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  1. oakleyrob

    Brucey Bingo (press conference)

    Sleeping giant
  2. oakleyrob

    Official - Club up for sale

    Totally agree but for every Gibson there are 5 sorry make taht 50 ,that have killed their clubs. At least we have one that cares.
  3. oakleyrob

    Official - Club up for sale

    How about a Saudi prince ? Or an Italian who sacks managers every 4 weeks or a bunch of American glassmakers or a casino owner or ......... The list goes on...
  4. A few years ago sky used to pay forthe difference in average crowds and the televised crowd number. Anyone know if this still happens?
  5. I want to see a shirt with Hoops IN IT.
  6. oakleyrob

    Paul Lambert

    Jordan Rhodes anyone?
  7. oakleyrob

    Pathetic Fans

    Its not ego, its bringing money into the club.
  8. Here's a thought. Wonder if one of his English teachers supported Wednesday?
  9. oakleyrob

    Abdi from Watford?

    cheers just spotted it and I thought it had changed recently.
  10. oakleyrob

    Abdi from Watford?

    does this mean anything?
  11. oakleyrob

    when are season tickets posted out?

    I was told it was a new card this year for all, but that was a few months back.
  12. That's probably why all our High Streets are full of Pound shops. :-) Sounds like the "£350m" is going a hell of a long way , what with the NHS, Farmers, Educational institutes, Film Makers, Fishing Industry , not to mention the run-down areas that really need the investment like Barnsley and Rotherham. I don't think there will be much left for anything else like sports development. Perhaps we need Nigel and Boris to help us understand exactly how much will be spent within each of those sectors. I am sure we will also have money to re-negotiate all these trade deals, move our border guards back to the UK, print out new passports!!! Anyhow, I will say no more on this matter, I am going to get a glass of German Beer, a slice of Spanish Ham and eat some Italian Olives before I sleep in my Danish Bed!!!!!
  13. Yes because we buy so much quality stuff from both Indonesia and China don't we? Just sounds like Poundland and SUFC club shop may be the only winners !!! And just to remind you that the EU will now be helping companies in their 27 countries in the EU to manufacture the goods that usually come from the UK. You also have to remember that any investment into the UK for development and supporting local communities will now vanish as they decide their 27 countries are more deserving. And if we don't like it, well tough!
  14. I think you will find that anyone who tries to come to this country outside the EU can't automatically bring their families with them. So certain players will not be coming. Also no-one answered my original question on Carlos and his coaching team?