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  1. Everyone is missing putting Darko up front. Yes Pleat made a mess of having him here. But he is still the only ex Wednesday player that has gone for mega cash after leaving us. He was also considered one of the best strikers in Europe for a while. How many other ex players can say that
  2. As it turns out Blunket is Disco pants, So we were nearly right
  3. Ross Wallace

    One of the few players who can hold his head up high in this sh ite show of a season, no doubt lack of proper pre season and training will not have helped him at his age. Always up for the big games, Shame to see him go but doubt we will see him here next season, But no doubt good enough for some other Championship team
  4. Young George Hirst

    Surprise surprise that's Kivo on here who has been mentioned on the page
  5. The gap is now 7 points...

    I dont we will see any of those play for us again this season
  6. Sean Clare

    Play all the young in on Tuesday and show old carlos how much he could have got for his 20 quid
  7. Worst man of the match award ever?

    West Brom used to give out a frozen Chicken
  8. Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    Stay on the South but move on to row T or W both are stupidly wide. I am six foot five tall and can sit with my legs stretched out straight in front of me on both those rows
  9. I think it maybe his new hair that has taken root in his brain, Maybe he had off cuts from Pep, Jose, conte et all sown in. either that or this is his Clone and he is on a beach somewhere laughing his 20 quid off
  10. The 20 quid game is on then.....
  11. Horror show, and no bollc-ing for the players, Hmmm not sure about that.
  12. After being priced out to the point of a few games per season, Would rather be able to afford to go to games than be top of the table and only being able to go once a year. Give the kids and new manager a chance to do it properly, without sp""ing all our cash on injury prone has beans. Get some walk up fans back on side and go from there
  13. Now there are a few proper "Taches" there
  14. We have two quality young keepers, There is no way Westwood should walk back into the team, Not only has Joe been outstanding Westwood has been well out of form this season
  15. Safety notice

    Its not new, I grew up in the 80s when the IRA where blowing poo up all the time, We still made jokes about bombs then. Infact I think when Hitler was dropping bombs right left and center people made jokes about that, Songs etc. Its the British way. Get over yourself, Smile and don't worry bout it. If you happen to be sat where a bomb goes off you are unlikely to know anything about it