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  1. There is more than one reason why Rangers fans hate Hooper, Wallace & loovens
  2. more CCTV footage released of some of their scumbags at Boro earlier in the season picking on Women & Kids
  3. Another name to add to the list of Hirst,& palmer. Who we going for next a waddle?
  4. brilliant answer, but I don't think it fully explains if carlton had any pants on

    that price is just as off as match day ticket prices. why are the club not banging out poster type prints at say £50 a pop? Another own goal
  6. Has he been here 6 years now? to think Dave Jones signed him, then didn't rate him or play him. Or was he one of old Milan's signings? Could so easily been sold off a s a failure, instead he is now probably our most important player
  7. Was that the carlton USM when in the style of carter usm/ sure I had one of those
  8. debate the post not the poster? are you related to Pressman? Is that the reason for personal abuse?
  9. really, How many did he get down to? The fat git was usless if ball was anywhere near the posts
  10. 8 goals as proof of how crap the fat one was.
  11. Not sure there are many stored on that site but I will have a look. just a shame that some of our fans are stuck in 1990/91 and are unable to see some of those players went to poo , One of them even tried to out eat Tango
  12. Yeh Ok I will go off and find the footage on youtube later and post it. There really shouldn't be the need to prove a poo fat keeper was just that. the eyes in your head should be able to see it
  13. Proof of him being too fat to get down to the ball etc etc. youtube is your friend for that its there for all to see. as are the team photos from 1990 onwards you can quite easily see him getting ever bigger. at the end it looked like he needed two kepper tops sown together. Game time towards the end? he was replace d by ola Fecking Tidman.... if that was the standard that was better he must have been proper poo by then eh? Who was the manager that did that? his ex team mate? maybe being a cup winning ex man utd keeper he may have known a bit about it eh? If he wasn't staling wages looking like a beefeater in London what was he doing?
  14. If You read my original reply I said he used to be one of the best, However he stayed way too long. At the end everyone seemed to still think he could do no wrong when in fact all he seemed to do was put the ball into row Z for a throw in or corner. This was at a time when we could not defend either and usually conceded from them. I think that fits exactly the question the OP asked