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  1. He'd already be here now if what you suggest is true. I think he wants the main job at Birmingham on a permanent basis, & knows that he can link up with Monk again if that doesn't come off. What other reason is there for him still to be there?
  2. The first & last looking at the place these days. At least he raised the profile of the Club by improving the ground, regardless of how well or otherwise you think the money was spent. Subsequent money men have found more efficient & less fruitful ways to pee away money.
  3. He lost his place in the Cardiff team due to an ankle injury...from Wikipedia rather than any extensive football knowledge I hasten to add. You have to assume that they weren't 100% convinced after his rehab, but it's our gain. He's the sort of player we've been crying out for.
  4. The fact remains that he was out of work when appointed
  5. It seems to be that time on a Friday night again. Garbage time.
  6. Do we know what the reaction was from the Swansea faithful at the time? Yes there's a hard core of moaners amongst Owls fans that vent on forums & twitter, but are we really that different to any other set of supporters. I suspect not.
  7. It makes the point that Bullen is tactically lacking, whether you like it or not. It ignores that fact that DC is also culpable due to his apparent indecision. Every foreign owner in football seems to have a hair trigger except DC, & whilst I respect his right to take his time over an appointment, there comes a point where you fear that he doesn't know quite what to do next . I hope I'm wrong about that, but we need someone in quick because today was a sobering display & easily eclipsed that low key first half against Luton in terms of mediocrity at home.
  8. Could never happen, would never happen.
  9. Is this a joke? Whilst I don't dislike Bullen & wouldn't be unhappy to see him installed permanently, to suggest that he must be good because he works for a league club as a Coach is absolute gonads. There are some genuinely crap Coaches out there, indeed we've had our share over the years. LB was part of the poor runs we had under Carlos & Jos, but by your reckoning, both Carlos & Jos were top notch throughout their tenure because they were employed by a league club.
  10. I suppose this forum was full of your posts that urged caution when we were at Wembley, or heading for a top 4 finish the season after. Like many others you are a master of hindsight. Having a dig at fans who have backed Chansiri would be fine if you'd been warning against the pitfalls from day 1, but you weren't.
  11. Decent post apart from the bullshit about Chansiri picking the team. I really don't know whether you believe such crap or whether you are taking the wee wee
  12. I've been critical of Joao over the years for underachieving, but as a lone target man after the Westwood sending off he was brilliant. I still think we let him go for the right price, but that cameo today does make me wonder
  13. So he sits out the games, accepts the ban, is booed by opposition fans in every game he plays in or attends, & is forever branded a racist? No, he only has the one sensible option available to him & that is to appeal.
  14. To all of you who'll 'never go to another game blah blah'.....grow up & support your team. Your flouncing reactions to someone sticking 10 quid on Pills makes us a laughing stock
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