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  1. We never brought in a keeper that could really push Westwood for his spot,the two youngsters are promising,which is football speak for not good enough.otherwise one of them would have owned his spot by now. Hes had a fairly easy ride and it shows
  2. Much the way i saw it really,thought wed have got at them from the off,played two uptop and gone for three points,they were well out of form and had been playing below par last few weeks,so was baffled by our formation. 3 points down the khazi for me and send us all home happy
  3. If were signing a bird to play up top she best have big jubblys & fit ass as well,might increase the attendance,does she score more goals than the big fella?
  4. Too many of our MF players lack any drive,purpose or ambition,they pose little threat to goal,they seem happy enough to pick up the money and do whats needed,but dont go the extra yard. Its a midfield that was hastily assembled 4 years ago,Harris apart.It didnt get us promotion then and its far less chance now its older. Striker wise we look very poor,no pace or mobility,very one dimensional,very predictable
  5. Agree,it saved me from reading the absolute tripe they print,more time for muck,its a positive for me
  6. Much as Id love to watch the final,sadly Il be sleeping off tonights beer. I used to really enjoy RU back when it was on terrestrial tv,but Ive lost touch since sky came along,never used to miss a 5 nations game knew all the players,but I cant be arsed to catch up now,hope we win like but 3 points from blackburn is way more important to me tomorrow
  7. Dont know it was injury so much as bad habit that ruined his career,the lad had a HUGE coke appetite,was often seen around highgreen off his nut in the small hours.Taxi drivers knew him well.Didnt he end up playing non league?Wasted a flourishing career,sad story,like MANY others couldnt handle the fame and fortune.
  8. 4 pal,and their kids which is about 12 in total,they were ALL: season ticket holders here despite only making it to around 12 home games and the few aways they got tickets for,mostly due to work,ie shift rotas or just kids stuff
  9. Too late mate ALL our casual fans have found new toys,You didnt really expect em to twiddle their bits and wait around for a price drop did ya? I know at least dozen that watch football elswhere these days,take their kids and still have funds to pay the missus,a few others have dropped football alltogether and do stuff with the kids and loveing it,ones got into go karting big style another runs a kids team and got right into coaching youngsters,a fair few go fishing,to a man they all say theyd never set foot in S6 till "Hes Gone" meaning Chansiri.
  10. Hel win it,never fails,lump on,suprised to see fisher up top,spends his time on his ar$e appealing whenever we play em
  11. Another decent game from the 66/67 season was the southampton game in february,when Fantham,who struggled with injury that season scored a hatrick. Gerry young was already missing after a cartilidge operation,but wed lost Eustace after the defeat at the lane the week before,wed conceeded 3 in 8 minutes at saints earlier that season and trailed 1-4 at half time,I think Ron Davies got a hatrick. Johnny Quinn came in for Eustace,Pugh had beeen standing in for Young,McCalliog scored after 25 minutes,Fantham headed the 2nd just before the break. We scored the third after 47 minutes after smart work from Quinn then Ford gave Fantham his 2nd.Fantham raced into the box and just as he was about to pull the trigger,was tripped and he converted the penalty for his hatrick after 68 mins. Despite creating some very good openings we couldnt add to our tally and the scoring was completed 2 minutes from the end when Martin Chivers scored a consolation goal for the saints,he was standing in for the injured Ron Davies.
  12. Jim McCalliog got the first after 18 minutes against Chelsea,Ford scored after 42 minutes and we went in at half time 2-0 up,but Chelsea came out with a strong wind behind them for the 2nd half,but couldnt male it pay despite Tambling scoring an early scorcher,right in the top corner, but within the space of the next 8 minutes Ritchie had scored two headers and we lead 4-1. David Ford put one on a plate for John Fantham to score a 5th waltzing through their defence and the 6th came just before the end when McCalliog threaded a neat pass behind the Chelsea defence for Ford to fire past the helpless stand in keeper,memorable day indeed
  13. He does score goals,thats a plus,but the rest apart from Keiran Lee dont,well not in enough quantity to make up for the missing striker,FF does score and at a high rate and he creates assists,in a MF 5 with a proven striker,Wednesday could be serious contenders,not sure Monk likes 352,we all know SB does and I reckon thats how he was looking to set us up,which reflects his signings
  14. Dont see the sense in playing four defenders,not with squad we have,Odubajos a wing back anyhow,we need goals,weve no goal threat in our current MF,we need two uptop and a goalscorer,Bruce was trying to add two further players before he left ?
  15. What like sell and get someone a bit more savvy in,mind any new owner would only inherit the mess hes made so be like wise hampered
  16. Hes got the 20 plus goals in him at this level,you make him fit,not like were short on options is it LOL ?
  17. Hes nothing to prove hes done it all,match winner end of
  18. Forget gimmicks,gimme a tart with big knockers and a low cut top and the booze will flow all day long!
  19. The 7-0 win over Burnley early in 1967 was a game I recall quite well,it was Jack Withams debut,he was a sub that day and came on and hit two goals,against his hometown club as well. The first goal didnt go in untill Ford scored after 38 mins,then McCalliog got a second just before the break. The second half sarted with a goal almost straight from the restart,Ford again,8 minutes later Witham got his goal after replacing the injured Usher @ half time ,then Ford got his hatrick goal 5 minutes later,7 minutes after that Witham added his second,with the crowd chanting for 7, Johnny Quinn added the 7th @ 78 mins,and to cap it off McCalliog missed a penalty with 4 minutes left! Not bad considering it was quite a cagey first half hour!
  20. Gotta say I thought Banna was a tad lucky,he was tugging the lads sleeve possibly on the blind side and got away with it
  21. Think Id go with 8s for the two CBs An 8 for Fox a 7 for Palmer MF worked hard 7 across the board Fletcher 6 battled well but didnt really forge a clear chance,was well marshalled A 6 for Dawson whose had little to do on the night,distribution wasnt the best,made a decent stop from a good headed chance Thought the subs did ok,again 6s across the board. Id give that ref a 9 though,brilliant just what you want,keept his cards in his pocket untill the very late stages and tried to keep the game flowing best he could,shame he wasnt at Cardiff too!
  22. The ref was clueless.hes an absolute joke,Flint was impeding Dawsons view so he was active,thats why he was stood a mile off doing his stupid star jumps,to distract the keeper
  23. Weve had two embargos in two seasons and theres question marks around the ground sale,you dont need a maths graduate to tell you weve got financial problems and will need to tread very carefully
  24. We had chances to make it safe,we didnt take them,the keepers out of position at a free kick,gives the kicker 3 quarters of the goal to aim at BINGO,be a reyt farce if we miss play offs by 2 points that will,all that hard work defensively flushed down the pan
  25. Alas flushing away all the wonga over the first two seasons means you cant afford anyone,as you try to balance the books.....bummer LOL
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