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  1. Needs to happen soon, new manager needs time to look at squad and determine where transfer money needs to be spent in January window. Too late now to get promotion this year but can use rest of season to get us ready to be fast off the blocks next season
  2. No your wrong there, you mean buy a has been who is always injured and pay him a fortune in wages
  3. You have a squad to cover injuries so who has bought all the dead wood in, Lachman, Melo, Mathias, Edmundson, Sougu, Abdi etc. then allowed the McGugan and Hirst situations to arise and now what has happened to that other Centre Half we signed this season, where is he.
  4. Eustace asked Mel to play Centre Forward, which Mel, loving the club did. He then took the Captaincy off him saying he didn't like forwards being capatains
  5. Danny Williams the Worst in my time Eustace next Irvine 3rd
  6. Wait for Billic to be sacked by west ham, then go and get him
  7. Craig Roecastle, built like and looked life Frank Bruno, he stung like a butterfly and floated like a bee
  8. Westwood Sasso Hutch Loovens McMananaman Abdi Bannan Rewach Fezzi Rhodes, Winnall
  9. Lets be realistic, we are not as good as last year Something is missing, don't know what Most of our results have been lucky when we have won or drawn this season i think we are lucky to be in the league position we are in this season we don't seem to dominate games this season like we did last Don't know if any of the players brought in this season have improved us, despite what they cost Last season we passed the ball and moved, offering plenty of options to the man with the ball. This year we pass then go backwards What does anyone else think
  10. Wise up Mr Chansri some people are taking advantage of your wealth
  11. It worries me that people are saying CC doesn't sign the players. If he doesn't please tell me who does. If the manager doesn't then surely his position is untenable and we are in the same position as those idiots up the road at Leeds
  12. Yep true but don't blame Sam, blame lies with the other 9 not giving him options. Sad to say but we used to have a left back called Tommy Spurr, he would always make himself available to receive the ball but would be left with no option but to hoof it as no one would ever in the team give him any other option, they would hide,with the don't give it to me attitude, yet fans couldn't see this so turned on the youngster and not the so called senior pros who hid
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