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  1. Last Nights Goals

    The third goal doesn't do Palmer any favours. Gives the ball away, makes no attempt to make amends, then throws his hands up in exasperation that other defenders don't bail him out. Not a good look for a guy supposedly fighting for a place in the team
  2. According to Dom Howson

    Dressing room problems? It looks like he's dealing with the Winnall/FF issue exactly how the players would expect IE internal discipline based on what happened. What other dressing room incidents are you aware of?
  3. Dear Mr Chansiri and Family

    Every club has its idiot minority mate...you see it at matches, on social media etc...it'd be nice to think that these d*cks were affiliated to other clubs, but sadly I doubt that they are
  4. True, & that spine are likely to give us only this coming season before their agents start agitating for a Premier League move. Another near miss will see us struggle to hold onto our best performers
  5. Callum McManaman

    Do loan agreements extend to playoff games, or do they run out after 46 games? I don't know the answer but would be interested to see if he's still with us
  6. Ten Million Quid

    Club website says initial Lian, to be made perm in the summer...no figures quoted tho