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  1. If FFP or whatever it is now called necessitates selling Westwood (a saleable asset), you can understand that. However surely until he goes you play your best eleven. Westwood is better than either of the 2 youngsters.
  2. Like many are saying, a membership was a way of myself and my son, who live in Cambridgeshire, getting to a few more games than we might do due to the discount and also being able to get in behind ST holders for some of the larger allocation away games. Reading many of the comments it appears that this is quite common for those that can’t afford a ST or can’t get to every game. Have the club profiled members to gain an insight into the reasons why people are members - if this forum is representative, clearly not. it now means to make the membership financially viable, I will need to go to more games than I can afford (one of the major costs for members is probably fuel costs). The logic simply isn’t there and as a Business Manager for a multi million pound leisure organisation I am trying to see where the benefits are. In a nutshell my son and I won’t be taking a membership this year which means we will go to less games - we’ll done SWFC
  3. Everyone knows and quotes this and of course the results and formations are true. However one of the pioneers of changing this traditional British formation was a Yorkshireman - George Raynor. Read the book - The Greatest Manager England Never Had - he was the Brian Clough of his day but was shunned by England because he ‘coached’ players in a day where the Committee was the Manager. Forgive the fact that he lived in Doncaster - he was a ‘traditional’ Yorkshireman of the time and had no significant affinity to any one club. He ended up in Sweden after the war and took their ‘amateurs’ (they wouldn’t pick anyone who moved abroad and got paid - so he had to build 3 separate sides) to Olympic Gold in 1948 , bronze in 1952 and then his defining glory was he took them (as hosts) to the World Cup final in 1958. He left a legacy of English managers in Sweden before he passed away with many upcoming coaches heading over there in the 70s - most famously Roy Hodgson. My Uncle was another who made the move to Sweden and I was lucky enough to meet George Raynor before he died a few times after he’d moved back to Doncaster with his wife. Amazing and really interesting story and could be argued that this was the time that England started to fall behind. Raynor met with the England manager Walter Winterbottom prior to those Hungarian games and explained to him how Sweden had only narrowly lost to them by using certain tactics - but Winterbottom refused to listen!!
  4. pj owl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Not seen anything in Pelupessy’s performances so far to say he is anywhere near Hutchinson in pretty much every aspect of the CDM role (shielding back 4, positioning, tracking midfield runners, breaking up play, being comfortable on the ball and playing the bloody ball forwards!)
  5. pj owl

    roland nilsson

    Love Roland. Would hate to see him treated badly if things didn’t work out. Great professionalism as a player - and seemingly as a manager/coach - but has he the experience for the Championship. Not sure
  6. pj owl

    Morgan fox

    Was awful last night....
  7. pj owl

    That's me done

    As a Wednesday supporter through and through I’d never say I’m not going regardless. However as an exiled Owl (in Cambridgeshire) my visits are far less regular - not been since the derby debacle when could have easily found the time. Will be there New Years Day though - it’s traditional for me and the family over the festive season and even though I think Carlos has lost it - that won’t stop me from being a (part-time) supporter.
  8. Instead of introducing 'rules' such as these, maybe the FA could direct some much needed finance from the professional game into training and educating many of the coaches who are simply enthusiastic parents into why SOME of these rules are beneficial. Then a more educated and well advised set up will naturally start to develop a more organised training regime which in turn will produce better quality players. This is not a criticism of those many wonderful volunteers who allow kids to experience a sport they love. But as a qualified youth coach who has worked abroad, I cringe both when I see some of the delivery from the sidelines, but also then the FAs attempts to rectify these issues. 'The English FA - Still years behind!'
  9. pj owl

    Calmed Down Thoughts

    Perfectly summed up
  10. I think most fans if asked to look dispassionately at all if the evidence should be able to see that something isn't quite right. The quality of players on paper over the last 12 months that have been recruited suggest that we shouldn't be as inconsistent as we are (and why you get the wildly polar opposite reactions to results on here). However as fans, we don't really understand the full dynamics of the workings and performance of a football team. Fitness, tactics, motivation, comaraderie, adaptability, playing style are just a few of the ingredients that can have a profound effect on the end product. Which elements of those are not quite right can be debated long and hard. At the end of the day - we don't know - but being abusive to players, management and each other is certainly not productive. Not sure where discussing it in a public domain such as an Internet forum fits in to the mix - but I for one would just like to see a more consistent level of performance in keeping with the undoubted quality of players now at the club.
  11. pj owl

    Pathetic Fans

    There are many fans who are 'extremists'. Those that criticise to a point it is embarrassing, those that defend the indefensible. All are entitled to their opinion - but I prefer to listen and read those that are able to back up their arguments with facts and not just slag off others. Personally I am disappointed with our performances in general this season and of late in particular. We are not looking like an attacking force in recent games - although that has been balanced by us looking more solid at the back. Goals however win games and they are clearly in short supply . One of the lowest scorers in our division I believe. I am not a good enough analyst to determine whether that is down to the manager, tactics, other teams or our own players. But I do know that we are not as creative or progressive as last season and consequently are not scoring as many goals. Again, my opinion is that this will become a problem as we move to the results end of the season and something has to change. I truly hope that's CC can achieve that - if not it is DCs job to decide as and when a change may be needed. Fan opinion is healthy - turning on each other because we don't agree is not and will soon (if not already) spread onto the pitch in a form of negativity that won't do anyone any good.
  12. pj owl

    Scott Parker

    Yes - Parker made a difference, but the pressure was already building. some criticised Jones for not 'breaking up' Parkers probing - but if he did, he would have been drawn out of his defensive holding role. Ideally you would want Jones and Hutch in there at times like that to allow one to press. Thought Lee didn't get close enough to Parker but wasn't helped either by Forestieri or Fletcher dropping back in to put pressure on when Parker was picking up the ball in deep positions. What that effectively meant was that it ended up with us camped on our 18 yard box with the midfield sat not too far in front, giving Parker plenty of space and time to pick up any loose balls - continually reapplying pressure each time we tried to clear out lines.
  13. pj owl

    Carlos Out?

    No not happy paying my admission and seeing us 'under perform' but apart from a couple of games, it is the players who should be looking in the mirror. dont think anyone in the crowd around me today were critical of any decisions regarding the shape or tactics until those last 10 mins. then on the way to the tube all I could hear was how Carlos had to go because he had taken us far as he could. if the equaliser had flown over the bar (like Bannans effort) I bet the chat after the game wouldn't be so negative. some things clearly need working on and changing, but a managerial change is not the magic wand many think it will be.
  14. pj owl

    Abdi - leaving ground

    Posted in matchday thread - he was there quite a bit before the rest of the squad arrived - I would assume because he had some sort of fitness test if he was injured - you'd assume he would stay. Illness is the most likely scenario (other than p1ssed off!)
  15. Assuming (as he was there earlier than the rest) he failed a fitness test. But strange he didn't stay (unless he has a virus?)