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  1. cbirks

    Missing Joey

    100% agree. Less sure, and Bannan can't play his game.
  2. cbirks


    Surprised he got a game, IMO he'd already this season played himself out of the team.
  3. That's a man that's read his Inverting the Pyramid
  4. Ever since Chansiri was pasted everywhere I've been very, very worried that that avenue might be being over-exploited
  5. cbirks


    He's doing it again.
  6. cbirks

    If Hunt leaves....

    The best clubs sell and change the squad else they are found out. He been here 3 years, and while he's outright in my first 11 3 years is already 1 year too long to have the same starting 11.
  7. Honestly who cares. The only time I ever hear him mentioned is on this forum.
  8. cbirks

    Jos maybe...

    I have happily paused my strong Jos Out sentiment. I can't say more or less than that because I clearly know nothing about football. Let's see...
  9. cbirks

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    I absolutely couldn't be happier!
  10. cbirks

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    FFS this is stupid. We win a game, maybe there's some consistency, some rhythm... Nah, let's play a weird line-up again with a strong player in a weird position. Jos remains out, for me. Prove me wrong, Jos. Prove me wrong.
  11. If it's this squad 13-17th. It'd be the FOURTH year of us trying to make the same squad work. The squad are old to begin with and a season injured will not have done their legs any good at all. Furthermore other teams will see us coming a mile off - they could dig out their homework from years ago and it'd still be valid. We have many players who should still be in the mix but without revamp we'll be a known quantity. To me the above is the secret to football, it was what Fergie was a master of. While there were ever-constants, he was ruthless in his squad renovation (even selling Mark Hughes, Andy Cole, van Nistelroy, etc when they were top of their game) and was always thinking 2-3 squads ahead. We've completely failed to do this.
  12. Then you're an idiot and shouldn't have gotten away with any of it.
  13. 1 win is not arresting the free fall, it's discovering there's plenty of padding beneath us.
  14. I wouldn't worry, he's never played well for us.
  15. Benito Carbone. First time I could join in superstar arguments in primary school.