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  1. So the efl are to blame for us spending north of 10m on fee's and wages on the likes of abdi, Westwood and Rhodes,to sit on their backsides.
  2. Yes they charged us, we disputed the legitimacy of the charges, arbitration was needed to decide this, cases against the individuals were dropped but the charge against the club proceeded to the current hearing. If we had accepted the initial charges we would have gone directly to the hearing.
  3. I agree its frustrating, but didn't we delay the process by virtue of going to arbitration first.
  4. Your correct it changed in 16-17, however the efl don't make punishments up as they please. The punishment for breaking p&s is clearly set out in the rules. The punishment for misconduct I agree is open to interpretation.
  5. They didn't break ffp by 30 odd million, it was between 7&9 million over 3 years. It was 7 points deducted for this offence as per the rules
  6. Not even last season's, we have yet to release 18-19 accounts.
  7. To be fair we probably won't need the kit men till November, elev8
  8. Its already been mooted that it will be relaxed for this season but the next set of accounts are for 18-19.
  9. There far from irrelevant, we could break p&s again and face another points deduction for next season
  10. The punishment for breaking ffp are already set in the rules and work on a sliding rule depending on how much you go over the ffp loss limit. The punishment for not operating in a fit and proper way is more discretional.
  11. The problem is that until the 18-19 accounts are released, we don't know wether we have breached ffp again ,thus causing us to face a points deduction next season anyway.
  12. Here goes!! One massive play off style weekend at Wembley, no fans, fully televised. Each division on separate days Each team picks a normal matchday squad Every remaining fixture is played out in a 10 penalty shoot out basis The winner gets the normal 3 points If it's equal after 10 penalties then 1 point each Promotion and relegation as normal Play offs then decided in the same way but with sudden death penalties as normal. Zoom style conference call on the scoreboard so fans can create a live atmosphere or a selection of the carnage celebration videos from each teams away games.
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