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  1. Casino, burger beer bet, £12 £5 bet to use on the machines
  2. This is exactly my position, me and the lad have had season tickets since Cardiff play off final, didn't renew last season and requested refund for 19-20. Lad asked yesterday if we were going to the cup game and I replied that until I had been refunded what was promised I wouldn't be putting any money back into the club.
  3. If the owner does the paperwork in time, we stay up
  4. Early bird season tickets from February 20 Tv money Lucas joao transfer money Loans against the ground? Dc's pocket money
  5. So if his pot is full, why are the players continually getting paid late and the fans still waiting for refunds on season tickets?
  6. We should have more resources than most of the clubs in that division Why do fans still think this? 1. 6-7m drop in TV money 2. Very little matchday income, most of the fans that would be willing to pay to watch league 1 football have already paid for next season with early bird tickets last February. Highly likely this money has already been spent this season? 3. Has DC money tree died? Players not being paid on time, fans not received refunds from over a year ago suggests it has.
  7. When will people wake up and realise the serious consequences of relegation. Where will the income for next season to rebuild a competitive squad come from? 1. DC himself, think its safe to say this well is definitely running dry 2. Sponsorships, this mainly comes from DC, so see point one 3. TV money, this will be less than 2million for the upcoming season in league 1 4. Player sales, probably only bannan and iorfa who would command a decent fee. 5. Supporters income, the majority of season tickets will have been sold over a year ago, assuming this income has been used to keep the club running this season, there will be little supporter income for next season. Any new income from season tickets and matchday tickets will probably be offset by the requests for refunds for this seasons tickets. The only positives from relegation could be DC finally packing in and the value of the business being lower, allowing someone else to take a gamble on us
  8. Joe is doing very well !!! At picking the out of the back of the net
  9. So no matter which year we include the stadium sale, we would still break p&s limits. Maybe delaying the release leaves the efl insufficient time to punish us again this season?
  10. Did Harris have a poor game or did pedersen have a really good one?
  11. Our wage bill will be much lower than yours next season Granted we will only have 8 players but the customers will never notice
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