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  1. Surely we should be teaching our ball boys the same tricks that a lot of other clubs do? Basically if we are losing or drawing get that ball back to our players immediately, I.e.run to get the ball and get it back in play. If we are winning then stroll to the ball and gently throw it in the general direction of our players.
  2. Went for a young un, cos most of the usual suspects are either loan or older players some of whom didn't play until the last few months and yes I know some were also frozen out.
  3. Totally agree but for every Gibson there are 5 sorry make taht 50 ,that have killed their clubs. At least we have one that cares.
  4. How about a Saudi prince ? Or an Italian who sacks managers every 4 weeks or a bunch of American glassmakers or a casino owner or ......... The list goes on...
  5. A few years ago sky used to pay forthe difference in average crowds and the televised crowd number. Anyone know if this still happens?
  6. Trev Only just spotted this. Definitely want one if you manage to resurrect the idea.
  7. Its not ego, its bringing money into the club.
  8. Here's a thought. Wonder if one of his English teachers supported Wednesday?
  9. cheers just spotted it and I thought it had changed recently.
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