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  1. Theres a few podcasts flying about with ex players stating how bad the dressing room was then.
  2. Yes they are just material so would go through the wash. But on the website I just put the manufacturer's info on there to be safe.
  3. I make them. https://www.familythreads.co.uk/shop/clothing/customprinted/custom-printed-face-masks
  4. And our local lad grabbed a hattrick. Looking forward to seeing him preseason back down here.
  5. Picked this up off the suppliers the other day. Just opened it to have a look. Semedo gets 80!
  6. We didn't have the set up to look after them. They lived off Mcdonalds to start with as couldn't speak English.
  7. Joking aside I would like to think next season's kit/merch has been finalised and sent off for production by now.
  8. Not at all. Although he doesn't control the delays which I take he is saying they have been fabricated.
  9. I cant believe only one fan has been chasing the ceo. I thought Owls fans loved some Twitter bashing.
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