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  1. DC v RK = the clash of the two biggest egos on the planet = shortest management contract ever.
  2. Harry Catterick - Everton Howard Wilkinson - Leeds Jack Charlton - Republic Ireland Ron Atkinson - Aston Villa Steve Bruce - Newcastle All the good ones ! Tony Pulis ?
  3. sky commentator says "this is not exactly el classico" to f'in right its not, more like el crapico they aren't that much better than us,
  4. Has Tom Lees in the history of football ever passed the ball to a team mate. Not counting the number of times he turns back and passes to the goalie.
  5. Taken our foot of the gas ? you must be joking - we have no gas in the tank and even if we did we don't have an engine that works. This old banger is going one way - down hill to league 2.
  6. the best i can say is at least i'm not standing in the cold rain watching this rubbish, Tom Lees needs to learn how to pass - it can only get worse pelupussy getting ready to come on .........................ehhhhhhhhh
  7. might be a chance to off load JR, some other mug might be willing to take him on based upon his past on a permanent contract. In which case we would have his £40k / wk wage to play with.
  8. just when I start to get a bit of confidence in the team and think we can get a result - we usually get trounced - its the wednesday way I am afraid. Therefore not expecting too much today.
  9. lets not forget the Reading goal came from a dodgy free kick, rode our luck a bit but deserved it. Credit to Pulis for the substitutions and the set up of the team in that second half . A good point all considering.
  10. OP should have been around after Alan Brown up to the Jack Charlton period. The football was much worse then than todays match.
  11. It is interesting to note the sentence regarding " overspending by large amounts effects the integrity of the competition" -- so just what is the E.F.L 's view on parachute payments then, and why don't they do something about it ( preferably before the piggies rejoin us) !
  12. who are these imposters in owls kit passing the ball to each other regularly - amazing - it can't last its the wednesday way.
  13. Paterson should have gone to ground and rolled around to draw the refs attention - he will never make the premier league - needs to have a word with that Leeds player who got the Arsenal guy sent off on Sunday. Or maybe he enjoyed it !
  14. how poor is this league, two mindboggling boring teams, £10 for this. We dont have clue when attacking. We just hope for a mistake or a deadball situation. How long can this go on for.
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