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  1. What reliable source is there that has publicly said that they've seen this happen? Any disgruntled current or ex players...dont think so...any current or former Coaches...dont think so. Also, it would be useful if Mr Clickbait OP defined his use of the term Team Talk. If you are implying that Chansiri performs tactical or motivational addresses to the team on March days then I think you are spouting bullsh*t....lets face it, he's hardly been around the place on match days recently. If he talks to the squad at other times then I suppose it depends on what he's saying. If for example he addresses them today about the current EFL talks or legal goings on, anything wrong with that? One last thing...the number of fans that latched onto this thread & took it as The Gospel according to Owlstalk without a shred of proof being provided is embarrassing.
  2. Premier League are putting detailed proposals/options including financil implications of proposals to all 20 clubs by the sounds of it. EFL need to do the same.
  3. Depends on the terms. Is he a decent Championship player? Yes. Is he worth what he's probably on now? No. If the terms suit the Club & him, sign him up.
  4. Putting the Monk aspect of this to one side, is there a single poster on this forum that thought 'get in there' when Bates was signed? He looked a crap signing at the time & he's changed nobody's mind.
  5. whilst agreeing with you on many points, why on earth hold ourselves to higher standards than others? Sounds a bit sanctimonious to be honest
  6. Same old posts from the same old moaners
  7. Is no-one a tiny bit suspicious that there's no source to this article been posted? It's either on some fantacists website or it's just more made up b0ll0cks about Chansiri
  8. Monks comments about the make up of the Dressing Room are enough for any fan without blinkers on to read between the lines. Frozen out by 2 Coaches out of 3, old & injury prone...time to get rid.
  9. People patting themselves on the back because they buy a ticket is pathetic. Being a fan is about more than that. I disagree with the OP in blaming the fans for the players lack of confidence or current level of performance, but our crowd could undoubtedly be more vocal in their support of the team during home games. Moaning & groaning on here after a game is part of being a Wednesday fan at the moment & is totally understandable, but booing & moaning during the game helps no-one.
  10. If you're looking for consistency, try Westwood/Hutchinson falling out with yet another Coach for size. Bad apples
  11. It's not about selling out away games. Good fans lift the team with the atmosphere they create. Hillsborough is very quiet these days, as though we are waiting to be entertained before committing our voices to the cause. It's time all fans at matches stopped patting themselves on the back for just turning up, & cheered the lads on. Away games are great becausee those that go make as much noise as possible in support of the team. That's simply not the case at home games, where the mood turns very quickly, & the moaners infect everyone else with their negative attitude. I'm sick of posts saying that the fans already do enough...no we don't, as the atmosphere at home games will testify. Even the luke warm cheers when the team sheet is read out before kick off are an embarrassment, & that's down to us. Shut up with the self entitled mantra of we already do enough, because if you think that way you are actually part of the problem.
  12. We need to move on from these two. Apparently now frozen out by 2 coaches & at the ends of their careers..who in their right mind would advocate prioritising their inclusion in the team over squad discipline?
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