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  1. Very few of us think that FF is likely to come back in a blaze of glory, and get us promoted. Unfortunately, attitude and injury have sent him on a downward spiral, which is unlikely to be reversed, but not impossible. However FFS, there is one poster who EVERY TIME , ANYTHING remotely positive is mentioned about FF, regurgitates the same repetitive negatiove drivel AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN. I just wish he'd give it a fecking rest. If people are positive about FFs return, they don't need to be hammered by the same $h1te everytime. It'll either work out or it won't.
  2. FF is the only player we have who COULD turn us into play off contenders. Top scorer in both PO seasons. Top performer in 1516, top 3 in 1617. Signs aren't good, for him doing this again. But again some weirdos, on here appear desperate for him to fail. And feel the need to tell us AGAIN & AGAIN that he will.
  3. Some posters clearly desperate for FF to fail in his come back. The top scorer in both our top 6 finishes. Weird.
  4. Good post, but why the need for the pathetic, little I told you so part. Like most players Fletcher has his ups & downs.
  5. Far less of a joke that the often mentioned 15 mill on here.
  6. With injuries, changes in form, & possible transfers in Jan, there will be no set shape for the season. Right now Fletcher is producing the goods.
  7. Finally a thread that's out negged my 'Triangle of Failure' thread. Thanks Bob
  8. Or women just wanting to play the best sport?
  9. 20+ thousand at the Ethiad today, in a more progressive city than ours, who clubs win trophies.
  10. Some right fecking nobbers, on this thread, who clearly have problems relating to women and are probably nervous around them. Don't enter the infrequent women's football threads you tails.
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