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  1. Chansiri likes out of work Managers, so I don't see him pursuing any coach with a job. If he draws a blank in his recruitment drive due to the lack of quality candidates or cos he gets the knock back, then that could change his mind. But I suspect that he'd give Bullen a go rather than pay compo
  2. ..and by the fact that he's an absolute turd of a bloke. He looked genuinely unhinged during the latter part of his Leicester spell.
  3. If they'd been booing him he'd have resigned & claimed the moral high ground. This way he can't. Ridiculous of you to say that they should be ashamed
  4. If Bruce resigns the whole landscape changes unfortunately. I fear that will be the next move from Bruce (egged on by tight arse Ashley no doubt) because any support he has amongst the Wednesday faithful is disappearing fast. Sadly, the more we fans give it the 'just go' line, the more likely he is to jack it in, & then our compo evaporates from the stated 4 mill. I support DC fully in his stance. but digging his heels in only works if Bruce honours his contract until Ashley pays up. Not sure that's likely to happen.
  5. Not sure what he soaked up from Jos or the latter part of the Carlos stint. He was part of the decline under those guys, & whilst I agree that he comes across as a top fella, I've never understood the esteem that some fans have for his coaching record.
  6. Idiots like this guy also give Bruce an excuse to resign...lost the fans, irretrievable etc...that then means that we kiss goodbye to full compo, so great move yesterday moron
  7. Hope he realises that it just needs 1 club to pay up & not 2 to compromise. Not our place or in our interests to compromise when letting a good Coach leave. .
  8. why would Ashley want an opt out? He's already deep into his list of preferred candidates, & failing to land Bruce will be further humiliation for him in the face of hostile critics on his home terraces. We aren't in a great position here, but if Newcastle remain managerless after this saga then they are certainly deeper in the poo than we are.
  9. Yes. I understand the pull of a Premier League job managing his boyhood club. Is there any Owls fan on here that wouldn't be interested in managing Wednesday in the PL if your current job was at say Notts Forest? Chansiri is right to stick to his guns in terms of compo. If Ashley won't pay & Bruce stays, let's get behind the guy & the team.
  10. If Ashley pays the compo he's off. If he doesnt then he stays here. Can't blame Bruce for wanting a PL job, can't blame Chansiri for insisting on as much compo as possible. If he stays I'll be happy...if he goes we have a few million to help our finances
  11. So it's the fans fault? Is that you Mr Chansiri?
  12. He'll be loaned out again if there are no takers for a fee we can live with. If we do end up under the wage bill constraints we suspect, we can't afford to have him around. It's a real pity as a regular scorer at this level is what we all crave, but there's too little evidence that Jordan is that anymore.
  13. I'm not quite going that far, but today will have done him a lot of good
  14. That clean sheet meant a lot judging by the clenched fist celebration on the final whistle. Great double save on 80 mins too.well done to him & the rest of the boys on a really solid team performance.
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