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  1. Chansiri bought the squad to play in our home.
  2. And gives him the all important mention he and his investment deserves
  3. It wasn't Wednesday who approached Tony Stewart to ask permission to speak to Steve Evans. It was Portsmouth. Straight from the horses mouth.
  4. No it isn't. Minimum subscription £12 for 31days. £9 for sky sports subscribers.
  5. Sat in the castle in Blackpool. Wanting 3 tickets for Wednesday end and willing to pay over face value. Tel 07768262159
  6. No problem Doddicus. I live in Lincoln but I'm a season ticket holder. I'm usually in the 1867 lounge before the game along with both my parents. So maybe we could meet up for a pint or three!
  7. Aye up Doddicus. Charlie (Shaddows) Tomlinson was my grandad. Mom has a scap book full of photos of him and his team mates from that era.
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