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  1. And then you sober up when you see us at the top end of the wages table
  2. So whats this Jones like we have on loan? I dont know much about the lad,is he worth a punt?
  3. That was nutz,was the ref saying it was something to do with the advantage hed played? Funny bit was Bannan proper roasting Murphy about not going for his through ball for a good 30 seconds and two minutes later they lined up together to take a free kick,half expected Bazza to crack him round his lugoil. Monk needs to find the right formation now everyones fit and wel pose more threat infront of goal,he does that and we could haul ourselves back into the frame again
  4. Crombie overcoat,ben sherman shirt,oxford bags trousers & brogues shoes,with mi tamo on top, god we had style as kids back in the day,we all looked like businessmen!Well scottish businessmen
  5. Remember well walking onto the leppings lane and everyone had some barmy flat cap on with a furry ball in the middle,two weeks later I looked a tvvat as well,had to send my dear old Mum to cockaynes for a tam o shanter,she duly obliged,they must have sold a few thousand while Willie was here!
  6. The guy was a joy to watch,its often said that genius has its flaws,and he had his moments,but he was worth the entrance fee on his own,pure theatre whenever he played. Just a shame we didnt do what man utd did with cantona and back him in his hour of need,but in true Wednesday style we failed him and let him leave for a fraction of his fee,all to west hams credit.
  7. From my time living in london,we were always a side they hated comming to,a homegrown type side that never spent much money,but dug up little nuggets that made us competative,never title contenders,a midtable steady eddy type club,that played their best on that big occasion,and roared on by packed support we were always hard to play against
  8. Dont recall them having cash flow trouble,apart from McCabe pocketing most of it.I knew he ran a tight ship,but they always looked to have the finances under control. Agree they got lucky with mardiola,every chairman needs to have that bit of luck,same for managers
  9. Difficult for me to remember as I was a really young kid,but Im almost certain it was Colin Dobson against stoke at hillsbro in the early 60s
  10. I dunno McCabes not that bad LOL Something I learned of an ex buisness buddy yonks ago,was if your competitors are more successfull than you copy the model,tweek out your own percieved impureities,project the cost,seek decent investors,it worked for him, he retired in his mid 40s,just does consultancy work and the odd conference,charges 60 quid p/h per head,his last conference was in Krakow,with 1500 attendees and lasted 8 hours!Hes far too savvy to invest in football tho LOL
  11. Flew from worksop to Bournemouth a few weeks back in Cessna 172,took us 90 minutes,its the way to travel,not my plane like but loved the ride,flew with him to schippol last january,swore Id never do it again,most horrific thing ive ever done,controls froze about 10000 feet up talk about hairy,thank god he knows his stuff,dutch airforce scrambled to give us support just incase,wasnt pretty
  12. Yeah spot on,had we won the playoff final the pair of em would have been in the Owls hall of fame,small margins,its a fine line sometimes that makes heros and villans. Alas that early success just seemed to fuel their egos,the suicidal spending spree they embarked on,bouyed by their earlier achievment lead us down a path where failure wasnt an option,there was no plan B they were like two reckless teenagers whod just nicked a porsche. Theres no telling how this saga will end,lets just hope theres a club left at the end,with a ground and still in the championship
  13. And sensible ownership,with a defined recruitment policy and a strict wages policy
  14. so how did the scrubbers do it with just a 10M debt?
  15. Hes got a heck of a lot more dosh to lose than the average fan on the kop,I dont see too many millionaires sat there
  16. He also inflated the prices for everything at the club and took OUR money with him. It was his duty to look after the clubs interests and not put us into a position we now find oursleves in,he oversaw the running of the club,its his responsibility for the financial mess. It should never have come to selling the ground,but to **** that up as well is just beyond incompetent. The club is a national laughing stock. In three short years our neighbours have stormed past us from a division below at a cost of 10M quid,weve spent 57M and now have the oldest squad in the division,with yet anorther mid table finish looming
  17. Theres a heck of a lot of disgruntled supporters about. This day was always comming,the two years of the dc & carlos show wasnt going to end well if we didnt go up,the reckless spending,we rode the wave and loved the ride. But the Dtaxis,elev8 were the inventions of a guy way out of touch,no planB,FF,Reach & possibly Lees then young Hirst were never sold for profit to allow the playing side to evolve and the club to be sustainable. Reading the evidence in various articles strewn across various platforms,the club are in serious waters and a mad man at the helm to steer it. Its not just his cash thats been blown away,its all our mega expensive seat ticket and shirt money that we all bought into down the drain as well,with a list of possible sanctions that range from points deductions to expulsion. Its my club,not Chansiris Il still watch it,even 9 divisions lower on concorde park,while chansiri sits back in thialand counting his fortune and emptying the seas of tuna.Lets hope he steers clear of football investment once he FO
  18. From memory it had something to do with the Premier league,they formed their own reserve league,restricted to prem clubs,which decimated the numbers and possibly the quality? I used to love watching the games when I wasnt at away games,mostly in my young days,some of the 1st team would make their injury comebacks,or if a player was dropped for form reasons,saw brilliant games,used to open the leppings lane lower or you could go in the south for a few pence
  19. You cant play expansive football without expansive type players,so we play to a shape that best fits the players we have,these players are 4 years older,be nice if someone could translate that for our chairman,otherwise theyl be in mobility scooters. I just wish Chan would sell up,lovely bloke n all that rounduns,but hes no football man,hes setting himself up to fail
  20. I dont see it so much as a weak mindset,more complacency,the chairman keeps giving them decent paychecks and extending the deals. Our transfer policy smacks of weak leadership,weve spurned decent offers for both FF & Reach if the rumours are correct,we spurned 2M for young Hurst,therel be others no doubt as well,all of which hinders natural progression.
  21. My MoM was Iorfa,thought he was solid,drove us foreward and took the intiative at times as well 8 7s for Fletch,won his fair share of the duals and hit the post and battled all game,Fox,did well scored got crosses in,blotted his copybook a touch with the mix up,Lee,gradually coming into form,still a touch off the pace,Murphy,thought he did more in this game than Reach has done in his last 3 games,another day hed have had a goal as well,unlucky fella.great effort keep it up, The rest mostly 6,Nuihu did well,should have had a pen,Harris and Palmer have both gone off the boil,Bannan struggled to really influence the game,Lees had a steady game back in the side after his long spell out. Westwood gets a 5,yet another game where hes cost us points,not totally blaming him for the incident where Fox puts the ball out,but if hed have called Fox,youd expect him to have his usual rant and rave when hes ignored him,which kinda makes me think Fox doesnt get the call,caught flapping twice at a corner and both resulting in goals,not very good mate is it,if we do get some loan cash in January,Im hoping we recruit a keeper of sufficient standard to challenge westwood and give him some competition
  22. We never brought in a keeper that could really push Westwood for his spot,the two youngsters are promising,which is football speak for not good enough.otherwise one of them would have owned his spot by now. Hes had a fairly easy ride and it shows
  23. Much the way i saw it really,thought wed have got at them from the off,played two uptop and gone for three points,they were well out of form and had been playing below par last few weeks,so was baffled by our formation. 3 points down the khazi for me and send us all home happy
  24. If were signing a bird to play up top she best have big jubblys & fit ass as well,might increase the attendance,does she score more goals than the big fella?
  25. Too many of our MF players lack any drive,purpose or ambition,they pose little threat to goal,they seem happy enough to pick up the money and do whats needed,but dont go the extra yard. Its a midfield that was hastily assembled 4 years ago,Harris apart.It didnt get us promotion then and its far less chance now its older. Striker wise we look very poor,no pace or mobility,very one dimensional,very predictable
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