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  1. pj owl

    Forestieri Red Card

    Think criticising him for ‘discipline’ is harsh when he’s just been sent off for celebrating a last gasp equaliser. some of our fans are fvckin pathetic
  2. It’s likely we will pick up points against those teams that are not fighting for anything. If we do that will just confirm what a lot are saying - too many players going through the motions - can’t compete against teams that actually put some effort in.
  3. We’ve been pretty poor all round today. Defending has been shambolic at times and very little creativity going forward. Desparate for some fresh blood - struggling to understand why none of the new lads aren’t getting a game - think they may after today.
  4. pj owl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Me too - must be using same provider!
  5. pj owl

    Streams for tomorrow

    PM sent - thanks
  6. pj owl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Not on mine yet either.
  7. pj owl

    Well done Wednesday

    Nearly all good teams start with a solid base - we are clearly developing that. If you don’t concede you don’t lose. I’m sure a manager with Bruce’s experience will know that and have plans in place to develop the other areas.
  8. What do you expect a new manager to say. Boyd was poo, Fletcher wasted too many chances and Forestieri just isn’t up to match speed yet. Jeez - I can see man management isn’t your strong point. if we had had the ‘strict disciplinarian’ Jos in charge today we’d have probably lost that game.
  9. pj owl

    Cycles in football/ Wednesday

    Whilst there is no actual logic to the regularity of it - success for clubs our size is definitely cyclical. Us, Leeds, Wolves, Newcastle, Sunderland, West Ham, Villa - all have one thing in common that allows that ebb and flow - consistent support from a large and solid fan base. The other pieces (owner, finance, manager etc) need to fall into place to complete the picture Would agree that all of those things seem to be lining up in our favour.
  10. pj owl


    I was in with the Chelsea lot - some of them were doing exactly that!!!
  11. Don’t often come on here and disagree with a large majority - but what do people expect. There are clearly a lot of armchair football managers on here who have played too much FIFA or Football Manager and lost a sense of reality. We COULD have gone and had a right go at one of the best slick passing sides in the country - most likely result of that though would have been that we would have left spaces all over the park for them to explore and probably batter us by 5 or 6. There would have been such a small chance that if we had a go they had an off day and we manage to turn it on like against Arsenal (reserves) a few years ago. Our best chance of a result was to keep the game tight and try and nick something late on. Why do you think Westwood too so much time over goal kicks when we were 1-0 down. Why do you think we had a very attacking biased bench? it didn’t work - without VAR it may have been a different story. Who gives a poo We move on - was a great day out.
  12. pj owl

    Our Penalty Decision

    I haven’t got a major problem with the actual VAR decisions - but if it had been at Hillsborough would be 1-1 probably. Ask Everton if they think it’s fair. if it is to be used in the competition it should be used at all games otherwise it’s not a level playing field.
  13. Love the bloke - treated appallingly by the previous regime regardless of the circumstances and anything behind the scenes we might not know about BUT - 14 Chelsea fans in the Wednesday end when many can’t get tickets ????? Good job there will be plenty of us in the Chelsea end to even it up !!!!!!!
  14. pj owl

    Mark Lawrenson still hates us

    He may be a poo commentator, negative and boring as hell - but can’t see anything there to accuse him of hating us
  15. pj owl

    In the home end

    Happy to stand corrected - at my age it’s a distant memory!!!!!