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  1. Work on Nuhiu's heading and convert him into a CB ( reverse of what was done with Warhurst )
  2. I don't post very often on here choosing to mainly laugh at the rubbishy posted on here. I had to post on this pathetic thread though. 2 weeks ago at Wembley my wife and I sat outside a coffee shop watching Chrissie Waddle. For or almost an hour he was signing autographs, taking selfies chatting with the kids and disabled fans in wheelchairs. He he turned nobody away, took his time, took all the banter in good fun a true gentleman and the crowd chanted his song in appreciation. he is a true Wednesday legend and has lived in Sheffield for many years, his kids are Wednesday fans what more has he to prove ?
  3. Trumpyowl

    Finishing off the humble pie....

    Best I've seen since the 90's. We're on our way back.
  4. Trumpyowl

    RIP Ron Springett

    Very sad news. RIP Mr Ron Springett. A gentleman and true legend. Thoughts and prayers to his family.
  5. Not just the Leeds fans PIGGY WARNOCK must be rubbing his hands looking to turn us over
  6. Trumpyowl

    worse than irvine

    Peter Eustace
  7. Trumpyowl

    Danny Batth

    DB Will follow McCarthy to his next club
  8. Trumpyowl

    Does THIS make you horny ????

    His next managers job First signing Danny batth
  9. Trumpyowl

    Manchester City 1970

    This was me Trumpyowl Libertine why were you signed in on my computer ??
  10. Trumpyowl

    Kirkland Gone?

    maybe the club wont comment until any signing on fee and agents fee has been repaid ?
  11. 5 POINTS 2 GAMES and you f@@ked it up
  12. When they Fail to get past Stevenage, I want to hear Brian the Blade ask for calm and give Agent Wilson 4 more years to rebuild.
  13. If We Win At Wycombe Well done Sky WTF