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  1. Who controls this us or sky, playing fletcher song all through match got my threepenny bits
  2. Played about 8,tc only I no,one was like a country and western about no trouble,di cannio,one might have been promotion squad song,mostly crap
  3. Sat here doing nowt, asked Alexa to play Sheffield Wednesday chants, surprised when she did,never heard most off them before
  4. I've had us to be top scorers in division at 22/1,will only have to improve home goals, looks value bet
  5. One to Rotherham fans,you've only come to see the ball boys,made me laugh
  6. Been wanting return to this for ages,at least game means summat,not like friendlies,who remembers Donny away,pitch invasion to get on there end
  7. Cheers,lost all interest at. Minute,but suddenly thought about it
  8. Regularly used to offer me a swig out of his bottle ,in hole in road,on his lower hebs,always made my excuses
  9. Ring Brian the pig, organize a car park protest
  10. Thought reach played well first half
  11. I can only get wba comment on anybody got Wednesday
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