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  1. teddybeararmy

    Clare tho!

    Does moving to a Scottish side mean little or no compensation for swfc?
  2. teddybeararmy

    Elev8 done it again

    Maybe we should all email them with our concerns. wedontreallyexist@gmail.com
  3. teddybeararmy

    Shirt maker

    Let's just hope crocodile Dundee doesn't double the price at the last minute.
  4. teddybeararmy

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Would like four please 2 XL 2 small Thanks
  5. teddybeararmy

    Was it Over the Line?

    Was bang inline for the first, Thought Terry was off too .
  6. teddybeararmy

    parking tickets

    It was within the restricted times
  7. teddybeararmy

    parking tickets

    That's the annoying thing,you walk from the ground having to walk on the road because of cars parked on the pavement,yet get ticketed on a quiet side street with little traffic or footfall. Nevermind at least we are still in the cup,wawaw
  8. teddybeararmy

    parking tickets

    We were parked on left hand side,does anyone think we have grounds to appeal
  9. teddybeararmy

    parking tickets

    Got one, little road next too crown Parked inside yellows but not on pavement, parked there all season with no problems.
  10. teddybeararmy

    Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    Lees and bannan Sell Westwood
  11. teddybeararmy

    IFollow today

    Burton game showing,but not Brentford
  12. teddybeararmy

    IFollow today

    Match pass not showing up on mine?
  13. teddybeararmy

    Who’s got the new Anniversary shirt?

    Got one yesterday, definitely get one size up from the sondico sizing. Shop staff said they wouldn't be getting anymore deliveries of the anniversary kit.
  14. teddybeararmy

    Season Ticket refund

    There are about 20 in our group who meet up for pre match drinks, mainly season ticket holders. None of the potg and five of the season ticket holders decided not to bother yesterday.
  15. teddybeararmy

    Pig Tickets

    Cheers,makes perfect sense now.