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  1. That was reach wasn't it as fox had been subbed
  2. For me he started to play better when he got put at back.doesnt seem to want to attack players when going forward.is probably the softest player I've ever seen.
  3. For me he showed more fight an passion for his fellow players than I've seen in a long time.he has the talent an needs to start games.we need that edge we are too nice an get bullied by teams
  4. Can we please not attack Evans,I think it would do more harm to our club than to him
  5. Yeah we always get the same thing about next season we are going to release early but never seem to capitalise on this.the club should have jumped on fans still being on a high from play off final
  6. Dunk from Brighton-very good defender also adds to attack from set pieces Phillips from qpr-ads pace to wing These would be top of list. If hull were to sign a new lb I would take that Robertson from them. Knockeart would be a player I would look at aswell. Would need another striker,midfielder,winger
  7. Yeah your correct and Saturday he didn't look half as interested as the likes of Sam Hutchinson or pudil.as a player like hooper who's been in these situations he should be the one who realises what's at stake.a bad game doesn't affect your workrate
  8. on the day hooper was poor.the silly little flicks and lack of effort for such a big game was poor.however playing it to his head when they have 2 very big strong cb's is the most stupid thing I've ever seen,then to bring nuhiu on an try an play football was so bizarre.
  9. Just T.U.F hillsborough would do for me,let him chuck his money in we keep hillsborough happy days
  10. Is there a set time when we are all letting balloons go ie on the walk out when we kick off? Be good to let all lot go at roughly same time a sea of blue an white balloons
  11. She's one of there own, Hull city's Megan She's one of there own
  12. Has anyone purchased a Wembley flag from the bloke on hills corner or asda.looking for pictures an dimensions of possible.
  13. Missus just booked ours an said they would be dispatched any ideas?
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