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  1. Course it is,had it been early season...............its asking a lot when the seasons halfway through to give an impact to a side thats on its backside and has 15 goals at home,I just feel the side has other issues,too may to list in reality,but the glaring ones werent a winger or striker
  2. 3 billion buys a lot,its virtually a whole new football club and identity,and thats why uefa have imposed restrictions
  3. He was a strange choice when weve sacked off an experienced keeper and a CM,and struggled all season with 3 poor Central defenders,so were Wickham and Windass when FF was comming back and we had 3 other options when most of the time we play one striker,we had two wing options already. Hes certainly no FF,hes MILES off that standard,if theres nowt better in the U23s we must be struggling at youth level
  4. But their not an exception their a blueprint,it can be done. There wage bill will be significantly in the lower end of the premier league wages table,theyl be in the bottom 7 and their in a prime position to take a champions league spot
  5. Dont see the pigs players complaining,there wage bill wasnt much north of 20M,bet theyve all got clauses in their new contracts saying your wages will revert to championship levels if relegated
  6. Course you dont you re negotiate contracts and stick in the clauses that offer incentives should you work hard enough to gain promotion back,rather than rewarding failure
  7. Id back this all the way,its long overdue,player wages are out of control,sapping the tv money when investment should be used on facilities and supporters,it has to start somewhere,who knows even the prem may adopt it if its shown to have an effect.
  8. Lee was my MOM,once again industrious and worked his nads off allover the park. Close thing with FF,whose gradually comming to the boil,didnt quite come off for the guy infront of goal last night,but cant be faulted for effort,great to see him back and firing,tad harsh to sub him off,hes light years ahead of Da Cruz quality wise,even after his lengthy absence. Just a mention for Tom Lees as well,had a triffic game,and his last ditch defending was priceless,huge improvement on his show at Brum
  9. Are there any credible links for the takeover rumour or is it just on here?
  10. The bad blood was there for all to see,they may have shaken hands,but the words they exchanged were far from warm on both sides,no smiles or hugz,credit to Monk for the gesture,looked the bigger man,strode the yards to make the gesture. If only Lees had won that header,Monk would have left with a HUGE smile on his boat
  11. Way too much talent for this division,on his day hes unplayable and a step ahead of anyone on the park including his own teamates at times.A perfectionist that gets frustrated when those around him cant match or think on his wavelength. We should have taken newcastles 10M as wed have got the add ons when they got promoted,just like we should have accepted the offer for Reach,our accounts would be far more healthy,no player is irreplaceable,the talent is out there,you just have to work hard and find it. The one negative that comes with his talent is he plays for himself,has to have a free role,not a team man,unless he feels he really has to dig in,defending isnt his nature
  12. Yep all done sold to a mr N warnock from Plymouth he put in the winning bid,says he cant wait for the warm welcome at the charlton game
  13. Keiran Lee for me today,had a stormer,allover the park closing down,tackling and finding holes threading passes,a bit like the Lee of old today. Tad hard on Murphy and FF who likewise have played really well,Murphys had one of those days,but his influence and and contribution have grown the last two months.Bannans done well today as well,hes far more effective further foreward,although he did drop deeper as the 2nd half went on. Central defence is a major cause for concern,of the 3 current CBs we have,NONE of them look dependable,there allover the shop and cant command their own penalty area,the major cause for concern is the amount of headers we lose in our own box,its cost us yet again today late on for the umpteenth time this season,makes me wonder how bad is this kid Bates?Can he be any worse then what we have.......
  14. We dont win the crucial headers in our own box,its dogged us ALL season
  15. Whilever the lemmings keep feeding,nowt will change. Be intersting to see how many renew their season tickets next term,I know a fair few that arent,not at the current rate
  16. What weve done in the past cant be altered,lets hope weve looked to the future and learned lessons. If im not mistaken chansiri told us we payed the premium prices so we could sign better players,thats worked a treat,weve had to stave off relegation the last two seasons,and still pay the premium rates for everything from a cup of luke warm bovril to a football shirt that were getting flogged on ebay for half the price and twice the quality! Has he not taken notice of how the other promoted clubs went up? Its like a footprint,all you have to do is follow it really is that simple
  17. To say we have two defenders as manager and assistant our defence is an absolute shambles,sides (and poor sides at that) are just ripping holes in it and Dawsons copping all the flak but hes getting hopelessly exposed. If these two are the dream team,they need to get to grips with this and sort it NOW!
  18. There was a reason Dawson got the nod and replaced Wildsmith,have trawl through some old threads on here,it wasnt pretty
  19. Nuhiu really grafted,FF was doing his best to create and get ojn the end of the few decent passes that came his way,Palmer looked like he didnt want to be the losing captain on his big day and grafted all game,put in a peach of a cross that was just over the head of Da cruz,and a yard in front of the on rushing Nuhiu. The defence are shocking,Borner looks like his running with lead boots on and Iorfa is allover the shop,thats two pens in a week and he was fast asleep for the through ball that was the 1st goal. The CM doesnt help,theres no presence and its far too lightweight,we dont win enough 2nd balls,we cant pass further than 5 yards,its very abject and all too easy to pass through.Not a fan of Da Cruz,Murphy at least is industrious and creative and can hold his own,very harsh leaving the kid out of the side in my opinion
  20. Thing that bothers me about this is not the fact hes diciplined them and told em strait,its that hes not replaced them in the window,like for like,but brought in yet another winger,and two forwards when hes already got 4 and mostly plays one uptop anyhow........
  21. Saving money on wages alone wont be enough to balance the books,weve no doubt run up further debt this season.We will need some hefty fees in for players to cancel out the overspend. Were around 30M over the limit,plus this season which youd expect to be another 20M plus? Wage savings alone aren't going to wipe that off,neither is a ground sale
  22. Really,id never have guessed at Quinn,dont look owt like him
  23. Surely,in any business,when you fail to hit your targets or achieve your goals,you analyse where youve gone wrong,look at where the weaknesses are,whats changes need making. How can anyone fail to recognise the total lunacy that is our transfer policy?
  24. Watch the fans forum vid,DC says it was the managers choice,CC liked to make his own choices,why did the partnership,with Pearson and Roeder break up so quickly?Because the manager wanted the final say,we lost out on Woods AND Vardy because the manager never heard of them,the combined cost was 6.5M,but Carlos wanted FF,Chansiri was sucked off by CC,he fell for the charm and it got worse the season after
  25. Carlos chose the players,the rest was DC He could have said Ferk it no,lets bring in loans,but DC trusted his manager,WHO didnt like loaning players
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