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  1. I'd take a trier like Penney over a faker like reach every day of the week.
  2. Who's photo bombing in the background
  3. Dc got rid of Gray because his advisers/ backers already had someone on their books who they wanted in his place.
  4. Very good analysis, so the question has to be who else is funding this car crash of a football club?
  5. Really respect your expert analysis on accounting matters, none of us know what information all the people involved are privy to,but whatever it is 1 The efl deemed it sufficient to charge us in the first place 2. The arbitration panel again aggreed it was sufficient to send us to the independent hearing. 3. The independent hearing found it sufficient to find us guilty of one of the charges
  6. Breaking p&s has a sliding scale of points deduction depending on how much over the 39m you go.
  7. The thing is both teams also had players of high value that could have been sold to negate there losses, we accumulated older players on high wages with no resale value. The ones we could have sold were either kept until their contracts ran down or were left in the stands to Rot ,or both.
  8. Yes we have been punished for the same offence, however we exceeded the 39m by a greater amount than Birmingham ,they got -7 for their breach. Ours was the maximum allowable in the rules.
  9. To be fair, the decision to go to arbitration and covid may have had an effect on the time this has taken.
  10. The problem is that, in part there is a fixed penalty element, the penalty for breaking p&s has a sliding scale of points deduction depending on how much over the 39m you go.The punishment for misconduct is flexible. At the moment we don't know wether we are guilty or not, also if we have been found guilty we don't know if it's for breaking p&s ,misconduct or both.So it could be anywhere from 0-21 points deducted.
  11. I've compiled a list of possible scenarios as to why we have had no decision on the hearing, please discuss, contradict, dismiss. 1. The hearing is still ongoing ( widely reported that it has finished ) 2. Swfc won the case and the EFL declined to appeal. ( surely this would have been reported immediately by the club) 3.swfc won the case and the EFL decided to appeal. (again surely the club would have reported on this) 4.the efl won, the club accepted the result but are negotiating on the punishment. 5. The efl won, the club then waited for the maximum 14 days bef
  12. Because the next set of relevant accounts are the 18-19.
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