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  1. marble

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    You can't deny his quality as a bloke. Would be great to see him scoring regularly in our colours. Seems like a lot would need to happen though..FFP, Bruce fancying him, him hitting form & so on. Good luck Jordan
  2. marble

    Winnall can leave on loan

    Maybe the training ground fracas with Fessi still lingers, & the club are more interested in keeping FF sweet than Winnall
  3. It wasn't just the Star...Sky Sports News had it as breaking news running along the bottom of the screen. It was obviously a slow news day
  4. Westwood is a top keeper but Dawson would also have looked much better of late if Jos the Clown had picked the best available team. We'll done to Bullen & the team for today's result, & many the clean sheets keep coming
  5. marble

    £2m for Bruce

    If we ever want to get out of the Championship (up rather than down) then we need a Coach that is capable of doing the job. I'd rather we got him in now than assemble a fresh group of players 18 months from now & then start looking round for a Coach. If he does come in now, he's part of the rebuilding process which would benefit us all.
  6. marble

    Man United model

    Difference is that Man U aren't going down so can afford to tick over until the end of the season & get their man then. As for us, I don't understand why anyone would think having Bullen or another stopgap in charge until the end of the season would be a significant upgrade on the guy we just sacked We could go down if the coaching doesn't go up a few levels
  7. marble

    Backing Chansiri

    Count me in - we'll done DC. Let's hope the next incumbent has a bit of previous in the division & comes in quick. I'd like to keep Bullens tenure as Head Coach to the absolute minimum
  8. marble


    We've got an owner that has no idea & the worst Head Coach in the Championship. Not difficult to do the maths is it. There's only one team in our division that wouldn't be lower down the league with Jos in charge (here's a clue to their identity...they are already bottom)
  9. marble

    Jones and Boyd

    I think you nailed it re the bench. Neither player should be anywhere near starting, but the lack of depth on our bench leaves us powerless to change a game by introducing fresh legs. Not a fan of either Boyd or Jones, but there are less effective players in our current match day squad
  10. marble

    We are also guilty.

    We're no different to any other set of fans in so much as we want success. If folks are suggesting that we are in some way to blame for our current predicament, are the same people giving Bournemouth fans all the credit for their teams current success? After all, they were crying out for success just like we are now. Anyone with a grain of common sense doesn't lay a clubs success or failure at the door of the fans...our current problems are down to the current regime's mismanagement of the squad, coaching personnel & finances. A successful club has folks at the top making the right decisions. It isn't any more complicated than that
  11. Agreed. Mandaric almost sold us to that Mammadov crook, & he supposedly had our best interests at heart. Chansiri has got us in a mess, but I prefer his honest limitations to rolling the dice on a new unknown owner
  12. marble


    If Chansiri had this guy lined up & then persuaded Carlos to stay, then neither Chansiri nor Heckingbottom are likely to revisit it. He cling bottom would feel snubbed, & Chansiri preferred Carlos ffs....and apart from that, the claim is total gonads
  13. marble

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    We shouldn't turn all this into a referendum on the merits of Dawson v Westwood. We have 3 decent keepers on our books, but a poor Head Coach. The tactics, team selection & questionable squad management/ rotation are all down to Jos, & that's the reason for our poor defensive record & pitiful league position
  14. marble

    Is Jos the only problem?

    He isn't the only problem, but he's the one that presents the quickest solution by shipping him out. There are plenty of Coaches out there that could do more with what we have available in the squad right now. As for other problems at the club, we are stuck with our owner & the yes men/women that surround him for the foreseeable future.
  15. Agree with this. Bullen shouldn't be our Coach, interim or otherwise. He stood by & said nothing under Carlos, & has done the same during Jos's tenure whilst experienced Pro's have been frozen out (a couple of which imo would make the team better). He's a yes man & not a very good Coach... his spell in charge after Carlos left should be enough for anyone to dismiss him as an option