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  1. poo poo the bed, I think I've just jizzed.
  2. Don't expect any royalties as it's the Rooney song.
  3. I wanted to wait till he had a good game but it may be a while. Kop drums: Something like Ohh he's gunna score a goal, score a goal, Ohh he's gunna score a goal, Jaques Maghoma 👀
  4. Yes look at them flying in the league below which is much cheaper to finance. Look at them next season if you want to draw comparison. IF they get promoted to our level.
  5. He's a victim of his own honesty. Fans don't like to hear that he's looking to sell and won't spunk millions and get us into trouble. He's given us the game plan we unfortunately now have to wait for a suitable buyer.
  6. Yes- grow up. An inoffensive song sung on the north stand is the least of our worries.
  7. They paid their money, they sang a song. All you whingers have mouths don't you? Maybe you should have used them to guide the team over the line more appropriately? Sick of fans telling fans how to be fans. Grow up.
  8. Yes it would. It's money in the club he can use rather than his own.
  9. Can we play both? I've been bricking myself since the draw. I can't take anymore.
  10. No need to worry mate, I'm the Nuhiu of punching.
  11. If I was so bloody skinny and so terrible at fighting I would probably have received an 18 month sentence at some point between the ages of 17-22. I've grown up now though, looking back it was daft. I have a job and I'm a lovely fella, even if I do say so myself. Give the lad a chance to learn from his mistakes.
  12. My wheel bearing was screaming its nuts off on the drive there, so I was worried I may have a break down on the way home. I left early to avoid the traffic, I hope you will accept my full apology, I'm deeply sorry to have offended such a loyal fan. See the thing is I normally stay the distance, always have. However I have no problem with those who leave early, as it's their prerogative. There's nothing worse than fans who try and tell other fans how to support. I've got three complete gimps behind me who find it ok to criticise players they dislike, yet won't shut up about Maghoma. Do I tell them not to slag Maghoma, erm no because that would make me a hypocrite. Live and let live I say.
  13. First home game I've missed (season ticket holder). I'm out at the boxing tonight, playing football in the morning and away with work all next week. I chose to spend the morning with our lass and it was slightly less painful than going to Hillsborough. I won't be back until he's gone.
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