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  1. Never got this out of town label. The bottom of Parkside Rd to Shalemoor Roundabout (start of town) is 1.3 miles, I could do it on my Push Iron in <5mins.
  2. You know what's gutted me Snotty, is that I thought changing my name to Somebody, would get me at least one pm asking me why I'd negged their post, as the default is Somebody for the uncircumcised. Not one ffs.
  3. Like with Antonio, it was obvious to most. Plenty on here were clamouring & frothing at the mouth for the hapless Nuhiu to be in the starting line up instead of Joao. It a why I always take the opinion of @Holmowl & @Lord Snooty , @DJMortimer & @@owlstalk et al with a huge pinch of salt.
  4. Suspect we'll muddle through until season end, get Westwood off the wage bill & buy in the summer.
  5. One keeper good enough, but not fit or robust enough. Two younger fit keepers, not good enough. A problem position, which is rare for us.
  6. Exactly this, far too many prominent posters (who wanted Pulis gone from the start) giving each premature BJs over the sacking. The fact is we're almost certain to get a far less experienced manager, to see us through the relegation battle. They may do better or not, but far too much celebratory tail tugging on here at the moment.
  7. Exactly, that's why details of last year's Xmas party aren't being leaked, & only a few of us know, & Neil only knows half of the story.
  8. Apparently the odds have shot right down in the last hour for Alfonso Bonzo.
  9. Agree, Hook a Duck, maybe at a push, but the Coconut Shy would be too much for him.
  10. and a few who wrote Westwood off, silly billies. not that we have any particular poster in mind.
  11. Yep, can look lethargic at times & needs a ticket up his arse, but decent contribution tonight.
  12. Thought he did well tonight, sometimes tries to nick it in the tackle rather than our his full force in, which can be risky at times, but did well.
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