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  1. 20% has been quoted £4mill, could be coming out way. Still rather he had been managed properly at SWFC.
  2. The fee was undisclosed, the most popular figure used is £5million, with a few possible add ons & hopefully a sell on clause.
  3. Lighten up Roaster, it's s bit of banter referring the threads from 2-3 years back.
  4. He wasn't toothless for, except the obvious match. He (like a lot of top players) was mismanaged by the club. He would go thorough a good spell & maybe lose firm for s couple of games. Rather than being supported through this to come through the otherside. He would be dropped & play second fiddle to the hapless Nuhiu, for the next 3 months. Imagine being João, & seeing Nuhiu starting in front of him time & time again. Treated right he is now blossoming. I used to despair seeing Nuhiu start & João on the bench - but some of our
  5. We need a better manager than monk to get us out of Chansiris hole. But to be fair to him as @owlstalk is pointing out, Monk with a Lower Mid table budget achieved a lower mid table finish last season & has us 16th now without the PD
  6. Are these the 'old crocks', you believe Carlos signed@English Man ?
  7. Of the 4 appointments, Carlos, Jos, Bruce, Monk. Which ones did you strongly disagree with at the time of the appt?
  8. You've called my post absolute rubbish, yet agree with 2 of 4 of my options. You agree that Bruce was s good appointment & Jos a bad one. You disagree that Carlos record of two play off finishes (& then a poor last season), was ok. An objective assessment on results would prove you wrong. Getting bored of this childish, simplistic attitude that we spent good money, therefore the manager should have taken is up. Despite the 1st season spend, hills squad was worth much more. And with regards to Monk, not many disagreed with the appt, made w
  9. Do you genuinely not know the difference between facts & opinion? A fact = we were 3rd, after beating 2nd An opinion = Megson had run out of ideas & their heads were down.
  10. Thats you opinion, no one knows the ending, has Megson stayed. The facts are he ended the mini bad run, won a 6 pointer, against the pigs & left us in third. The facts are that his final signing (a future prem player) was a massive factor, the loss of Ched was huge. And yes Jones, got the results, to take us from 3rd to 2nd. It was a Megson side. Who knows if the new manager effect was the key factor. It certainly wasn't Jones superior management skills. I don't know why people try to understate Megsons time as manager. It's my op
  11. Good post, not saying Megson should manage us again, his days are over. But the way some try & put a negative spin on Megsons time has my head scratching, for the reason. Megson built a promotion winning team, with unknown players, he just fell out with Chairman, which was his Achilles Heal, as a manager.
  12. On 2nd readings you right, & he's probably right. Although sacking your manager after finishing 4th & being knocked out on pens would have been a brave decision. I reckon most Chairman would have kept Çarlos after the huds game.
  13. Not a single fan wanted Carlos gone after the Hull game. It would have been madness to get rid. He took us to forth the next season?
  14. Which part do you disagree with? I'll help you, were you against the Bruce appointment ? Or the Monk appt? Or was Carlos who took us to two play off finishes a bad recruit?
  15. I'm no fan of Carlos, but being objective his record was good. Most seasons 4-6 clubs go shllt or bust for 3 spots. I don't think Chansiri s managerial appts are bad. Carlos did well, no one argued with Bruce & most were behind the appt of Monk.
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