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  1. Where's Tango?

    I think it looks like the guy at the front with no shirt on has eaten the ball
  2. Chesterfield Roll Call

    Me, my dad and my lad. Can't wait!
  3. Chesterfield vs Wednesday

    I know plenty of owls fans in tarn. You need to get out more and meet them instead of spending your time posting on various forums
  4. Chesterfield tickets.

    What I don't get is why you come on here to make pointless comments instead of going on your own teams forum.
  5. Chesterfield tickets.

    I agree! Not that you are a *** that is! The tinpot town and not being able to go anywhere without seeing someone. I remember standing in the away end at saltergate with my brother in law and the home fans were shouting his name from the Cross St terrace. Can't go anywhere!
  6. Flag.

    Good effort like the flag will look out for it around the ground.
  7. Brilliant interview, says what he wants and doesn't care. Top man!
  8. Madine/O'Grady - does it work?

    Maybe we should re consider this after 90 mins at Scunny tonight cos maybe most of the fickle doubters may now change their mind. Well done COG on 2 goals after 45mins. I would hate to think what people would think if you got another.
  9. It is good defending when you can get away with it and there is no way the Batth or Jones would. Charlton seemed to have the Ref on their side today that's why the Charlton centre halves got away with it
  10. Goals v Preston

    The football league official club app is ok. It costs me £1.49 per month. It more or less had all the videos that are on Wednesday player. Goals are on there now
  11. remember me gary?

    Giles coke needs to be in the next taxi out Hillsborough. Along with JJ and Reynolds to allow meggo to bring his own players in.
  12. God and the goal machine

    Through his eyes!!!!
  13. Worst 11 of last 10 years?

    Dors this team from Wolves include Danny Batth?????
  14. Some them will be wearing brarn trow and eating tuffees mi duck
  15. Nearly moved their when ikea delivered the stadium. Whittington moor was packed with lorries. It was a nightmare