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  1. Fan on fan

    So if ever we do get in premier and we go on long losing runs or get hammered by city or someone like them.will we be calling for managers head? Never have I known as many fickle fans as we have at minute.get behind lads at derby,at Bolton heard some saying hope they lose at derby ,so he goes!!
  2. Ammunition from the dark side

    Yer but it was tevezs fault,
  3. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    Its tomorrow not tonight, hope you not on way there
  4. Next Manager: Nigel Pearson

    He as just got job working for bloke who sacked him so don't think so,he only went for what his son did
  5. Gary Hooper

    Got to admit I wasn't one of his biggest fans but been a revelation this season compared to last,probably because now fully fit
  6. Spineless mercenaries ?????

    So when big premier team tempt wilder beast away ,what will that make him?
  7. Are they transferable if anything happens to you,not being morbid but not getting any younger
  8. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    was on kop with mi mate walt,no buses from woodus so his dad gave us a lift ,only trouble was 5 already in so i was in boot,but would have walked it to see that match
  9. hark now hear

    Never had a problem,in bog on way in and half time only time I remember people pee8ng on terrace was at villa for Everton semi
  10. England flags of St. George please.

    Or get Sammy back
  11. spare burton ticket face value

    Sorry but this as gone to first caller,Ben
  12. i have a spare adult ticket.can either meet me at station or in pub in burton, or outside ground if you want it,catching 10;44 train.steve 07557387509
  13. spares for burton

    i might have ,let u no in morning,but catching 10;30 train so will be early
  14. can the club do anything right?

    actually some nice fish in that strech of river now