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  1. 30m? Thought the figure that was actually paid was around £8m according to the accounts, with the remainder to be paid at a later date.
  2. Could have bought the car park land and moved the shop over the road clearing a huge spare behind the north stand
  3. Sorry if my post offended anyone, I picked a random time with no thought to it's connection to the disaster. Lesson learned.
  4. No, but be more embarrassed that your fellow owls are paying this or more to watch tomorrow's game.
  5. KICK OFF TIME SWEEPSTAKES im going for 3:16 There's no effing way they will get everyone in the home end's by 3pm
  6. The only difference I could see was the pro-fit doesn't have the vent type material up the sides between the front and back.
  7. The hunt and Rhodes deals were done in July 18 so may have been included in the 17-18 accounts.
  8. Sorry thought you were referring to the stadium sale, which was essentially a legal transaction with no money being paid to anyone.
  9. Hi mk, without generating some income in the next couple of weeks, how likely are we to break the rolling 39m p&s limit with the 18-19 accounts
  10. These are 17-18 accounts 15-16 9m loss 16-17 20m loss 17-18 3m profit So we can lose no more than 22m in the 18-19 accounts which end in a few weeks.as we have similar costs in this period we could do with selling someone be it player or manager
  11. Is it the 15-16 that drop off first, replaced by 18-19?
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