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  1. If anyone has got 2 train tickets for this weekend,that they want to sell , preferably going Saturday returning Sunday , please let me know I know few bought them on cheap deals for playoff
  2. Let's just win our games,not bother about rest
  3. Exactly what I thought, would love it if we could have top of West,easy to get atmosphere going and great view
  4. If anybody can't make rearranged date,I can find a good home for there ticket
  5. Goes up and down quicker than Rotherham, serious ,good news for us and local residents
  6. If sky hadn't moved Sundays match,we would have played last night and no problems,
  7. According to steward bottle tops are removed to prevent slip hazards?
  8. Bring the kick ball into Wheely bin back Why don't they sell fifty fifty tickets or something similar on line,make prize bigger , would add bit of excitement and boost club finance
  9. See there making Rotherham favourites ,can get 2/1 plus us,fill yer boots
  10. Said for years give us top of West,easy to make an atmosphere in there with a few hundred as many away team does,and it's great view
  11. We have now got break so hopefully can get squad fit again after Christmas/ covid break,also need team building activities,don't now if it's with been with been apart for long periods but where not backing one another up,best example yesterday when hutch had handbags with there player,six of there's ran to help,not one of ours,still would have backed hutch. Hopefully Moore can get fitness back and squad back together
  12. Probably reason why some never tried Wednesday,quick little holiday
  13. There was loads more than that, that many at Swansea had to open separate bit for us
  14. They can't get any staff,common problem with all entertainment venues at minute
  15. Only opening 5 turnstiles so club not expecting many,be big queue if more than 2k turn up
  16. Wonder why we don't use them anymore, Patterson caused some problems with his last season
  17. Wonder if him who fell over into lower lepps,is returning
  18. Nice to see teams bringing decent amounts, surprised by Shrewsbury and Oxford following,lot better than most in championship Wonder if it's effect of pandemic or new ground for most
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