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  1. Away support this year as been surprisingly good,may be because new ground for lot of them,be interested how many they bring next season
  2. If anyone has got 2 train tickets for this weekend,that they want to sell , preferably going Saturday returning Sunday , please let me know I know few bought them on cheap deals for playoff
  3. Let's just win our games,not bother about rest
  4. Exactly what I thought, would love it if we could have top of West,easy to get atmosphere going and great view
  5. If anybody can't make rearranged date,I can find a good home for there ticket
  6. Goes up and down quicker than Rotherham, serious ,good news for us and local residents
  7. If sky hadn't moved Sundays match,we would have played last night and no problems,
  8. According to steward bottle tops are removed to prevent slip hazards?
  9. Bring the kick ball into Wheely bin back Why don't they sell fifty fifty tickets or something similar on line,make prize bigger , would add bit of excitement and boost club finance
  10. See there making Rotherham favourites ,can get 2/1 plus us,fill yer boots
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