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  1. The Fox is a real good boozer on matchday. It's not a bad walk down but a real barstool walking back up the hill after a loss.
  2. RIP Robert. Best badge in our history by a mile. Hopefully like the stripes, Chansiri will see sense & bring it back
  3. What problems did/are they causing?
  4. Bruce leaving in July, is the main reason for our poor season. It doesn't suit the DC, bashers on here. But it's true & wasn't within DCs control.
  5. Wow, we really have some self entitled spoilt babies. Chansiri's aim was/is to get us into the PL. We've not been close in the 20 years prior to his arrival. He gave it a good go, but we didn't quite make it. Because of this fans like you are throwing teddies and stamping up & down. Grow a pair, every season, c14 clubs/chairman give it a good realistic go. Only 3 places. Most seasons, c2-6 clubs, bend/break spending rules, to get promoted. Ours was one of these. The anti CC stuff is embarrassing.
  6. Everything he's done??? 2 play off finishes & signed the most successful Championship manager in its history.
  7. What's to laugh at @Mr Farrell All factual. Factors such as price rises are poor, but not responsible for our current league run & position. Bruce leaving in July was. Sorry if doesn't suit you Anti-Chansiri agenda. But it's the truth.
  8. His decisions & cash got us to 2 play offs. It was his decision to hire the best manager since Atkinson. It wasn't his decision to let him go to his boyhood team in the Prem.
  9. Instead will you & your mates be holding hands, skipping round the pool table whilst singing songs about not watchin Wednesday. Celebrity BJ's all round.
  10. I've been given a big hint that Rhodes is on the bench tomorrow. Shame IMO. I hope it doesn't mean Nuhiu is starting. Maybe Winnall & Fletcher. Providing Fletchers illness isn't a ruse for his departure.
  11. To secure a play off place, either FF, Rhodes or Winnall, have to go on a good scoring run, alongside Fletcher coming back strong. I don't care who it is, but one of them has to.
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