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  1. Halfway-owl

    New blog.

    Oreyt everyone. Very rarely post on here but I have a favour to ask. I'm currently at uni and for one of my assignments its to create a website for the next 12 weeks so I've decided that a blog would be the easiest and here it is. So far, I've had good reviews but I need to boost traffic so thought this would be the best option. Also, grammar was never my strong point - so please don't hammer me for it. Anyway, It's still early days so still getting to grips with it but I would greatly appreciate some feedback. https://jimmyswfc93.wixsite.com/ohffswednesday/home/ Cheers.
  2. Stopped reading once I got as far as Wallace consistently turning up and 10 out of 10.
  3. Halfway-owl

    10 best outfield players

    Hutchinson, Hooper,Forestieri, Rhodes, Winnall, Lee, Lees, Abdi, Bannon, Boyd
  4. Halfway-owl

    your 1st game you went to

    Wednesday 0 - 0 Gillingham 2002. Dont remember match, was only a nipper but was just hooked from the moment me dad took me.
  5. Halfway-owl

    Hopes for next season.

    I just hope to see some exciting football again instead of this sideways and backwards crap. This season has been completely and utterly boring.
  6. Hopefully after the final this time. We went well ott after Brighton.
  7. Best - Wickham, Carson, Marshall, Antonio Worst - Bothroyd
  8. Halfway-owl

    Seen it all now

    We were crap against Barnsley. We've been crap most of this season. Every right to moan.
  9. Halfway-owl

    Seen it all now

    35+ plus a ticket. Fans have every right to whinge after narrowly beating bottom of the league to a last minute penalty. We were crap.
  10. Reda and Semedo - albeit he's still here. But these two would run through brick walls for our club.
  11. Halfway-owl

    Memorable Wednesday goals....

    Tudgay V Blades
  12. Lee Bannan Lees Westwood Pudil
  13. Halfway-owl

    Jamie Ward

    No thanks. Want better.