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  1. You should have read this comment back to yourself before posting it.
  2. I don't understand why you bring up Bolton's support, just because they've not had a high attendance, doesn't mean it's all ok.
  3. Carlos haters

    Any topics like this tonight?
  4. I think if we score more goals than Bolton, we'll win the game.
  5. Joao

    Blackburn have gone down a league & didn't want to loan him again. That's all you need to know.
  6. Wolves after Jordan Rhodes

    It'll be a shame to see him leave, especially when he's done so well here and knocking in the goals, along with fitting in so well & always willing to take a penalty. Great signing.
  7. Team for Bolton

    He needs to be clever with his selection here. Either put out a strong line up out and get the game won very early, then bring off the players who will play on Saturday. Or put a weak side out and get knocked out. I am not fussed either way, just don't want us to put a team out that will see us play into ET.
  8. Ive never been to a match in my life & I love Sheffield United. is that the response you wanted?
  9. Nope. Disappointed with the fact some fans think everything is great.
  10. As Donald Trump said "it's going to be great"
  11. Exactly. Everything is great. Thank god we aren't 7 points behind automatic places already.
  12. Listen, this a topic to talk about everything that is going great. Let's forget we got 1 point from games against PNE & QPR. Let's forget we have averaged 2 shots on target in league games so far. Let's forget we have paid £10m for a striker who doesn't fit and can't score. Alongside having a "striker" like Big Dave. Let's forget we have no money and can't improve the defence. Let's forget we keep on playing poor in the first half. Let's forget all that and everything else. At the end of the day, we just beat the mighty Fulham! Everything is great. But DO NOT FORGET to neg me. Everything is great & Carlos is king!
  13. Official whingers and moaners thread

    This topic really does some Owlstalk up. Carlos has won one game and everything is great. The absolute reallty of it is that Carlos makes dodgy selections, we've no money and players who aren't good enough or throwing toys out of the pram. This thread will be shown up this time next week when Carlos can't break down Burton Albion.