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  1. marble

    Dour and attritional.

    Why are folks yearning for expansive football? I'd have taken the results we achieved against the pigs , Cardiff & Midds if they were offered beforehand. I won't be happy with the same result against Brum, but I'm looking for a win against them, not an exhibition in football skills.
  2. marble

    Chris Wilder’s Comments Last Week

    It was good to see him stood on the touchline totally out of ideas last night. There's been too much talk of Wilder being some sort of tactical genius this season, so yesterday's game was a welcome opportunity to at least challenged that myth.
  3. Will always remember his sending off at Huddersfield...it was the highlight of a 0-0 draw. Last few minutes & he got his marching orders. He pulled off the slowest walk to the touchline ever & the Hudds fans were going crazy. Just before he got to the touchline he sat down on the pitch & started unpacking his boots. The place almost exploded. A bit of a mercenary as were a few others at the time, but a genuine talent too & a hero to all Owls fans that day
  4. I don't get the obsession with stripes . My first Wednesday shirt was this seasons style back when John Ritchie was wearing it as our no. 9. The style of shirt was never a factor then, so why does it generate so much angst now? Support the team & moan about the genuine issues, like being in a tailspin down the table.
  5. marble

    Loan players required

    Trouble with this plan is that all the best loan deals seem to happen at the end of the window, when the parent club has given up hope of a sale. Bringing folk in now would suggest bagging a prospect from a PL club, but that's always a gamble given the lack of experience
  6. marble

    Salomon Kalou

    Not just the Germany link here though. Looks like Jos brought this guy to HB during his stint there
  7. marble

    Lee Bullen

    That should be Jos has a use for him
  8. marble

    Lee Bullen

    This won't be a sentimental decision. His has a use for him & that's fair enough. However, the last few games have exposed his shortcomings as a main man
  9. marble

    Season ticket refunds.

    A whiff of BS rather than Katerina I reckon. Don't believe it for a second - legally dodgy for a kick off.
  10. Ah, should have picked up on that. Too early
  11. Is this a cricket joke or a genuine post about Lee Bullen?
  12. marble

    Alfie Mawson

    This. Either the post is cobblers (no offense, just saying) or the admission from Carlos deserved dismissal on it's own
  13. If the loans are of decent quality then what's the problem? It's the fear of bringing some rubbish in that I worry about, not the Club doing what is necessary to comply with FFP
  14. He presided over the decline that we are now witnessing, & he finally paid the price for ignoring the obvious for so many games. We have some decent players injured which is why you can argue that he's not 100% responsible, but he's the architect of our current plight.
  15. I struggle to believe that this guy doesn't have an agent that DC can get a 'no' from so that we don't waste the next 3 weeks (& most of the transfer window) waiting to talk to him. It would be a headline grabbing appointment for sure, but we'd also warrant a few column inches if we put things on hold for 3 weeks & only to get the brush off.