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  1. Tbh I thought this had reared its head by end of August.
  2. For me, the missing Plan B is what to do without Gregory.
  3. Walter Smith: Former Rangers, Everton and Scotland manager dies at age 73 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56381264 Not saying he would have been great for us or not, but when we didn't get Walter Smith it was my first inkling, as a child who thought the sun shone on us, that all might not be well as SWFC.
  4. It's funny you say that, I was trying to think of an example of someone that I would have back and also came to your conclusion. Only one from a football perspective would be Bruce (you know, the one that utterly screwed us over) which says a lot about the post '17 era.
  5. I think it's pretty universally accepted that the Pulis era was awfully conceived, awfully executed and awfully remembered.
  6. To be fair, I'm extremely pro Bannan but I absolutely 100% don't think he's captain.
  7. Maybe I've forgotten a game but when has Byers shown himself to be worth staying in the mix? Surprised to see people throwing his name in.
  8. That chip through that Palmer should have scored was excellent.
  9. My favourite bit was the bit about the swirling wind.
  10. Go support a different club then, mate. Sheffield FC are apparently a lovely club to support these days.
  11. For me this is our biggest problem. I love Barry Bannan, he's my favourite player and I think our best, but I don't think he's a good captain. His version of being motivating, of demanding the most from his teammates, seems to be to be outright nasty, and that doesn't work. Even the nasty captains did it/do it with a sense of being alongside the person they're lambasting - in the mess with them, so to speak - but BB always seems to be a bit disregarding and above those he's doing that sulky shouting towards. IMO he needs to be captain-ed, not be the captain himself (I even think this would get more out of him). Iorfa, for me.
  12. Thought Hunt was easily our best player, myself.
  13. What a f*cking c*nt this guy is. He 'announces' that he's going to aim for solvency (what, an enterprise operating within its means? - how radical), and sulks about it and makes out that we won't be happy about it but we get what we wish for. We wish for SWFC to bloomin' exist, and it's your job as a chairman to make sure that happens. If you have to take drastic action to do that, when it was delivered to you in the best financial state it'd been in for perhaps 25 years, then it's your fault entirely. This guy is a whiney little tail who is cr*p at his chosen profession (business). Chansiri out.
  14. I believe that throw-ins being throw-ins was one of the innovations of the Sheffield rules. Before, most areas played a ball in touch from the feet (more of a territory-minded game). The throw-in aspect of the Sheffield rules were preferred because it discouraged playing for touch. Pretty funny/interesting then that Fifa are looking to go backwards in that respect.
  15. Wow. A lot of people already finished with us on here. I'm vocal about opposition to Chansiri because I want us to survive - apparently a lot of you are just doing it as a way of cheering the axe to fall. I personally will do all I can to assist any phoenix club - because a club is its spirit and tradition, not the privately owned legal entity that it currently exists as. Who'd have thought a part timer southerner would be in such a minority group, eh?
  16. Find it incredible that people sneer at the supposed truth in bad news when for the last three years all of the bad news has turned out to be true. Some of the truth has even turned out to be worse than the bad news. I don't really have a problem, in isolation, with Bannan being on that money, but our situation is we clearly can't afford anything right now so such an expense seems outright reckless at best and clueless at worst. Not paying young players of proven potential, in isolation, is something I do have a problem with, and in a situation where half a squad is out of contract it is completely and utterly mental - who else are you going to sign, in their positions, for less total cost? I have worked for a few companies in different industries in which I've been gobsmacked at how poorly bosses seem to know their own trade. Seems that I now support a club with the same dilemma.
  17. We have cheated - a lot - in plain sight since '15. That'd ******** me right off, and I'd take great pleasure in such a cheat getting their comeuppance.
  18. Is it my imagination or has he not given any sort of interview? He's been my favourite player since '15, but I've always been very vocal about him being an awful choice for captain. Not speaking to anyone (if he hasn't) - that is, not giving a message to us, the fans - is unforgivable in my opinion, and why I hope he's not here next season. Apologies to Barry if he has.
  19. I predict another points deduction and complete failure to purchase an entire team (unless a miracle happens and a c. 2015 recruitment trio is assembled). Maybe we won't be relegated - maybe - but I don't think we'll be contending. Please prove me wrong, Wednesday.
  20. The finger was hovering over the 'post' button for this one. Damning stuff: https://theathletic.com/2473642/2021/05/08/rudderless-and-not-fit-for-purpose-how-dejphon-chansiris-sheffield-wednesday-reign-turned-toxic?source=user-shared-article Please read the article and subscribe to The Athletic
  21. Good to see us looking up for it. What a shower.
  22. What on earth do Wednesday fans have against protesting? Afraid of getting something they want for a change? Some of the cap-doffing in this thread is ridiculous. The super versions of DC have just tried to form their own closed money league and people are *still* doffing their caps to the masters. There just might - just perhaps maybe - be something happening amongst fans, something that perhaps possibly could change football for the better, and yet there are big voices on here determined to grumble it all away. Beggars belief. GET BEHIND IT. If it comes to nothing, no matter. If it comes to something, then let's be one of the clubs it comes to.
  23. He was atrocious and should never, ever play again. Probably for anyone.
  24. I'm furious at that Harris free kick. Who the f*ck gave him the nod? He just kicked our chances into the sky and everyone let him. Utterly and completely unsurprising.
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