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  1. Just seen this, been out for the night, his name is above the door, he carries he can, needs to fall on his sword, thank you for the good times DC but time to go
  2. I think the term legend when attached to a player depends on what period of time you are lucky or unlucky enough to call 'your era', for me my era was mid-eighties to mid nineties, for my daughters it's 2000 onwards. As previously stated JJ perhaps isn't the most skilfull player player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt, but he probably is the best they can remember. However, when at Leicester a few weeks ago my youngest along with her friend, Ellie, were getting autographs from the team as they boarded the bus back home, JJ had a chat and signed autographs, he also promised her his shirt after the Cardiff game. Obviously she was full of it all week but not wanting to be upset if let down I played it down a bit. Saturday came and we all know the result of the game, we had to leave on the full time whistle because it was her birthday and we had a meal booked but Ellie went down to the players entrance for some more autographs and low and behold JJ came out with his shirt from the Leicester game, all washed and ironed, asking where Abbey was, Ellie explained the situation and JJ handed over the shirt. She is sat in it now. So in answer to the OP, yes, JJ is a legend, especially to Abbey and Ellie, they will never forget what he did. Thanks JJ, Thanks Ellie and thanks Rhys McCabe who did a similar thing for Ellie at Barnsley.
  3. Can't agree more with OP, my daughters (19 and 15) were at Cardiff but yesterday was something else for us, there true blue's, youngest a ST holder with me in South, it hurts them both when we loose, after Chesterfield did us I promised them we would turn the blunts over and '79-'80 would be repeated (more in hope than anything else!) Both daughters came yesterday, watched them both go crazy when the goals went in and at full time, I too joined the many who 'just had something in my eye'. Great respect to all of similar ages for sticking with us, yesterday was for them. UTO.
  4. Big Jack sat in front row of directors box, our seats are to the right and 2 rows in front of this and all those around me commented on how well he looked and how he stood head and shoulders above all those around him, really hope this doesn't knock him back too much. Made me smile when he and his wife were clapping to 'Hi Ho' and they even started to bounce a bit at some points. Jack gave me (and probably 10's of thousands others) my first taste of any success at Hillsboro', as said in numerous posts, a true SWFC legend. Get well soon.
  5. Long time from original post I know, apologies for that, not delved too far into different sections of OT and 1st post!! Born 'n bred in Stannington, just up the hill from Hillsboro', lived there for my 1st 35 years, been in the village living in 'exile' 7 years now just off Boughton Lane, class myself as a clowne owl now, get to a many games as possible, meet up with the mates down Hillsboro' or in Jubilee before or after matches, just a bit of a sh*t getting back, long way to get back on public transport after a few drinks if you know what I mean, have to rely on being in the wife or daughter's good books to come and get me. Since been here realised how spoilt I was being in walking distance of the ground and massive respect to all who make the effort and travel any distance to watch the boy's. Have seen the Johnsons bus and thought about going over on it but don't know anyone with times or if your place needs booking or not. UTO
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