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  1. Ash-Williams

    Bruce's Record At This Level

    So in 5 full seasons, that would be 4 promotions and a play off final last year? For some reason I keep seeing our fans say he isn't good enough?
  2. Ash-Williams

    King Kev

    Good keeper in his early years, I have said before he stayed too long and became a liability in the end. Was over weight, and to slow getting down for low shots. Was still on big money when we could not afford it. There was also a reason why a number of managers dropped him in favour of others or went out and bought other keepers. He always came back for pre season well overweight. But he should still have gotten his testimonial. Not sure his attitude to fitness and diet is what is needed for our goalkeeping coaches.
  3. I would say keep going the way we are at the min will give us a good shout at it, The ego maniac has already said if we had get relegated last year there would be no financial fair play issues
  4. The other option is to get relegated and then there is no sanction for ffp
  5. Ash-Williams

    Nando car accident

    He is no Nigel Jemson.
  6. Ash-Williams

    Dingle Mick

    The sad reality is he would give the job back to Carlos before anyone else, Especially ahead of someone like Mick who knows the league inside out. DC is clueless about football, Even more clueless about how the people of Sheffield feel about their club.
  7. Who is this? Never seen him before.... I don't think
  8. Ash-Williams

    Away kit 2018/19

    Looks like a ref shirt from the early days of the prem
  9. Ash-Williams

    Jamie Vardy

    WOW!! never knew that Cahill played for Stocksbridge Park Steels?? when was that??
  10. Ash-Williams

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    So the Skeg Vagas pre season tour is happening then. Its a got a beach lads, just a bit different to last years
  11. Ash-Williams

    Random pre-season games you were at

    That WBA game at S6, The one with the Duck going head first into the south stand, Only went to the game to see how good was
  12. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    5th year isnt it?
  13. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    We would have dropped back into the pub league if he hadn't signed on a freebie when he did, Time has caught up with him, Still plenty to be thankfull for with him
  14. Day off so will be bobing down for this, better than watching bobar daytime TV
  15. Ash-Williams

    Glenn Loovens

    The lack of a proper pre season under Carlos has finished him off, had no chance of staying at the level needed