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  1. pj owl


    As a southern exiled Owl, the norm for me and my son is around 10 home games per season (with the odd away game thrown in depending on ticket availability) We’ve been once this year and there have been a number of occasions where we could have attended but simply can’t muster the excitement to spend a small fortune on tickets, travel and food to be let down in a very uninspiring way. I’m certain we aren’t the only ones in this situation.
  2. pj owl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Rotherham will know how fragile we are - that’s why we are relegation candidates - any team that shows positivity against us stands a chance of success.
  3. pj owl

    My take

    Possibly Lees and Hector?
  4. pj owl

    Today's team is ...

    Like most, I look at that team and really wonder if it is good enough to get a result today. But what did anyone else expect?
  5. Anyone know if the pies sold out at half time?
  6. You can be the best team in the league or the worst. The margins are so small at this level that commitment, motivation and confidence (as well as the correct tactics!!) are essentially the game changers. Fortunate enough to have coached and still remain friends with players who have been at this level and they all confirm this.
  7. pj owl


    Really should be a ‘must win’ game with the inevitable happening if we don’t. Not because of the consequence of more dropped points but simply enough is enough. How many of us actually think that he will go if we don’t win?
  8. pj owl


    He has always had injury issues. He has always been erm hot headed - but it wasn’t that long ago he was one of the first names on the team sheet. I for one don’t buy the bullshit that he is finished. He won’t play 40+ games a season but if he can contribute positively in the games he can play surely we should use all of our resources to get out of this mess.
  9. Great OP Would be interesting to collate some stats on age demographics of respondents!! Wonder if those (like me) who have seen us rise and fall and understand the cyclical nature of football success for medium sized clubs might have a certain trait. Whilst I refuse to get carried away with any success we may achieve - you know what’s coming sooner or later, it’s ‘the wednesday way’ - I wouldn’t say I immediately jump on the ‘manager must go’ bandwagon immediately. as per the OP I think you have to try and look at the circumstances. However when any manager starts to lose even some of the players, it isn’t often that they can turn things around - unless they are able to get shut of said players. For that reason I’m currently in the Jos out camp - but if he does stay for the long run, keeps us up and is able to build his own squad, I might change my mind. He has got to keep us up first though!!!!!!
  10. I’m not one who looks to try and anticipate how many points we may get as this league is too unpredictable. However I’m very worried with the number of posters who feel we are only capable of obtaining somewhere around the 50 point mark. Squeaky bum time.
  11. pj owl

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    John Sheridan allowing me to see us lift a major trophy in my lifetime
  12. I just want the club that I’ve supported all my life to give me some enjoyment and something to look forward to every weekend rather than the poo and mess that it is serving up at the moment.
  13. All of the top businesses treat their employees with respect and are generally considered great places to work. Have a look on CNBC.com or the Sunday Times lists. Don’t think SWFC would get anywhere near that at the moment.
  14. Whilst I think their days at SWFC are numbered I’d love to see them move on and prove a lot of people wrong. The way some of our experienced professionals have been treated - and the lack of explanation to the fans - is nothing short of disgraceful. and before anybody else starts with the ‘but we don’t know what they have done’ - it’s always up to the manager and hierarchy to get the best out of their resources. When you have the number of high earners that we have who have suddenly become the worst players ever to wear a blue and white striped shirt you know something is wrong behind the scenes.
  15. Hate to read these type of rumours. Hutchinson was my favourite player over the last few years for his enthusiasm, ability and dare I say it, aggression (often misplaced and mistimed!!) But when you hear that a player who was so revered by many has been ‘pushed out’ for whatever reason and potentially leaves with such a sour taste it makes me sad