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  1. zzmdu


    This ^. Was prepared (today) to spend up £100 for a full kit for my 12 year old. Not going to bother; if it costs more for the delux version. Not going to be ripped off; or settle for a cheaper imitation. So won't do either. Kits are a great equaliser; worn by kids from all classes. Not going to go for this delux or cheap version trick/poo . It starting to feel like SWFIUA.
  2. Six; it's a pretty poor Wednesday kit, but at least it's a Wednesday kit.
  3. My 1st kit was the Bukta 82 (from johnny Quinns). Will be buying this kit for my son. Numbered & named up - will cost about £100. Be worth it thought to see him in stripes again! Will have to have a players names that defo staying - got to be Nuhiu!
  4. It's not the true striped; many of us were after. The long sleeved in particular will be very blue. But let's not be too picky - a MASSIVE improvement.
  5. zzmdu

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    Picking good imaginative names must run in your family. Your username really stands out. How did you think of it?
  6. Exactly how I feel. Happy if he signs; but not too devastated if he doesn't.
  7. No if it's in the normal price range I'd buy my son a kit & maybe a shirt for me. Won't spend a Penney unless it's stripes.
  8. I hope so. Makes sense go DC There's plenty like who will buy the kit (kids & possibly me) if stripes; but won't if not.
  9. I know Nuhiu is everything for you at the moment. But Nuhiu won't feature in FFs/SWFC decision, with regard to him staying. It's money (off course), both parties & his wife's desire to live near London.
  10. The question is are FFS scoring stats (best goals per min, swfc player) to stay or move away.
  11. With him promotion contenders Without him mid table.
  12. Nearly as good as Fernandos
  13. Best: nuhius hatrick Forestieri showing why he's our best player Striped shirts outnumbering blue shirts 10:1 Worst: Neil's divisive threads Posters who have given little importance to goal scoring stats; now seemingly converted.
  14. zzmdu

    On Jos...

    A good realistic assessment.
  15. I didn't; but I certainly do now; you've told me.