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  1. I'm very angry this morning

    Picked this up off the suppliers the other day. Just opened it to have a look. Semedo gets 80!
  2. Serbian double swoop

    We didn't have the set up to look after them. They lived off Mcdonalds to start with as couldn't speak English.
  3. Joking aside I would like to think next season's kit/merch has been finalised and sent off for production by now.
  4. I would guess that's just his stock for samples.
  5. Not at all. Although he doesn't control the delays which I take he is saying they have been fabricated.
  6. I cant believe only one fan has been chasing the ceo. I thought Owls fans loved some Twitter bashing.
  7. The last shirt bought by a lot of people.
  8. Website

    Not going to win any design awards but as long as it loads quickly and has all the info then thats all that really matters for me.
  9. Andre Marriner

    It was the Brighton players who saw the replay on the screen and went over to the linesman.
  10. Birth date result

    Sat 22 Sep 79 SWINDON TOWN............ 4-2 7 11,636 Rodger Wylde 2, Andy McCulloch Mark Smith
  11. Player statue

    Ellis Rimmer
  12. Who did we play in this?

    I'm thinking Wimbledon and QPR.
  13. #nowplaying rhybooze presents "Gatecrasher - Black - Disc 2 (1998)" at https://t.co/cZdUOStBFL

  14. Possession stats

    Our style of play last season wasn't possession football at all. Its one thing this season that has confused me to why we have started to do it.