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  1. Paphos

    Opposite-ish the above mentioned Pit Stop there's now a massive open-fronted neon-lit sports bar. It's the most soulless place you can imagine but whatever's on is on there.
  2. Paphos

    The provider in Paphos is normally Sky, so unfortunately I don't think it'll be on. A nose around the Rose pub (harbour) will soon tell you.
  3. Did it disappear in a vortex of its own ineptitude or has it changed its name/address?
  4. Fessi

    Sadly I think that was his last kick. Could've been a legend, will just be a name. Been a weird season.
  5. I'm of the opinion that we've had our bites of the cherry. Brighton prevailed by not changing much. We will lose CC & FF, and BB & RW -in my opinion our best players - will be another year older. Let's hope I'm wrong. Let's hope our new manager can get the best out of our strike force. WAWAW
  6. I really think if we just tear down and rebuild the West Stand a lot of our problems will go away. That said, was there ever any more talk about the greyhound site? Didn't seem a terrible option.