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  1. Was brilliant with my young un when he was a mascot - genuinely a nice guy.
  2. Waddle (for us) - his single handed demolition of West Ham and David Burrows will never be beaten. Gascoigne will be the greatest English player of my lifetime - absolute genious.
  3. The most telling statistic is the bankrupt statement against finances....
  4. Yep - gratitude from here as well - apart from Abdi - will we ever get the full story??
  5. Classy in response to the ridiculing of SB etc Makes them look even scummier
  6. I don’t think you get a specific type of creativity with those 3. Bannan and Hutchinson particularly are my favourite players, but neither will commit, go past players or arrive late to score goals. if therefore you play with those 2 (or 3 if you chuck Reach in) you need to play with wide players who can do all three of the above. Just my opinion obviously.
  7. Some people simply don’t have any common decency or realism these days though I’m afraid - and hiding behind computer screens makes them even worse.
  8. Football management is so easy on an Internet forum or games machine ain’t it FFS.
  9. Can’t believe some of the comments on here. Before Xmas, no Hutch (or Westwood) and we are looking down not up. Since both of these have been brought back into the fold we’ve gone on a marvellous run nearly doing the impossible. absolutely clear both those players have made us defensively more solid, but they’ve also allowed the creative type players (Bannan?) more scope. We weren’t exactly banging the goals in under Jos were we. Bannan and Hutchinson both stay for me. Whether they play every game in a 2 is up to Bruce and I trust him to get that right more often than not.
  10. Villa and Derby on mine but no others
  11. A few posters have mentioned it above - his positioning and anticipation is a million miles away from hutch’s. its why Hutch looks so good - he is nearly always in the right place - Pelupessy has to chase about to get in the right place so a team that moves the ball quickly can soon make him redundant.
  12. Aren’t there 2 more lines - I’m crap at this song malarkey - but something like Bannan looks very small He’s 5 feet tall..... I’ll get me coat - but someone could work on it?
  13. Jones, Lee, Reach??? Don’t disagree with your points though - however we know we won’t be able to go on a spending spree. Central defence (assuming Hector doesn’t stay) and a pacy goalscorer are a must if we are going to challenge. I did say ‘major’ priority Would also say wide players are more of a priority arguably depending on style of play.
  14. Hopefully agent talk. Central midfield not a major priority for me.
  15. Anyone know what paper it’s in? Reported on Sky Sports Sunday paper review Bruce is interested?
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