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  1. Its odd how the 3 games they played in the hot summer sun,they ran out of steam quickly and tonight in the rain theyve looked lively and energetic,I still reckon,once the heat comes back after the weekend theyl blow up,their pressing game saps the legs. Whatever theyve been on a terrific ride under wilder to the brink of europe from mid table league one in 4 years is some achievement bet their wage bill is still less than ours!
  2. Well it cant be hillsboro because hes scored 4 here in a single game,so it must be something about either his game or the way hes asked to play,Id say its him,maybe hes just lost that hungry streak,feels settled in life,has all he needs and proved he can get goals and somewhere along the way that desire left him.When he just failed to get on the end of that cross last night,i just couldnt help thinking,the Rhodes that got 4 goals that day here,hed have got on the end of that and tucked it away....................
  3. Was worried when I saw wed had to stick a RWB in at CB,Palmers not a natural CB as it is so I assumed Iorfa would be overworked,but they did ok untill that stupid pull.They worked us more 2nd half and thats when they exposed our weakness on the night. Weve paid for not making the most of being on top in the 1st half and have a goal to show,as has been the story of our home form this entire season,2nd goal was the nail and it was too much ground to make up against a side with a depth of quality. Dissapointed,think we were worth a point on the night,but considering the makeshift back 3,maybe we just got done by their extra quality on the night.
  4. Hes done a sound job tonight,considering hes had to fill in an unaccustomed position
  5. Not much in that,weve shown the greater intent and threat,just one silly mistake.We can pull this back if we keep playing the same
  6. Handfull of shirt there was tugging him back deffo a pen that
  7. I recall knill bringing Bury to us one night,a league cup game,under Irvine I think it was and they totally played us off the park,they just used the ball really well and passed it without waste......but pretty sure we still won the game, Steven Schumacher was the best player on the pitch
  8. Clear push there and the refs let it go,but Palmers got to react quicker
  9. Henderson wont be at the lane next season,hes had too much attention this. Not a real problem for them,theres a sea of top keepers wanting prem football,their main problem is at the other end,fix that with a couple of decent strikers and theyl be a proper outfit,all stands on Wilder not wanting big name players and egos,they come with big wage demands,twist or bust,does he alter his philosophy and what effect will it have on pashun.............
  10. Cant stand victimpool,hated for all the right reasons all across the entire country, I do like Klopp and hes put a side together that plays some fantastic football and will doubtless bestow more glory on one the most unworthy set of supporters in the entire country,hopefully madrid or barca will take him away very soon and the scumbags can go back to hating the rest of the country for hating them and destroy their own city while they blame every fecker else for destroying it. Vile feckers
  11. Fox was never going to sign another contract here,cant blame him to be fair,hes had dogs abuse since hes been here.But fair play to the kid,he rose above it this term and hes been one of better players,that said,if hes the best LB weve got it shows weve neglected that position. Wish the lad all the best for the future
  12. VAR would have given a pen for that,clearly hits the arm,the one in injury time was a pen as well,desperate lunge and the ref just bottled it,no way that ref will be in the prem next season,hes no balls,fluffed his big chance,so unfortunately hel be reffing here next season,unless covid20 comes along in the flu season
  13. The only other time I can recall thinking I was on my way to heaven was at chelsea one year,we were escorted back to fulham broadway by the cops,but the number of police seemed to dwindle along the way untill my mate said,the cops have gone I hadnt really noticed,they seemed to pour out of everywhere,over this big banking,and in huge numbers and seriously outnumbered us,it was bedlum,most of us copped it,at one stage I didnt think wed make the station,it was a huge brawl,easily the worst I got caught up in
  14. Twice in manchester .both night games,the dambusters obviously,I didnt get involved,but you could tell from their reaction it wasnt going to end well,it was all hell let lose outside. The other time was at City,a night game we won 2-1,wed done well to avoid all the building materials chucked at us on the way in,the way out having won,and our car park down some dingy street in moss side,we couldnt remember the name of,didnt bode well from the off,the two cops escorting us all soon peeled off and city fans were everywhere,after a few near misses,we ended up with a mere 50 city fans lobbing bricks stones and literally owt they could throw,every house seemed to be boarded up,those that werent had scumbags screaming "there down here",hairy bet we found the car and a way off the estate after a 30 minute jog
  15. Wonder if Newcastle will do a mug and a key ring blunts style to commemorate it,FATHERS DAY MASSACRE..........................think toon have more class to be fair!
  16. Their game is based around pressing allover the pitch,they are very high energy,the difference now is the June heat will sap the energy out of legs as will the harder pitches and they will leave gaps they werent leaving before due to tiredness. Shame innit
  17. We should be looking at Whiteman,type of box to box MF player weve been screaming out for. Not too fussed over Windass
  18. Lee stood out,shame he didn't stick away the one clear cut chance we carved out
  19. I think we saw,from around early November onwards just why Harris was released,hes got a few tricks and pace.just zero end product. Reach is one of the better crossers we have,how on earth harris got ahead of him monk only knows
  20. Sad to say,but much as Ive loved his time here,when fit,we need a work ethic,fitness ethic at a wage level well within a budget,luxurious players are the trappings of the league we aspire to,right now we dont have the right recipe for success,we need changes to get the right blend
  21. 2 but has to have the club crest on it,stripes,I enjoyed the change to the arsenal style shirt,it was in keeping with that era,1960s,lots of things changed within a short period lots of people experimented with lots of things,thats how I got to be here,and we became the blue arsenal. Novelty soon wore off,most of us wanted the stripes backby 68/9
  22. Lost his way and possibly his hunger by his body language,someone youd offer a two week trial to,see if he fits in and how he trains test his commitment
  23. Decisions even them sens out,VAR missed the shirt tug by the blunt in the box,deffo pen to Villa,had there been fans in the ground,half of em wouldve been screaming for a pen and the players wouldve reacted and it would have been reviewed.
  24. Brown made two really critical errors of judgement that season,letting Dobson and Hickton leave. Usher wasnt good enough,he got subbed off in the derby due to the abuse he was getting,Pugh looked a real find untill his injury,like Ford he wasnt the same after his lengthy lay off,Pugh lost a yard off his pace
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