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  1. Me + about 15. Setting off at half 6, station boozer before game. Stopping over so hopefully 3 points and a big party in Ipswich after
  2. He was sat in a seat at HALF TIME ffs. The bloke aggressively asked my mate in the blue suit to move and he replied "don't worry I'll move when you're daughter comes back". Which is perfectly reasonable as it is only half time don't you think? The bloke then continued to be aggressive, resulting in the following argument. Stop spouting stuff on here that isn't fact.
  3. Why post this when you don't actually know what was said? Really wee wees me off. The 'pensioner' that you are making out to be all innocent in this argument was actually the one that started it. Stop making assumptions.
  4. Covent Garden ' Punch and Judy' Pub is the place to be
  5. We were going to go on train but with the last train back to Sheffield being 8.56 it's a bit risky. If the game goes to extra time or we win and we're celebrating in the ground it'll be touch and go. OP tell your mate to get the train companies to put a later train on!!!!
  6. First time for me. Always said I'd never go till Wednesday get there. Cannot phookin wait.
  7. Covent Garden earlier in the day, has to be. Then Wembley way with a few tins.
  8. 5 of us going down. Setting off at 9 in morning, check into hotel then on the booze We'll be heading for the spoons near the seafront as usual I'd imagine
  9. Slept surprisingly well, bit nervous but mainly excited. Off to the boozer soon
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