grit, courage or determination. He's capable of a few moments of top quality play - trouble is the lazy get, thinks that's enough in a 90 minute battle. Bin watching Wednesday for 40 years, & never wanted to see the back of a long term 1st team player, so badly. ..
  6. Rhodes had a 4 games good spell & then went S H I T again. That's why he's not starting.
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