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  1. Ash-Williams

    Random pre-season games you were at

    That WBA game at S6, The one with the Duck going head first into the south stand, Only went to the game to see how good was
  2. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    5th year isnt it?
  3. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    We would have dropped back into the pub league if he hadn't signed on a freebie when he did, Time has caught up with him, Still plenty to be thankfull for with him
  4. Day off so will be bobing down for this, better than watching bobar daytime TV
  5. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    The lack of a proper pre season under Carlos has finished him off, had no chance of staying at the level needed
  6. So that's what Carlos what chatting to his mate about.
  7. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    How many years on the Wagon did you last this time Neil? Was it Wednesday having their own boozer that did it for you?
  8. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    So the Tramp idea is a no go then, You have changed Neil. Or is that just saved for Xmas?
  9. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    See previous reply about finding a Tramp
  10. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    How about this for a plan to get rid of them, Get someone I dunno may be someone who runs a fans website. Get him to go and get a tramp of the street take him back to the Tap and ply him with drink until all the parents take the kids home in disgust. Never to return. Winner, Winner Tramps dinner.
  11. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    Damn got my hopes up then for a proper pub with no kids allowed
  12. Ash-Williams

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    You say ask you anything about the place, loads have asked about a kids menu. No answer to any of them? is this cos you are smart enough to not want snotty little kids in yet another pub? If so well done that man!
  13. Ash-Williams

    Absolute class from Jordan Rhodes

    What does the letter say?
  14. Toffs do them in two different materials one is the brillo pad to the nips, The other is made of normal non self harm stuff
  15. Heat proof gloves, Stops them burning their hands off on hot plates