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Community Answers

  1. Reluctantly thought he deserved another go after taking us to the play offs. No confidence he is the manager that will take us up.
  2. It depends if that poor performance is due to them starting the season MASSIVELY out of shape & overweight.
  3. This is how I feel. That said I wouldn't shed any tears, if he went. Hope all our fans are behind him, in August, for another go at it.
  4. Me too mate, I was looking at the Management Team, from 60 mins, & thinking get Bannan & Gregory off. Lots who know football were thinking the same. Hopefully cramp.
  5. People won't accept this on here, but you're 100% right,at 60 mins Bannan & Gregory should have been off.
  6. Thank God, from previous posts I thought you were developing another tunnel vision obsession about a crap technically inept non scoring forward, being essential for the team.
  7. Not on this, the Southey Wolves U9s B Side, manager won't budge from his training slot.
  8. Apparently, they are moving it to Chaucer & making it free on the iplayer.
  9. Adding 25 mins to to decision, time costs the AS fans 50 mins wasted journey time.
  10. So you know the throwers views on lockdowns & mandatory vaccines Pathetic. I assuming you know they are right wing & misogynists. Idiot.
  11. He might be but like most of Moore's other signings, he's pretty rubbish. This is the main reason Moore has to go, he makes crap signings.
  12. Not seeing this yet meself, hope you're right. 3 goals in a decent, for a midfielder in Oct.
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