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Community Answers

  1. You are confident enough to dismiss any suggestion that this could be contract related?
  2. Fecking hell, the shirt looked pretty poo from the front, stripes too narrow with gash blue sleeves - but an acceptable 7/10. With the white bib effect on the back, to force buyers to spend an extra 20 on names & numbers, it's fecking dogshit. One of the worst. 4/10.
  3. Sounds like a Jedi knight.
  4. What a strange response from the player & club. They don't appear to deny the charge but are unhappy about the evidence & process. Imo the player & club are behaving list those repeat iffender chavs on documentaries, who blame the Police, for catching them. Bizarre response.
  5. I don't get these 'not criticising the club'' threads. The club like any club or company is a construct. There is no actual thing called Sheffield Wednesday. Therefore you can't criticise something that doesn't exist. You can criticise the actual stuff, like the Ground, the Chairmans decisions, the players etc.
  6. I guess the term 'Released List' is a Pre-Bosnan Term, that has hung on.
  7. how do you feel about the majority of players, who are reported to be sympathetic to DC?
  8. Following you around the site - behave yourself Don't want to be too pedantic, but you do realise you replied to my post. Following you around the site, deary me.
  9. You don't care that we could potentially lose valuable players for nowt, because of Chansiris inability to pay the players on time. Wow, what has happened to you. It seems like you want us to fail.I'm sure this isn't the case.
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