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  1. Thanks for the heads up. This week, I'm going with QPR.
  2. Good penalties, well done Cammy, too. (Jordan gets away with not taking one...)
  3. If I was being kind to Monk, and I'd say he knows this is his best lineup but he just wanted to give Dele Bashiru a chance. That's my kindest take.
  4. I think put Brown in Bashiru's role & this would be going much better.
  5. I've never seen it called North Korea. Ever. (And as you're calling it that due to an apparent reputation for positivity, I really think you've got the wrong site.) UTO. Here's hoping it's a blinder.
  6. Arsenal one, to the tune of 'the animals went into the ark': He came to us when Henri left. He did. He did. He scored more goals than Darren Bent. He did. He did. He broke his leg, but he'll be back, And Darren Bent will still be crap. Eduardo Silva! Arsenal Number 9.
  7. Terrible news, imo. He wants to play for us (I presume), can't cost us much, and he's a frankly unique option. Now he'll be someone elses option, and I shall be sorry to see them use it.
  8. Oh well when you put it like that let's get out the chuffing bunting.
  9. Out of our hands, though. Need us to win and them to lose, or draw with an 8 goal swing. Oh, that it's come to this.
  10. Only if they finish in the relegation zone. Otherwise it happens this season.
  11. Except that Wigan are above us, so if we get 12 pts deducted they'll remain above us.
  12. Very true, right now the boos from our lot would be drowning out the celebrations from theirs.
  13. Ah, that's very interesting, I had no idea. I look forward to regurgitating that knowledge as my own in a future pub conversation. HOWEVER, I maintain that he's still *really* Mr Liverpool FC, despite these solid claims by Preston, and by that example Jack Charlton is *really* Mr Ireland, and his Preston equivalent is Leeds. We are just a very interesting and appreciative stop on his journey.
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