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  1. Bored

    What part of yesterday's match day experience did you enjoy?
  2. Which posts are discussing contract negotiations Davey?
  3. Yep, increasingly so. Glad you & I agree SIJ.
  4. I know Alex's family and will correct you. Rotherham academy whilst at Notre Damm, then signed for Chelsea.
  5. Although S6 born & bread; I'm not against a move. But for another Poster to argue that we've moved before, doesn't hold. Our last move was in 1899.
  6. ALL the great local talent! Whose saying all. Just a couple would be nice. Of the Sheffield city region lads who have featured for England, NONE have featured in our 1st team. Now do you see the potential relevance to losing George Hirst to another team?
  7. YOU don't see the relevance that clearly other posters do. Who cares that you don't see the relevance. Get over yourself Snooty.
  8. You don't get the point; OH dear OT might disintegrate. Another poster mentioned Cahill, another example of a player, like Hirst, Vardy; Cahill & Stones, brought up as Owls fans but look like pretty much passing our 1st team by. See the connection yet?
  9. I know, you arrogantly said 'but in relation to this thread' As befits your recent over inflated opinion of yourself, on OT. GH was brought up a Owl, looks like leaving after barely featuring in the 1st team. The connection isn't cryptic.
  10. You don't get to dictate what is discussed in threads. However you view your status on OT now.
  11. There is FOUR players in the England squad who were brought up Owls. Jamie Vardy Harry McGuire Gary Cahill John Stones How many SWFC appearances between then? 0
  12. Forestieri

    He was so much of a distraction; we finished 6th & 4th with him as top scorer. Just where are we in the league, without him?
  13. Nope they're Wednesday fans who found they could make some money & travel the world playing for other teams. Of course you would have turned that down out of loyalty.