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  1. Minutes Applause

    I agree with this, but you're a bit behind the times. The club have done the right thing by bringing in the New Years game minutes applaud for passing Owls. I too was getting tired of it, but the club have sorted it.
  2. When did owls become pigs

    The Owl in question was unveiled in 1973, which fits in with you're timings. The SUFC Derby program of 1967 (thanks @dunsbyowl) mentioned the connection that Wednesday Fan made with SUFC & Piggery (red & white stripes = bacon) was folklore/custom. Now for something to be labelled & established as folklore/customs, many decades are needed for this. For example we're called Barnsley the Dingles for 20 years, this nickname would never be described as a Wednesday custom. For something to be called a Wednesday custom in 1967, this connection must be at least 4 decades old. Going back to the 1920s, at least. I've only heard the pig iron story in the last few years. This might be true, but I suspect it's a counter to the blunts 75 reasons why they started calling us the pigs. The red & white bacon thing goes back many many decades. The pigs, with no imagination, just copied (what is a pretty sad insult anyway).