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  1. teddybeararmy

    Come on then Mr Chansiri

    Did he actually sack Carlos, thought he left by mutual consent, only to walk straight into the Swansea job. Mr c either thinks that jos can turn it around ( deluded),wants rid but has no idea who to replace him (scary) or he's not the one pulling the strings at swfc
  2. teddybeararmy

    One small neg today

    I was in bottom tier, start of second half guy walks up with tray of chips,waft of vinegar in the air, probably spent all half time queuing for them.he gets to his seat just as Matias scores, whole tray of chips fly into the air
  3. teddybeararmy


    He was definitely one of the better players last night, thought him and bannan worked well together. Yes he did give away a silly free kick,but it wasn't his fault we didn't defend it well enough,Tom lees let his man go and thorniley was left with two to battle.the second goal got done flat footed with a clever pass,but Matias stood watching the goalscorer run past him and receive the pass back.
  4. teddybeararmy

    What did Morgan Fox have for breakfast?

    First half looked like a footballer. Second half turned into Morgan fox.
  5. teddybeararmy

    Adam Reach

    This just about sums him up.
  6. teddybeararmy


    Thought he was one of our better players tonight.
  7. Six bungled attempts at a club badge?
  8. teddybeararmy

    50/50...which route then?

    "We have friends" was the term used. Have they turned up yet?
  9. teddybeararmy

    50/50...which route then?

    The trouble is unless we sell fessi and bannan for serious money then we will still be under embargo next season.in chansiri's own words "serious trouble" if we don't get promotion.
  10. teddybeararmy

    Quick win Clare

    Maybe they got better contracts Maybe they got longer contracts Maybe their agents didn't get offered better contracts elsewhere A lot of maybe's
  11. teddybeararmy

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    Balanced!! Right hand side has lost Wallace hunt Clare and probably Lee as it stands.
  12. teddybeararmy

    Quick win Clare

    The thing is we don't know if there are any offers on the table,why would any club sign him while he's still getting paid here and getting reabilitated for free.
  13. teddybeararmy

    Quick win Clare

    The blades wouldn't be able to pay Fletcher £30000 a week, so why are we. Say man city offered us an academy prospect, same age same experience,£1500 a week £300,000 compensation, 3 year contract,would that be a good deal?
  14. teddybeararmy

    Quick win Clare

    Totally agree with this,think it's unfair the amount of criticism Clare is getting over his contract situation. Holding the club to ransom, I can't remember him refusing to get on the bus unless his wages were increased by £15000. Look at it from clare's point of view,took his chance when it came,played well in a number of games receiving praise from managers and pundits. Outshone at times Jones,butterfield and fans darling Adam reach and then gets offered a reported £1500.Fletcher gets double this for deflecting the ball into the net of his backside in goal bonus alone. The way I see it is; 1. He's not signing for anyone till he's fit 2 .A number of league one and two clubs would like him but at £1500 +compensation would probably break their wages structures . 3. Not got the contacts or profile to move abroad ala Hirst. 4. Scotland looks the most likely, Hearts reported to be interested, can probably match or better his contract and no compensation due? I would still like to see him sign a new contract but if not then good luck wherever he ends up.
  15. teddybeararmy

    Megastore today

    They decided to take the plastering in-house last season