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  1. If Leeds offered more then yes simples
  2. I don't share your optimism i think both Hirst senior and Hirst junior will chase the cash
  3. Team for Bolton

    tos$ up for me between winning rumberlows cup and beating pigs in semi final for my greatest Wednesday day out
  4. Injuries.. really?

    The pitch is soft as $hit and is very giving, nowt to do we any injuries we have
  5. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    C'mon Wednesday Bring on the match day routine again UTO
  6. Shouldn't we be in for Huddlestone?

    He'd be a great signing for us just what we could do with, a big presence in the middle of the park. To play alongside lee or bannan or abdi or Hutchinson or Jones ??? Would be some options there IF all can keep fit
  7. Mcgugan & melo

    Why ??? you saying he's a bad egg
  8. Better or worse season????

    Agree i thought last season was probably our best chance of going up, how wrong I was, this season (play offs) I feel was even more of a better chance for us. next season will be tougher no doubt UTO
  9. The fans...

    What a load of gonads
  10. Best place in Orlando to watch 2nd leg

    Deffo George and dragon dropped a boo boo and missed the final last year, watched it there with my lad, plenty of Wednesday fans in there too
  11. Anyone else feel really confident?

    I stupidly booked a holiday to Florida which meant me and my lad missed the playoff final last year. I thought I had a poor excuse but after reading that, maybe not
  12. Tom Cairney

    Looked a quality player on Sunday and one we would have to watch IF we meet them in the final.
  13. Gary hooper

    Deffo injured sadly gone for treatment in the hope he can get fit for the playoffs FFS
  14. WAWAW?

    As much as I'd love to be wrong I can't see you using that hotel booking in London to watch the owls in the play off final. really hope I'm wrong tho
  15. Winnall

    Personally thought he had a good game on Saturday, worked his socks off and linked play well.