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  1. Borner was a contender for MOM, until the last 30 seconds, when he decided to let him shoot
  2. Well done the blame list todsy, but yes he's pretty crap. flatters to decieve
  3. I've no doubt FIFA have looked at these deliberate cynical trips/pulls, to prevent quick breaks, particularly as they are now being deployed as a tactic, by teams. Not sure what the answer is. For big squads that rotate, like City, accumulated yellows aren't a problem, that's why they are now a deliberate tactic. And tactics used by the top teams filter down. Reds seem to harsh.
  4. Yep, it was a crock of shirt challenge, but never a red, & not a game changer either. Plenty to be p'ssed of with tonight, but sure why this one is a top of your list.
  5. Clever cynical challenge, probably no deliberate attempt to cause harm, Salt in the wound, that they scored whilst DB, was receiving treatment.
  6. Cynical challenge, but a yellow, & it got one.
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