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  1. This is just persecution by SCC,its non stop,has chansiri not paid the council tax on hillsbro or what? They really have got it in for us these ba$terds,theres an obvious agenda going on here because its two sets of rules for two different clubs under the same council,have they never looked at the sty on matchday? Its far worse than hillsboro on a like for like basis. Blunkett,Hattersley,Ashton and co need to use their influence to get on top of this poo ,its beyond stupidity.
  2. I watched quite a bit of the game from around 25 mins on and he didnt put a foot wrong,had a decent game. Wasnt easy,especially second period as it just pi$$ed it down the entire game,and the pitch was soaked,and passing on the side nearest the stand became a farce and I was expecting the ref to call it off,but they stuck with it and made the best of a bad night. Well done Liam,played his part
  3. Hes a far better player then he gets credit for on this place,99% of his critics couldnt do 1% of what he does when he pulls the shirt on,Ive never really understood the stick he gets,he plays to his strengths,uses his size,rarely gets decisions off refs beacuse of his size,hes pretty skillfull for a guy his size,FF and Hooper thrived because of the holes he made in oppos defences,hes just pulled them allover,they exploited those holes to their benefit. Very unselfish and real grafter,the very defination of a TEAM PLAYER.
  4. Potential match winner,obvious goal threat great to have him back and a headache for Monk as to how to utilise his obvious quality,add to that Murphys looked much better his last two cameos and things look a little brighter
  5. Heavy going watching that today,Wigan just have zero appetite for attack,proper park the bus and nick a point,no wonder their away following fits in a a couple of mini buses and cortina estate! I dont like moaning about officials but we had yet another tail today,who on earth lets a player handle the ball in play and punish it by reversing an obvious throw in the the visitng side be giving the throw the wrong way? Thought Id seen it all,but thats a new one,and there no 10 chucks Odubajo to the deck and no yellow? really. I went for Borner,another solid show,just from Bannan and Fletcher. Thought Reach proper grafted without much reward,set up the goal,Harris looked much better today,dont recall any poor displays,it was a bit of a grind,kind of game weve often lost in recent seasons so happy to the points from that
  6. Its in the accounts is it not,stand to be corrected but it was 10M plus 1.5M loan fee,there or there abouts
  7. Fear not JR ready to step up and repay a chunk that 11.5M transfer fee
  8. We should have loaned in a striker,one up tops no good for us,our MF isnt blessed with goals
  9. We missed the boat early doors for bringing in at least one loan striker with a touch of quality. We need a LB. SB was obviously going 352
  10. Two decent strikers would,by the time we get them in come january,wel be too far behind the rest
  11. Support like that,deserves far better from whats on the pitch,if the two were a match,wed walk out of this league,and take the trophy with us. WAWAW
  12. Odubanjo for me,he keeps improving,he drove foreward with purpose and defended well and was always an outlet,defensively we didnt do too bad,apart from one stupid cross,the MF is where we lacked the drive,Bannan never stopped trying but the passing in their half in particular was very poor,Reach had the kind of chance he normally feeds on,but was always laying back instead of walking into it thus skied it,Harris has been anonymous for the last 4 games at times you wonder if hes out there anywhere,at least when the unpopular Murphy came on,he drove us foreward and looked a real threat the entire time he was on the pitch and we got foreward momentum,all be it a little late on. The forewards didnt hunt as a pair and were a bit too stretched at times,snatched at what did come their way,Winnall needs to just hang in around AN and feed of the knock downs. First side NOT score at Hull,we should have loaned in a quality striker at the start of the season,it will cost us
  13. Reach for me,hes had bags of stick this last few weeks and showed his quality today with an energetic display. Hard to single just one player today Im pleased to say,Iorfa,Fletcher,Bannan ,Boerner all had stormers,every player did their bit stuck at their tasks and made solid contributions to a very pleasing team effort. Well done to Monk as well for the the selection,worked a treat
  14. Because hes not starting games,hes just had the odd cameo,hes a lengthy spell out of the game so hes not match sharp
  15. Its getting beyond a joke now,theyl be making S6 a no fly zone and diverting the river don next or some rare newt will be found behind the south stand and restricted it to grandstand only......its a feckin farce
  16. Tough one to call as Nuihu & Luongo both had decent games on the night,but for me the big man shades it. Could have been a different game had we put away our chances,not going to criticise Winnall hes lacking that match sharpness that comes with playing regular games.
  17. He had a very decent game,we were on the backfoot,chasing the ball for around 70 minutes. The pass accuracy wont be good for any of them because we were sat so deep,there was very little to pass to.
  18. The centre mid is still the same,the strikers are the same,the keepers the same,the left back has left so we have a RB left back which is fresh but not ideal,the only thing weve changed is a defender,Borner and Harris out wide,other than that hows it fresh?
  19. Little doubt hes a part to play this season,and not just from the bench,never known him give less then his all,leaves it all out on the pitch,granted hes not the easiest on the eye,but hes a grafter and a team player and can get those all important goals,creates spaces for the more athletic to exploit. Very underated by some at this club
  20. Game like todays it was going to be a defender MOM and I thought Borner did a great job on their dangerman. Iorfa did like wise,distribution was wayward at times,but movement ahead was limiting his options,thought both fullbacks played well today as well. We sat too deep,we couldnt get on the ball,distribution was woefull ,especially in their half. Good side fulham,but their antics today were shamefull at times,and a stronger ref would have stamped on that.
  21. Not seen their goal again yet,but first reaction was Westwood should have caught it
  22. And 6 short of a top 3. We are a mid table side,weve not freshened things up when weve had the chance to move players on and we are paying the price
  23. Very good coach,but hopeless manager,he was lacking in most areas,tactics,formation,organisation,transfer market,motivation. The job was way outside his scope to be fair,it needed a wily experienced fox,not some managerial newbie,it was a difficult job,the board had dug us into a hole of debt and wouldnt put thier money in to sort out their previous mistakes and just sat on thier wallets as we hurtled toward 3rd tier football at alarming speed.
  24. At home you impose your game on the opposition and let them do the worrying,knockhearts a decent player,or was back in the day,not unlike FF,decent test,be tough,we need to come out flying and impose,the rest will take care of itself
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