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  1. Very good player on his day,good vision and used the ball very intelligently,also had a decent shot on him.Alas he struggled with consistency and much depended on which Eustace was playing.

    He was a vocal player out on the pitch,especially to officials,he once stuck two fingers up to the linesman as he was about to take a throw in (smack in front off me as it happened and I heard every word LOL!),as the lino had indicated a throw to Burnley,and was booked (the days before cards were shown) he often got booked for disent.

    As someone else mentioned perhaps his finest hour was at elland road in the cup replay of 1969,think he got MOM in just about every paper the following morning.

    Hed always craved a move away,dont think thats any big secret,and it took longer than hed wished,it finally came the season after the leeds cup game during the downsizing season under Danny Williams,alas it wasnt the dream hed hoped for and he was loaned out to Rotherham Utd during his 3rd season,and snapped up by Dooley for peanuts,but as others will testify,he came back half the player,and was released after a couple of seasons,and went to Peterborough Utd.

  2. 14 hours ago, Great Big Galaa said:


    Very fair appraisal. There’s a lot in this post that I do agree with however I don’t agree with Monk getting more time. I think he’s done here not too dissimilarly to how Lukuhay was.


    The only thing that has saved Monk’s job has been the current suspension of the game. One or two more defeats in succession, Monk would more than likely have unraveled like Jos did due to the pressure and the fans’ ire would’ve been horrendous and then he would more than likely have been sacked or left by his own accord?


    I just don’t see a way back for him here and also I only think it’s a matter of time before DC leaves as I just don’t think regardless of his recent interview, his heart is in it anymore and all the off field stuff as well as the on, has left him tired and weary and maybe privately desperate to sell? If Ashley or anyone comes in with a bid soon, I think it’s adios DC?

    DC wont sell,his old fellas worth a mint and hes one of the heirs to an absolute fortune.

    Monk was never the right man he was just available at the time and obviously filled in the online form and slushed it in interview,bet his agents gutted,he normally sends Monk the players!

  3. Rotherham was always a place we got something from normally a win,although I was there in the railway end when i think womble scored? We lost that day and christ it was painfull,we always seem to do well at Forest,Ive forest family and they dread us coming over as its normally their turn to buy the beers,west brom and wolves,alas we cant seem to beat wolves at home,infact the midlands as a whole has been a decent hunting ground,Derby apart.

    In the NW,Oldham,Blackburn on occasion,in London West ham and the odd cracker at spurs.

    So its Rotherham for me,only seen us lose the once,feels like twice when emly hughes and co were jumping into the penalty box from 10 yards out!

  4. Not heard or seen anything anywhere to suggest Rowett was interviewed or applied,maybe he knew something we don't but whatever hes a solid top 10 manager at this level,just yet to nail that promotion that would enhance his credentials.

    His time at Stoke,from what you read from stokes fans,he was hampered by some of the players already at the club,pretty similar in many ways to US,so possibly that shaped his thinking when it came to our vacancy.

  5. I just see him as a raw kid trying too hard to impress,too hard at times,the lad just needs to play his natural game and relax a touch and the natural qualities will take over.

    Hes a kid and hes still learning

  6. 1 hour ago, BRADDO said:


    A million quid I recall mate. 

    It was around 250K,we bid in the region of 1.5M for Hourihane & Winnall,but Villa had asked to be alerted if any bid for Hourihane came in and matched Barnsleys asking price the same day we lodged an offer,we didnt get a chance to lodge a 2nd bid,the deal was done,so we lodged a derisory offer for Winnall and he chose us over the other offers,one of which was leeds

  7. 32 minutes ago, Sergeant Tibbs said:

    Winnall has been with us long enough to make his mark.

    Granted it made no sense to sign another useless striker at the same time,  but for me Winnall is past his best.

    Think Im inclined to agree.It never clicked for him here,he was always down the pecking order,with so much quality ahead of him,he had to hit the ground running straight away,hed have been far better off staying with the inbreds

  8. 29 minutes ago, Blue and white said:

    Might be a good thing and a wake up call to football in general that stupid inflated contracts are a thing of the past.

    I would love this to be the end of the gravy train,agents and hangers on.

    The wealth thats in football should have ALL been invested in the fans and stadiums,state of the art across all 4 divisions,with facilties that left nothing to be desired,with players payed handsomley,but no more than those that save our lives,the doctors,and a cieling put on wages to discourage wealthy owners.

    Hopefully we havent missed the boat,and the covid19 can salvage something for the fans,lets have the multi millions spent on us for a change,bring in a wage cap,and make facilities safe,comfortable and uptodate for EVERY supporter of EVERY club across the UK and put the fans first!

  9. 5 minutes ago, LondonOwl313 said:

    If it was down to me, I’d aim for a March 2021 restart with normal full stadiums. I’d add 12 months on to all contracts so that squads remain exactly as they are now with the next transfer window in summer 2021. Then I’d furlough all the players on £2.5k a month until next March. That way all clubs can carry on with no risk of going bust, all seasons get to finish, nobody needs a refund on tickets etc. Works fine but obviously it won’t happen because the players wouldn’t accept it and kick off


    Instead they’ll mess about and try to restart it ASAP without fans there, then have issues with loads of postponements as teams will be self isolating all the time after being exposed. Plus financially it won’t work well as there’s no matchday revenue 

    If clubs cant put fans in stadiums before august,I can see a few championship clubs splattered on the road,and a lot of League 2 and 3 gone,and a hell of a lot of footballers in the jobcentre.

    Football needs to wake up,many walks of life are putting themselves at risk for a pittance,some are paying with their lives

  10. 7 minutes ago, LondonOwl313 said:

    I’m basing that on the fact that being realistic we can’t go back to normal without a vaccine, and it will be this time next year when we hopefully can, and even that’s a stretch.


    Plus all the issues with just ending the season, unfairness on various parties with promotion and relegation.


    And if it was say March 2021 when we can return, it will mess the calendar up starting a new season from there.

    If contracts expire in June and players leave,I cant see how sides can be expected to finish off the season,has to be the same squad surely,at the same strength,you cant continue the same season with a changed squad as the transfer window closed in January 2020 and a new window for transfers cant open untill the last season is boxed off

  11. Players are payed to play football,by law thats not possible in this climate.

    Revenue streams for clubs are severly diminished while theres no match day revenue,which goes a long way to meeting player incomes.

    Player contracts need to be frozen,back to the date football stopped,and then re engaged once football restarts to complete competitions.

    I find it hard to justify paying a player his full salary while hes not expected to earn his living,some common sense needs to be applied here,before clubs begin to go bankrupt.The EFL,FA and UEFA should have sorted this out when football was closed down and issued guidance,if clubs start to go to the wall whose going to employ the players?

  12. Must admit before we signed him,I knew very little about him,but his work rate,effort and goals soon cemented AndyMac as a very big favorite with the fans and well respected here still to this day.

    He was a huge part of our promotion,not only for the goals he scored but for the goals he created for other too.

    Guy had the heart of a lion.

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  13. 2 hours ago, BANJO59 said:


    Looking at wiki, Sunderlands ground has a capacity of 49,000 so no way will they beat Booxing Day Massacre 

    Knock a few thou of that these days for segregation so not a prayer

  14. Jim McCalliog for Wolves........I was so gutted when he left us,wasnt on my own either he was my childhood hero and a hero to many of the younger Owls of that era,the 60s.

    To see him celebrate infront of all the Wolves fans at the leppings lane end made the defeat feel so much worse,I can still feel that young kids pain today.I can still see him arms aloft in his gold and black,basking in the sun,soaking up the adulation of his new adorers.Id hoped he would just have a quiet game,but he was quite the opposite against an Owls side that was sliding toward relegation.

  15. 11 hours ago, Plonk said:

    Or maybe because he was the best keeper in the league and set clean sheet records for two seasons? Maybe just maybe?

    Yep,and Westwood looked a FAR better keeper when he had Loovens infront of him,he didnt look much like a clean sheets record holder once Loovens went though did he?.

    Westwood didnt get all those clean sheets on his own bud

  16. 15 minutes ago, Bluesteel said:

    Just because wilder did it doesn’t mean the next non leaguer will. Managers making a step up have typically struggled here for whatever reason.

    Yeah totally agree,but then if theyre success is only in lower or non league football it shouldnt rule them out either,and success and record of achievement should be the guiding factor in a choice of leader.

    We need to move away from only employing out of work managers,Id have given the cowleys a go,but obviously DC will not,time will tell on how they go now at Huddersfield.

  17. 12 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

    I’d like to see us bring in an innovative manager, like the pigs did with Wilder. They didn’t spend a fortune, but he got a bunch of average players buying into his innovative tactics, and that’s what gave them the edge. If we just want someone who can just keep us in the division, we could have just appointed Bullen. We would have saved money, and there would have been none of this current upheaval. The only manager we’ve had in recent times, who was prepared to think out of the box, was Carlos

    Ian Evatt at Barrow possibly,heard good things about him and his style of football,early into his career I know.......

  18. Van Akens indecision against a 34 yr old has been in a pig shirt burned his Owls career in a moment,its never been forgotten or forgiven.

    But Westwoods indecision has been overlooked by the VAST majority on that day,and he was worse because he was at fault TWICE!

  19. Not a fan of Monk,hes left a bad stench behind him at every club hes been at,hes a cautious type,thought hed make his name at leeds who were doing quite well at one stage under him,but they seemed to ease off just when it mattered and ended up short,and thats followed him around at his other clubs since.

    Given time and money he could make a solid top 10 side,dont see him having the nads or nouse to make us a solid top 6 side and his predecessor will then have the problem of trying to make the best out his selections.

    Chansiri couldnt pick the winning horse in a two horse race,I fancy thats our future unless he gets bolder in his managerial appointments

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