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  1. Was part of match day going in that little newagents just below park hotel,used to have big selection in jars.Glad to see still open,always call in for a paper on match days
  2. Not a lot,they only take bits,then shorten odds.No way would you get a lump on
  3. Go on then 100 percent of people I go to match with or at minute talk to on net
  4. Think he's done what majority of what fans wanted
  5. At least didn't have to travel and pay to get in and in warm If we go in to tier2 would you be applying for a ticket,don't think I can be bothered at minute
  6. We need players to fight for ball first and look as though they care
  7. Think we will be seeing our lowest ebb, volume 2 out at end of this season
  8. Only thing in our favor is lot of clubs won't be paying much and releasing players,so lot more available
  9. Have it in a double with unders on corners, printing money
  10. He might ,after his extended Christmas holiday
  11. As it finished,just woke up,great cure for any insomniacs
  12. Just like he did with wildsmith and dawson,with bringing westwood straight back,bad man management
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