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  1. Stokes 1863 date is a complete falicy, even their own website admits it. Their correct formation date is 1868.
  2. Same, I'm gash at drawing, but mastered the Owl.
  3. The current badge is ok, but the above is really the dogs rounduns. Really hope it returns.
  4. Megson got us the third. Jones notched us up to 2nd, with the help of a future a premier league striker (signed by Megson).
  5. Can you cast your mind back to those two play off seasons? Who was our top scorer on BOTH occasions?
  6. You couldnt make this stuff up. In our 2 play off seasons, FF played a lot was our top scorer. When he didn't play a great deal; we fell way short. No evidence for Fletcher being our best forward.
  7. Old school management. Playing your better footballers, is a good thing.
  8. Hopefully Bruce will have faith in our better footballers & get the best out of FF & Joao. And the major FF doubters: @lordsnotty @Holmowl @OWLSTALK Will stop bleating about the team being better with the likes of Nuhiu in it.
  9. You're right. Shame that of all the c25 neggers, only 1 pointed out the reason.
  10. Had the penalty stood, the plan would have worked to perfection. Pressing Chelsea in their own would have been suicidal. The plan was right IMO.
  11. Can you explain this? Maybe I've genuinely missed summat.
  12. Devils Advocate: if Bruce needed time out with family due to bereavements & other issues, was going to watch the England Cricket team, with all the coverage the right choice?
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