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  1. 8 games in

    Nope I'm not young, the chart took me two mins & I work in Performance Management. The chart has nothing to do with a team's performance. It shows the importance of the league table, during the season. It tells you that the league table's power (as an indicator of final standings); does suddenly jump at one game (decided by you). It gains more importance after every game. In summary, we can view the league table, discuss it, when we want. Not when we passed your magic number of games.
  2. 8 games in

  3. 8 games in

    Ridiculous comment??? 8 games in is 17% of the season completed. Is there a magic number of games for you? 10, 11 ,12? Does a binary switch suddenly switch when we pass your threshold? What is this number? What if your number is earlier than someone elses? In their eyes you will be ridiculous. Most football fans talk about possible final league positions before the season starts. Do you not do this?
  4. 8 games in

    You mean where we will end up at season end. The best indicator (for most teams) is where that club is the at moment. After 8 games (17%), we're 9th. This IMO is the best (and only) objective indicator. If you wanted to build some other factors in, you might look at: - a recent or upcoming change in circumstances (i.e take over or administration) - a significant change in form (not really possible at 8 games in, but we have pretty much bumbled around mid table for the 1st 8 games). None of these can be applied to us, so the best indicator for our season end finish is 9th. Many on here like to apply some blind optimism that because we started badly last season but ended up 4th, we'll somehow repeat this again. It might seem reasonable to a fan of a club, but wouldn't stand up to scrutiny.
  5. 8 games in

    Again, I don't buy into this 'we're higher than were last season', as if somehow seasons repeat themselves, & every other team will play along. The truth is we're mid table at the moment. 8 teams are doing better than us.
  6. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    We have a mean defence; so if you're right we'll be in the top 2. Happy days.
  7. Isn't Wilder a Valley lad from Deepcar? If so why has he got a bizarre southern/midlands accent?
  8. 8 games in

    Last season after 46 games, we were 4th. As it stands we're 9th. So no we're worse. And do give me that 'we're so many points higher' as if seasons somehow repeat themselves. At the moment we're the 9th best team in the league. Do you think Cardiff/wolves are saying we in the top 3, but because of last season we'll finish out of the top 6?
  9. One thing holding us back

    I'm not sure you can describe constantly playing 2 strikers & 2 wingers with no pace as ONE THING. We're only scoring enough goals to be mid table, & that where we'll end up. We can't rely on the defense to complete another record breaking season for clean sheets. We need more goals; this can only come from a tactical change or personnel change.
  10. 8 games in

    We will keep getting draws (keeping us in mid table), because in 6 of 8 games we've failed to score more than 1 goal. Coupled with a tight defences - draws are inevitable. I'm not advocating sacking Carlos; but im still far from convinced he is the right manager, to get us scoring enough. (Despite the self congratulatory premature blow jobs on OT)
  11. I know the stats regarding our top scorer for the last 2 seasons. I am pleased with Hooper & Fletcher. But did they get 14 goals between them last season (no I won't ignore this). Do they interact with each other at all. As the OP states; they've got results for SWFC in the last TWO games. FAR to early for the OTT claims on here. Xmas, our league position, their goals scored will be better evidence.
  12. Good post; F&H are doing well at the moment, though both had poor goal returns last season. I'm not seeing any obvious partnership developing, as you say; they don't directly interact much. Just two good strikers doing well. Hooper has 3 champ goals & Fletcher 2. I suspect that top 2 sides will have/need a more prolific striker.
  13. We're :6th in the league :10 teams have scored more goals :9 players have scored more goals than either Fletcher/Hooper (Hooper is joint 10th with 11 other players) Don't get me wrong Holmy, the players & partnership is promising and crucially delivering at the moment. But me feels you're a little bit too eager and early to label it as one of the best in the division. I hope we can say this by Xmas. Just hold off with your grand claims.
  14. I've lumped together our seven league games this season. You make me laugh sometimes, you're literally in your own world. This lumping together of matches started in 1888/89. They called it the Football League. Is HolmOwls's selection of games more important that the 129 year old League table/season grouping format?