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  1. 100% backing. I voted 'Moore out' in the early-mid-season slump, which to be honest I'm outright embarrassed by. I enjoy watching us play again, which - as it turns out - in my book is worth an awful lot.
  2. Top thread, have followed it since first post. Thanks for being so on it.
  3. Oooh, you're from my neck of the woods! I'm from Stamford.
  4. This. I'd actually go further and say he was entirely absent bar the goal. While Gregory was actually hussling and harrying, Berahino was doing that this I used to do when I was a kid and didn't want to play cos I cold or something, when you go through the motions of 'pressing' and 'running' but don't actually do either. For me, he proved why he doesn't - and shouldn't - start. He's clearly only got a Cambridge in him every now and again. Disappointing, as I was calling for him to start every game.
  5. MK could go top - feels like not so long ago that Wigan and Rotherham seemed impossible to catch.
  6. Oh balls. Don't mean to be a pessimist but I think that's our playoff contention in real jeopardy, personally I think he's been the difference between winning and inconsistency. Here's hoping I'm wrong and that the difference has been the Bannan-Luongo-Byers triumvirate.
  7. I think if we don't go up we'll lose Bannan and Luongo, so add to that a creative and a defensive midfielder.
  8. I actually think the restrictions have been good for us, so this has left me a little worried! We seem to persuade (agreeable with nice wages) better than we spend.
  9. Let's beat Rotherham by three goals, then.
  10. C'mon, they're romping the league. Like it or not, 'Toytown' are the team to beat, and of course it's an important game as we've got to win about 13 to better His team. You're talking like it's still September. Get with the season - we've got a job to do and who knows it might even be fun.
  11. For me, nothing says high quality, unique experience like Costa, Greggs and Wetherspoons. It's worth everything just to get these select outlets - run by local entrepreneurs and employing local people on a good wage - under our roof. I'll drive the digger myself.
  12. Ah, but it you look at the form thread you'll see that the promotion-winning Wednesday team are about to hit the losing streak that lost Megson his job (just before the pig game). If (touch wood) we win the next three then we'll bettering that team at 32 games.
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