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  1. No problem if you cant remember the interview, I can; his emphasis on FFs mis was obvious, OTT & (imo) calculated. And of course ANY manager that has 1 point from 15 is struggling.
  2. Do you not remember after the WBA game; Jos put a MASSIVE over emphasis on FFS miss at 2-0. Sign of a struggling manager.
  3. He has criticised FF in his interviews. Had you forgotten?
  4. Not saying you're wrong; but we were also told Winnall, was NOT coming back. What's makes you so sure? Inside knowledge or guesswork?
  5. zzmdu

    The Big Issue.

    Do you think relegation will help or add to the problems? If you think its the latter, then a short term fix is required, pretty much now! Obviously there needs to be longer term planning. Relegation avoidance planning/solution are needed now.
  6. zzmdu

    Grow some cajones

    What a load of cobblers. Some want Jos gone; because we don't want to go down in 4 months. If you'd watched any other team play like that at The Stain on Sky; you'd say that they are one of the poorest teams in division & will struggle to score enough goals to stay up - thats us!
  7. zzmdu

    Bit of balance

    Sky were negative because we couldn't keep the ball for more than 5 seconds, & offered literally no attacking threat.
  8. zzmdu

    To the Jos out brigade

    Arrrrh, ok then, good lad, you have fun keeping them all on your defined right track. You'll not the only poster who see this as their job on OT.
  9. zzmdu

    To the Jos out brigade

    And of course, it's for you to decide whose living in La La land. Is it those that don't share your opinion?
  10. zzmdu

    To the Jos out brigade

    What do you thinks fans forums, like OT are for exactly?
  11. zzmdu


    I thought he would have got 143 caps, not 150.
  12. zzmdu

    Joao has to start Friday

    Start with our TOP SCORER, how very dare you! You'll get strung up on OT for suggesting such radical things.
  13. He's given us his ESTIMATE at 95%, bit high i reckon, nearer 70:30 against IMO. How can you claim his estimate is a lie, or desperation? Do you know the %?
  14. He's massively underestimated the importance of the manager, in top level football.
  15. zzmdu


    An excellent???, championship player. You remind me of a Bonnie Tyler song. You posts appear so desperate for a hero, whilst ignoring the only possible candidate. Fletcher s goal stats are 3 in 17. Stop snipping selected parts of the season.