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  1. It's the fiddling of the dates that's done it. Other clubs have done similar in terms of stadium, other clubs have bought over the asking price, but they haven't tried to say it happened in a different year to the one that it did. Bloody naive, if you ask me. There's flounting the rules then there's flaunting it.
  2. I do agree, first season under CC was bloody great because we had a real swashbuckling swagger about us. THAT SAID, other than starting FF (which definitely needs to start happening) could we really achieve an entertaining attack with what was available squad/player-wise? I'm happy to hear all the tweaks Monk could be making (all for FF), but I can't help but think the buck stops at recruitment. As far as I can tell the most exciting thing we could do is have Harris bomb down the wing and cross to Fletcher... And that's what we're trying.
  3. Have to get Harris and FF in the same lineup
  4. I'd make him captain now. Love Bannan but don't think he's a captain. He bullies players rather than gives them a bollocking, and I'm not sure I've seen him ever be particularly encouraging, either. I reckon Borner is better at both.
  5. From his first game he's played by and for himself, and it's increasingly clear he's not good enough to do so.
  6. Quite right, too. We'd be screaming for investigation if someone else did it.
  7. 0-0 vs Plymouth at home 2005. Dull dull dull. Some guy started having a spliff at the back of North Stand and sympathetically shared it with about 8 strangers sat around him.
  8. Except for that massive stadium he owns that he could fleece us for, drain us in rent, or could sell to anyone he likes for houses.
  9. Pressure is absolutely on Bullen. It's one thing to send out players you know, who you've worked with over summer, using a system they've trained for; it's a completely different ask to bed in new recruits and get them on board. How the new signings go will tell us if there's a manager there, and personally I think it's where he'll come unstuck, bless him.
  10. For anyone that's seen him play: in the event of a Lees/Hector partnership, could Borner fit in elsewhere besides CB or would he be competing with them for a start?
  11. Allardyce. Heart nearly stopped seeing his face on Star site.
  12. https://www.occrp.org/en/azerbaijanilaundromat/the-origin-of-the-money
  13. Well I'd better pipe down, then, if I don't have the same insights as I did nearly a decade ago. Incidentally, though, this is exactly why Mandaric didn't sell to Mammadov, as he and most of the Azerbaijan super rich are knee-deep in this stuff.
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