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  1. marble


    We've got an owner that has no idea & the worst Head Coach in the Championship. Not difficult to do the maths is it. There's only one team in our division that wouldn't be lower down the league with Jos in charge (here's a clue to their identity...they are already bottom)
  2. marble

    Jones and Boyd

    I think you nailed it re the bench. Neither player should be anywhere near starting, but the lack of depth on our bench leaves us powerless to change a game by introducing fresh legs. Not a fan of either Boyd or Jones, but there are less effective players in our current match day squad
  3. marble

    We are also guilty.

    We're no different to any other set of fans in so much as we want success. If folks are suggesting that we are in some way to blame for our current predicament, are the same people giving Bournemouth fans all the credit for their teams current success? After all, they were crying out for success just like we are now. Anyone with a grain of common sense doesn't lay a clubs success or failure at the door of the fans...our current problems are down to the current regime's mismanagement of the squad, coaching personnel & finances. A successful club has folks at the top making the right decisions. It isn't any more complicated than that
  4. Agreed. Mandaric almost sold us to that Mammadov crook, & he supposedly had our best interests at heart. Chansiri has got us in a mess, but I prefer his honest limitations to rolling the dice on a new unknown owner
  5. marble


    If Chansiri had this guy lined up & then persuaded Carlos to stay, then neither Chansiri nor Heckingbottom are likely to revisit it. He cling bottom would feel snubbed, & Chansiri preferred Carlos ffs....and apart from that, the claim is total gonads
  6. marble

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    We shouldn't turn all this into a referendum on the merits of Dawson v Westwood. We have 3 decent keepers on our books, but a poor Head Coach. The tactics, team selection & questionable squad management/ rotation are all down to Jos, & that's the reason for our poor defensive record & pitiful league position
  7. marble

    Is Jos the only problem?

    He isn't the only problem, but he's the one that presents the quickest solution by shipping him out. There are plenty of Coaches out there that could do more with what we have available in the squad right now. As for other problems at the club, we are stuck with our owner & the yes men/women that surround him for the foreseeable future.
  8. Agree with this. Bullen shouldn't be our Coach, interim or otherwise. He stood by & said nothing under Carlos, & has done the same during Jos's tenure whilst experienced Pro's have been frozen out (a couple of which imo would make the team better). He's a yes man & not a very good Coach... his spell in charge after Carlos left should be enough for anyone to dismiss him as an option
  9. marble

    Just got back

    Getting out of the division (in the right direction) is a pipe dream, doesn't matter who the Coach is. I'd settle for employing someone who picks the strongest team available, doesn't chop & change for the sake of it, & has a bit of tactical ability
  10. marble

    Next 7 games

    Difficult set of fixtures, made harder by our inability to keep a clean sheet & by our coaches habit of changing the team around. Time to play what he considers to be his best back 4 on a regular basis imo - you can get away with changes up front & in midfield, but that keeper/back 4 combo needs bedding in permanently before the keepers confidence gets undermined
  11. Agree with this. We have quality players coming back up front & in midfield which is positive, but our defensive options worry me no matter how you slice it. I don't think we have a clean sheet in us at present, which means that we'll struggle to grind out creditable 0-0's like against the pigs & Wolves last season, from which we took a bit of confidence. Trouble is, to address this will be an admittance that Van Aken isn't good enough, & that has to be viewed as another transfer market clanger
  12. marble

    Marco Matias

    'A' for effort but can't remember any end product in the final third of the pitch yesterday. Impossible to justify his inclusion over FF in my opinion, but Jos doesn't need to & sticks to his philosophy which is fair enough.
  13. marble


    I've been critical of Palmer on here in the past, & still don't class myself as a fan. However, if you take the last couple of games as a sample he's done pretty well, & dare I say it improved under Coach Jos.
  14. marble


    It's a bit harsh to assume that those players have discipline issues. Isn't it more likely that they don't fit the team profile under Jos due to their ages or injury problems?
  15. Can't argue with those stats or the fact that Jos inherited a mess. My problem is that I saw a poor performance from the team yesterday, seemingly unlike some other fans, & don't see the level of performance improving significantly without either use of the loan market or the return of some of our long term absentees. Happy with the ugly win yesterday & confident that under this coach we will remain competitive, but I think we are still a good distance off a play off calibre team.