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  1. zzmdu

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Yep complete shocker that someone would have the name of our Top Scorer in a Promotion Season, on their shirt. It beggars belief.
  2. zzmdu

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Some right bitter folk on here, top scorer & big part of a fantastic promotion. Plus a 86th equalizer at the Stain. Pathetic posters with short memories.
  3. zzmdu

    Steve, Steven, Stephen

    I know what you mean, wish he'd kept his user name as WWE.
  4. SYP are an embarrassment to the City and County. Ironically their incompetence is the only thing that unites the 2 fan bases.
  5. zzmdu

    Liam Palmer

    Bit hypocritical there Zen Owl. I can recall another (former) SWFC who has over 200 appearances in the Championship and a POTY award. If I said his POTY award was at Stoke, do you know who I'm referring too? Your bezzy!
  6. zzmdu

    Bullen in the Bruce era

    I think he needs a managers position, down the leagues, maybe Chessie. If he's a sucess, we'll have him back, in 2-3 years time. No point taking a step back with us now.
  7. They usually send them up to the away team ticket office for collection.
  8. zzmdu

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    Yes I remember you saying this, & then I got giddy about the chance to say LordSnotty. This was the main reason on for my post. Sad I know.
  9. zzmdu

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    Remember @lordsnotty posting several times, that we hadn't seen Westwood play/train, so how could we dare to have an opinion.
  10. zzmdu

    Alan Nixon

    Not a pleasant vision to have.
  11. zzmdu

    Alan Nixon

    Jos, also an expert at giving head. Who'd have thought!
  12. zzmdu

    What do we do as fans?

    Why; did you fail to pull out in time?
  13. zzmdu

    Bannan at full time

    Absolute rubbish. They don't have a Gary Neville, determined, focused look about them. The body language is terrible. Defeated, not bothered, scared.