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  1. Noboddy is going to buy this club,with an unkown points deduction,a squad about to shed its more experienced players,a huge budget deficit that will take years to shift,a crumbling stadium and a dwindling attendance its on its arse under the current owner
  2. You missed out the 65M debt,with this seasons losses to add,the crumbling stadium with a pair of tights covering the away end,and 9 out of contract first teamers we cant afford to re sign. Next season should be intresting
  3. I watched the brentford leeds game,both goals were keeper errors,Dawsons not faultless,hes far from the worst keeper in the league,look at whats in front of him,there full of mistakes
  4. Westwood made a LOT more clangers than that,luckily not all got punished,but he cost us points in 4 games
  5. Leave Palmer where he is and push Iorfa in CM,odubajo or the young kid to RB,lets have a bit of bite and drive in the centre
  6. I dont know what kids want when they go to games,we try our best every week to entertain them,we put 11 clowns on the pitch every friggin game
  7. Id give Warne a shot,certainly picks a player,outfoxed Wilder,infact rovrum played em off the park at their place,just lacked the quality to turn it into goals,not many have turned the scrubbers over like Warnes mob did,played em off the park. Obviuosly its not just for that fact,he picks up players on the cheap and turns them into far better players,Ive an inckling we are gunna need that kind of management VERY soon
  8. FF he was a league above anyone else on that awfull pitch,in a class of his own. Suprised we benched Murphy,hes been a real threat the last two months and works his nads off WOW 20 peeps voted da cruz,he must have touched the ball a dozen times in 90 minutes and did feck all with it,Really,give ya heads a wobble
  9. Were proud of you,were proud of you............. If only we could sing that to the feckers on the pitch!
  10. Were victims of our own crazy recruitment policy,weve recruited in every area of the pitch,except a challenger to Westwood,and instead put faith in the two kids we had to make the leap from promising to first choice and neither have made that leap
  11. Did you see the blackburn away game? or the mix up at westbrom,or the swansea game,Westwoods had some reyt stick for his gaffes,Dawsons not alone
  12. Lived in London for a few years when I was younger,watched a few westham games if Wednesday were too far up north,they got 30k every week in the old second division,you had to get a ticket well before friday to get in. Since relegation from the prem weve been more of a barnsley,bobed up n down between the 2nd n third division,had a thrash in the play offs,came to nowt,were as far from the premier league as we were the year we went down,missed our chance,as things stand we could yet be relegated to division 3 yet again. The club will rise again,it always has,but it will take many years and it will be a long journey as things stand,10 years? We should have appointed Pearson while we had the opportunity,we missed the boat,hed love this job its the one he cant resist,but temptation was never put his way
  13. Hes outa touch,the bloke hasnt a clue what lifes all about in Sheffield,he bought a football club not a city,and did no research other than a quick google and saw 40K at home to wycombe,hes not football savvy,hes human he makes mistakes. He needs to stepback and look at the big picture,take stock and re think the way foreward,he needs a boardroom that has football people in it and SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY peope in it,make Waddle,Madden,Wilkinson,Atkinson,Worthington board members,lets have opinions from people that know and love the club,not just suits and statistics,stop ripping us off @ 40 quid a seat,realistic pricing,POTG,take the fans with you and theyl follow,lets build a future not a quick tomorrow,evolution not revolution,common sense football,lets entertain again. Its all about the RIGHT PEOPLE and taking THE SUPPORTERS with you,not taking us all for a quick ride that weve already forgot!
  14. But Stan Lynn could be the defender,couldnt remember his name but it just came to me,big CB
  15. Hard to tell from the back,but Id say thats John Schofield,Birmingham Citys keeper,bang same haircut,colour and style. The Owls player could be Derek Wilkinson maybe,I couldnt name the outfield players LOL
  16. Its hard not to give that to Iorfa,he had a wobble near the end,but was otherwise on top of his game. Was suprise when palmer wasnt played at LB where hes normally done well as stand in,thought Odubajo struggled with the switch,but generally did ok,hes not unlike Helan in many ways. It was good to see the troubled FF make a return,so much quality that kid brings,if he can stay fit,stay out of trouble he could be a HUGE player for us in the comming months
  17. We were all discussing our travel arrangement for the semi at half time,and how many coaches the Gate would run......then Canoville came on!
  18. Id be tempted to give Iorfa a run in CM the way things are,hes lively and loves a tackle,likes to drive foreward and looks unstoppable when hes on a run
  19. Manager and chairman bank all on promotion after near miss,goes boobs up,we all live with the aftermath. It was close,wed have done Fulham in the final IMO,they froze,wed already had the experience,but they put that huge guy on Pudil the rest is where were at,potless with a tired squad,no home,dwindling fanbase,a possible points deduction that would mean demotion and still no cashflow,a derilict stadium thats under scruitiny by the local council as fit for purpose,and about as far from the premier league as we were 20 odd years ago Thats the price of failure
  20. Might get a touch worse with a 21 point deduction
  21. Wednesday went into a downward vacuum after the betting scandal,Brown was a shadow of Buckingham,lacked ambition and vision,his judgement was clouded by his beliefs,he made some awfull decisions on players,he didnt have the skill to manage at the highest level. But the blame for the decline was in the boardroom,they were so far detatched from football and how it operated and what it required they just sleep walked us into oblivion,millionaires applied to be directors,but the board ALWAYS turned them down,it wasnt untill Mandaric rode up that we finally rid ourselves of the cancer that was the directors,an old boys club that took more out than they ever put in and used the club for tax rite offs and bigger pensions
  22. Les Green was a very good keeper,but cloughie replaced him with the much taller Colin Boulton,as Green got done on corners too often,Boulton was the rams no1 for 7 years straight
  23. Liverpool at home,stick a big banner across the lepp justice for Juve you scummy tvvats
  24. Exactly this,home fans deserve better,weve not made S6 a fortress like it should be,although weve put in some good performances,at times weve been very abject and not really stuck two dominant halves together
  25. The gloves are his to lose now,hes grown into the role as the seasons progressed,he can improve his kicking,any sport is about focus on your weakspots and improving. Some credit must go to Westwood here as hes worked with Cammy and passed on his knowledge which is great to hear
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