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  1. What goes off in Greno Woods, stays in Greno Woods.
  2. And we're doing pretty well, if we can stay around mid table after the next 5 games - who knows
  3. Just enjoy the win! Your anger that surfaces when we win; must spoilt it for you. Relax. We get it; you think done fans are over critical.
  4. The OP wants to discuss this now, I'm sorry you're not ready for this yet. (can you please PM us all, when you think it's OK to discuss Jos, we'll all hold off until you're ready)
  5. Rightly or wrongly the buck stops with the manager! That's football isn't it. But yes, you're right, we need a good response from Nuhiu & Chums.
  6. That's a bit premature, I'd give him at least 6 more games, to show he's listened to me and allows FF & Joao to play a much more attacking role. SWFC always seem a bit pooe poo, when we set up to stall the other team, rather than attack.
  7. You'd don't have to be Lord Marple to, have confidence that Jos's comments referred to FFs desire to constantly track back. We've made a decent start, helped by 3 back to back games against 3 of the divisions worst teams. It's very likely that we'll slide back pretty quickly, due to the very tough run we now face. To mitigate we needed four points from Stoke & Forest. How Jos repsonds to this will be crucial to his longevity at Hillsborough.
  8. You need to read the Poll question again.
  9. This seems to be a common mistake that some posters have jumped on. The poll asks: What do you think Jos's tenure will be? NOT What do you want Jos's tenure to be?
  10. Will have our best attacking player FF on the bench (prior to ban) sidelined, because Jo doesn't think he tracks back enough Will have our next best attacking player Joao, tracking back so much he's having more touches in his own half.
  11. Has anyone said they wanted Jos sacked?
  12. See Mardybumbumming it again ^ IMO I want Jos gone, if he persists on wanting Joao & FF to constsntly track back, and possibly be dropped if they don't (and replaced with more inferior players) What are your thoughts on this?
  13. Bit early for this, however these things are discussed in the Bars & Living rooms, so why not on OT. Ignore all the mardy bum bums on here. @Belfast Owl 2 & @Lord Snooty, to name a few. My position is that if Jos persists on wanting our best attacking assets (Joao & FF), to keep relentlessly tracking back and therefore having more touches in our defensive half and less energy to attack (& drops them if they don't oblige), he should be a gone and as soon as possible.
  14. zzmdu

    A dose of reality

    Very miserable; but also very true.