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  1. Whoever asks for a refund needs naming and shaming so they have to do a ‘walk of atonement’ Game of Thrones style from the Cathedral to Hillsborough!
  2. He wanted to say “CC is a idiot who encouraged players to play last season against the medical staffs advise then CC blamed the medical staff for injuries to key players after CC himself had rushed them back, then CC had to cheek to sack them!!!! No wonder I lost my head and had some time off that’s when CC when out in public and said I’d got the shits, blokes a joke” That’s I thought he wanted to say.
  3. Pardew??? Pld 4 W0 D2 L2 West Brom will go down
  4. Your right don’t think he’s a Wednesday fan to be honest with the stuff he’s posted in the past.
  5. Great young English manager with local connections, I think it's s good shout with Brentford's Boss
  6. FROM JIM PHIPPS FACEBOOK PAGE It's Monday morning. The Blades are still buzzing after the Mighty humbled the Massive at Hillsborough Stadium. We have perhaps all since seen Roy's View From (https://roysviewfrom.wordpress.com/category/view-from/), which is chalk full of the denial and delusion of people who just received a bit of bad news: As it turns out, they are not better than the Mighty, either on paper or on the pitch. Sure, their books of account will tell them that their players each cost them more; but, as we all know, the only paper that matters in these contests is the unlying, ever truthful black and white of the Table and, on the Table, the gap is growing, with the Blades in the playoff places and the Owls heading towards midtabledom. A long season lies ahead. It is too early to let expectations swell too large, but what the Blades can expect, the Owls cannot: i.e., that their players will play as a team -- a single unit. For our part, as Blades, we do not have to field our best, most prolific scorer to expect that each team member will selflessly give everything for each other to get a result. We are dependent on no single player for the belief to remain, for the passion to persist. The Mighty are united. They are well developed, well recruited, well trained, well selected, well organised and exceedingly well supported. They play for each other and for the badge, giving 110% everytime they step on the pitch. #HappyDays, Blades! Owls, #NotSoMuch
  7. Don't see any problem in giving him a few games, I'm sure Leicester fans were saying similar things about Craig Shakespeare
  8. Gordon Watson?? who gives a shot what he thinks JR will come good no doubt
  9. No it wouldn't IMO if it were cheap tickets no way would we get 21,000 ST holders people would pick and choose their games
  10. Rowett has been quoted saying he wants Martin back at Derby pretty sure it'll be after the play offs though.
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