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  1. What don't people like about this? He spoke of us very highly, used words like 'big club' and talked of great fans. Complimented our players, seemed sure we should've gone up. To say that we would've gone up if it wasn't Hull was a nice bit of insight beyond our usual 'didn't turn up' analysis. Even called a good footballing team, ffs! I'd even say we should be thankful to him for revealing first hand anecdotes that Chansiri can't speak to players like they're adults, and that Carlos didn't have much tactical nouse ('give it to Gordon'). What this interview reveals to me is that we did well that first year because the players were experienced, capable footballers who could do a job in spite of the management/running of the club. That probably got reined in year on year, until we are where we are now.
  2. "I say “suggestions” because that is all they can be. You can’t tell someone who has sunk many millions into a business how to run it." So will we all be politely applauding if he sells off our assets and leaves us on the brink off administration? What 'don't upset the masters' drivel. The man should be ashamed.
  3. Nonsense article. We complain that the journalism is opinion parading as investigation, and they respond with even more opinion. Also, the only way he could have the sense that anyone is blaming journalists is if he was on Owlstalk. There's hardly been a fansgroup statement or matchday banner denouncing The Star, has there? Bless it, The Star is just an online offline Owlstalk, but with only three posters and a hell of a lot of clickbait.
  4. Yes, and in my opinion it ending remotely well would be entirely against the grain.
  5. 3. My biggest fear, what I've tried to flag a lot, but if 3 happens then it'll happen anyway, no reason for us to be doffing our cap to the master.
  6. Happy for my memory to be wrong, but prior to yesterday I've always thought posts about agents/shadowy figures/stadium/firesales/etc to be meet with responses akin to 'they'd never do that' or 'where's your proof'.
  7. There's a group of about 8 young lads at nearly every away game that are always coked off their nut and acting like complete and utter Pigs.
  8. Feel sorry/happy for The Football Typer, who was warning us all about this ages ago and people told him to shut up.
  9. Yes and no. Could be that the problem is rife but they were the biggest at causing trouble/the ones deemed easiest to replace.
  10. Problem is, if I were a businessman that saw my procurement simply as a money making venture, and I realised that such a venture was impossible, I might sell any transferable assets - like, say, real estate, perhaps a stadium or something - to myself and take them with me when I go.
  11. I remember my dad observing this about Pressman. Broke my heart to realise he was right. For Dawson to have fallen in the same way in less than a year tells me his self-belief is utterly shot.
  12. Da Cruz just lost the ball on the edge of their area and began lightly jogging toward his tackler. GET INTO HIM.
  13. Has he touched the ball? Honestly, a complete non-entity.
  14. As an aside, this is actually what the kids are doing now. It's a rotten world.
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