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  1. The puzzling thing about point 2 is that if this transaction had already taken place,why did dc say we were in serious trouble with ffp at the fans forum later in the year?
  2. Do you have any links to turnover / profits for these businesses, thanks
  3. I was under the impression that very little if any money actually changed hands in the stadium sale.
  4. So who is backing him,because his father and brothers combined wealth is quoted at being 400-500m.
  5. We have only posted a profit in one year,17-18 accounts. We still have the 9m and 19m losses. The 9m loss drops off to be replaced by the 18-19 accounts, we will probably be up around the 20m losses again, so very close to the 39m p&s limit. The massive elephant in the room is if the efl decided to not allow the stadium sale in the 17-18 accounts, then we would have a 19m and a 30 odd millions losses Sat on the accounts. The 18-19 accounts would then have to post a 10 m profit to stay within p&s.
  6. Tom Lee's was at fault for the second, had clear view of the goalscorer, just let him run past him.
  7. The Forbes rich list, has his father and families combined wealth at $720m, dc is a minor shareholder and non board member of TUG. As for dc's personal wealth, who knows but it's £100m less than it was. Makes me laugh when people quote things like, dc's a billionaire, he runs/ owns John west.
  8. After 2 tickets for Saturday, any age group. Pm me or post in here.
  9. The thing is the impact on the club, during construction and when operating, increased traffic, less parking, food and drink outlets taking away potential income from the stadium outlets, possibly complaints from the development owners putting more restrictions on the club. If done properly this could have provided a steady income over a long period of time for the club and allow us to develop behind the north. As for the 25m, the chairman is minted (allegedly), so not a problem, no impact on p&s. To put the 25m into perspective, Rhodes, abdi, Jones and van akin have probably cost near to that, did we get a good return on that investment?
  10. Hopefully not the same lawyers who handled the contract with the unnamed kit manufacturer, who shafted us on price at the last minute
  11. I actually support the club I don't hold this site with utter contempt.
  12. Do you mean the business that the chansiri family owns around a 20% share holding, of which the chairman has less than 2%. His father and brother have a combined wealth of around 600 million according to forbes, putting them in the top 50 rich list in there country. Our chairman does not feature on the list.
  13. 30m? Thought the figure that was actually paid was around £8m according to the accounts, with the remainder to be paid at a later date.
  14. Could have bought the car park land and moved the shop over the road clearing a huge spare behind the north stand
  15. Sorry if my post offended anyone, I picked a random time with no thought to it's connection to the disaster. Lesson learned.
  16. No, but be more embarrassed that your fellow owls are paying this or more to watch tomorrow's game.
  17. KICK OFF TIME SWEEPSTAKES im going for 3:16 There's no effing way they will get everyone in the home end's by 3pm
  18. The only difference I could see was the pro-fit doesn't have the vent type material up the sides between the front and back.
  19. The hunt and Rhodes deals were done in July 18 so may have been included in the 17-18 accounts.
  20. Sorry thought you were referring to the stadium sale, which was essentially a legal transaction with no money being paid to anyone.
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