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  1. If all the clubs in the championship went into admin and then took a 12 point hit, all things would be equal and we would all be free from debt - just change the name a bit e.g. swfc 2020 - jobs a good un !
  2. crap service - cant log on, but not surprised at all after previous experience with I follow.
  3. Virtually zero information from the club or I-follow on how this will be implemented. From my previous experience with I-follow I guess this will be another shambles on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully radio sheff will be on the ball.
  5. Would be good if the Owls shop was relocated into the new development, knock the old one down and create a fan zone somewhere where it would be comfortable to have a drink and a pie within the ground on match day - and reorganise the entrance and exits to the north stand and Kop. Don't suppose it will happen the club does not seem to plan anything beyond the next match day under the current regime.
  6. perhaps the club could include cup matches next season for those who have bought season tickets on the early bird scheme. Mind you that could be just the two games, one league cup and one FA cup match !!
  7. Will it be postponed ? hope so - at least it wouldn't be another weekend spoilt..
  8. Too late for Wilkinson I think (to old) but if I was DC I would give Sam Alardice a call and ask him to come in as director of football - put him in charge of recruitment - he is a big personality and is what the club needs in order to give the coach ( whether its Monk or someone of his choosing) proper direction and get to the bottom of what has gone wrong and sort it out. DC should have learnt from his previous mistakes by now and accept that he is part of the problem.
  9. If as is currently being said, the sale of the ground took place after the max allowed £39 million three season debt, had been exceeded, we will probably be punished in some way with a points deduction. Thus righting off our promotion chances this season. However if this is true won’t the £60 million received for the sale of the ground now counts as current season profit, therefore what is to stop the club taking a hit this season with a view to investing heavily next season with the £60 million that should be in the bank?
  10. I've supported the Owls for more than 60 years and it seems to me that its now in our DNA to find ways of loosing from winning positions, it started in 1966 FA cup final and seems to have been the case ever since ( with exception of the league cup final). I can't remember when we last came from behind and won a game, but this season alone we have conceded goals in the last few minutes of games and dropped enough points to have put us much higher in the league. A two nil lead at half time never gives me certainty that we will win a game. The only periods in my lifetime when we have had a team with real belief, have been when we have had managers who are able to transmit confidence, nouce and belief into the team i.e. Big Jack Charlton, Howard Wilkinson and Big Ron (may also be CC for a time). I think that the current squad is good enough for the top six but could do better than that if they had more confidence in themselves to play out games with more nouce and had a real will to win / not getting beat, were more ruthless and looked, for example, for easy fowls, throw ins etc to disrupt the flow of the game in order to close out games - like every other team in this league seems to do.
  11. Parking gestapo were out in full force today. Why is it when a big crowd is expected, extreme parking restrictions are put in place such that there are less places to park. Anyone would think SYP don't want us around...……..mmm
  12. Conner Wickham, doing nothing at C Palace, did OK last time. Loan out Rhodes and Winnal
  13. thought he had got out of bed on the wrong side yesterday. He argued with anyone in earshot, proper rollockings not the type of thing you expect a goalkeeper to do in helping to organise his defence. As for the goal, I think he saw it late as it came through a ruck of players so I would put it down to that - not time to write him off yet.
  14. I exited the north stand as advised, on to a very crowded Penistone road with half the north bound carriageway coned off to allow traffic through whilst the other half supposedly used for pedestrians. However cars and buses were trying to force there way through, as people attempted to cross the road to get out of the crowd and over to the car park. / pavement on the south bound carriageway. There were also a number of buses and cars parked within the part of the carriageway which was supposedly for pedestrians which therefore acted as a barrier and forced people over on to the carriageway in front of moving traffic. If the current situation prevails it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. Risk is calculated as likely hood of an accident and likely consequences we now have lots more people crossing and walking along a busy road. Well done SYP and SAG you have increased the level of risk for the majority of us for the sake of a poorly policed one off incident last season.
  15. People who arrive late after the kick off (usually stinking of ale) and want to access their seat and everybody has to stand up / make way for them - FFS you know what time it starts get their on F-IN time. Then after 10 mins need to go for wee wee and repeat the performance - if you cant hold it don't drink it.
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