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  1. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    Because we went on to score If not I think it's a penalty and a straight red
  2. Jordan Rhodes

    Totally agree with the last paragraph, unfortunately 1. We don't have any fast wingmen who can belt crosses in 2. If we did have them, Carlos wouldn't play them.
  3. Burton v Owls live overseas

    Me too Where is bein 12 on modbro
  4. iFollow

    Anyone finding it juddering second half?
  5. They will be even more annoyed when they find out you have taken them a day early.
  6. When Winnall scores

    Fessi, Palmer.
  7. Hirst scores a hat-trick

    Heard the same,wanted an improved contract ( not mega money), Mr C refused ,so didn't sign the contract offered. Apparently that's why hirst senior has nothing to do with the club now.will probably leave under the youth compensation scheme.
  8. Scrap the Playoffs ?

    Exactly how I would like it, however sky and their money machine would never let it happen.
  9. Barnsley

    Open from 10am on Saturday.
  10. No, 2:50 ish grandstand,was told no turnstiles had any left.
  11. No, 2:50 ish grandstand,was told no turnstiles had any left.
  12. Thousands still outside ground

    Got to the ground at 2:50,not one turnstile for the grandstand had any raffle tickets. Luckily I could walk straight in, unlike the poor sods queuing for the south and kop.