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  1. cbirks

    If Hunt leaves....

    The best clubs sell and change the squad else they are found out. He been here 3 years, and while he's outright in my first 11 3 years is already 1 year too long to have the same starting 11.
  2. Honestly who cares. The only time I ever hear him mentioned is on this forum.
  3. cbirks

    Jos maybe...

    I have happily paused my strong Jos Out sentiment. I can't say more or less than that because I clearly know nothing about football. Let's see...
  4. cbirks

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    I absolutely couldn't be happier!
  5. cbirks

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    FFS this is stupid. We win a game, maybe there's some consistency, some rhythm... Nah, let's play a weird line-up again with a strong player in a weird position. Jos remains out, for me. Prove me wrong, Jos. Prove me wrong.
  6. If it's this squad 13-17th. It'd be the FOURTH year of us trying to make the same squad work. The squad are old to begin with and a season injured will not have done their legs any good at all. Furthermore other teams will see us coming a mile off - they could dig out their homework from years ago and it'd still be valid. We have many players who should still be in the mix but without revamp we'll be a known quantity. To me the above is the secret to football, it was what Fergie was a master of. While there were ever-constants, he was ruthless in his squad renovation (even selling Mark Hughes, Andy Cole, van Nistelroy, etc when they were top of their game) and was always thinking 2-3 squads ahead. We've completely failed to do this.
  7. Then you're an idiot and shouldn't have gotten away with any of it.
  8. 1 win is not arresting the free fall, it's discovering there's plenty of padding beneath us.
  9. I wouldn't worry, he's never played well for us.
  10. Benito Carbone. First time I could join in superstar arguments in primary school.
  11. cbirks

    Feel a bit sorry for Jos

    Pitchfork brigade? Give him a pre-season? If it's not bad enough the 17/18 has been awful you want the 18/19 to be unbearable.
  12. cbirks

    Feel a bit sorry for Jos

    I don't feel sorry for him. 'We have a team that has no self belief'? That's his chuffing job!
  13. cbirks

    Jos out !

    We can't do worse than losing every game. Jos out.
  14. Talking as if it's a freak loss amongst a sea of wins, rather than the reality which is that it's the complete opposite. Pretending like there aren't systemic problems. Failing to shoulder or ascribe blame. This is all the traits that lost my confidence in Carlos toward end of second season and definitely in this one (sadly my all-time favourite manager until that point). 100% Jos out for me. At least Carlos had a good 12months of excitement, this guy got us a few draws.