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  1. Why do our supporters always seem to turn on others just for having an opinion. Everyone has always been entitled to that and make their own decisions and have done since football began - the difference now is they can choose to publicise it on an Internet forum and not just moan to their mates in the pub. For what it’s worth - I agree with the OP - for the first time in my 50 year old existence I will also be refraining from offering my previous unwavering support due to the actions / non-actions of our owner who has driven our club into the ground. Living away from Sh
  2. I really hope this is true and I am still personally clinging onto this as a reason to be optimistic. However the OP has a point - things still look very bleak. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, we’ve face teams in the top 6 (when we played them) and there have been SOME very small positive signs once Pulis came in - but if we keep drifting it my become mission impossible.
  3. Early 80’s Umbro full kit! Loved that shop (and Redgates) - how many more shops like that these days with a number of floors and almost an Aladdins cave of products!!
  4. I see a number of posts making the point about ‘bad man management’. I agree - clearly wouldn’t be good for the boys confidence. However the manager is paid to get the best result for the team. He clearly saw something that probably either a) suggested Rhodes may cost us a goal, or b) that Brown may exploit that may get us a goal. I’m pretty confident that he didn’t do it deliberately to further lessen Rhodes confidence. I’m happy if he is making those decisions - not so long ago there were lots on here (and I agreed) slating Monk for not making changes to effect the game
  5. Never played football manager in my life. But I have decent contacts and colleagues in the professional game.
  6. Modern football.... manager identifies which area of the team needs improving - puts together a ‘job description’ of qualities and abilities. Recruitment team come up with a list based on that criteria combined with the financial parameters they are given by the ‘board’. Manager then has to choose from that list. That to me isn’t the manager getting the exact player(s) he wants. Recruitment has been absolutely dire since the early days of Carlos.
  7. Paid for 1st game this season. Wish I hadn’t and it keeps logging me out randomly. Won’t be paying again!!
  8. Willing to give him a (second) chance as it seems the Chairman has backed him. However still not impressed by his performance so far so he had better turn round on the pitch performances pretty sharpish!
  9. Don’t disagree with any of that Neil - but answer honestly - do you think he now has the ability to turn it around??
  10. Why are you all so confident we would bounce straight back??
  11. Looking at the clubs directly ‘above’ us makes me sad. Not saying they don’t deserve to be - just shows how a club of our ‘stature’ and history has been mismanaged over the last 25 years
  12. Watching with Fulham commentary and they almost seem sorry for us
  13. Monks body language is shocking - couple of time’s the camera has cut to him and he looks totally disinterested
  14. What is baffling - actually staggering - is that we don’t seem to be able to adapt our tactics successfully either to specific teams or more obviously to playing at home or away. Our goal scoring statistics home v away is unbelievable and hasn’t improved after the restart so it is nothing to do with the crowd (unless the artificial crowd noises consists of groans and boos every time a player does something wrong!!)
  15. Wildsmith (for that save alone), Bannan and Wickham are the obvious choices - but for withstanding the first half possession and pressure alone - Palmer (keeping Afobe quiet) and Iorfa (marshalling the back 3) should be up there as well
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