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  1. When did you fall in love with our club?

    1963 when mi mother popped me out,all owls from cradle to coffin in our family
  2. 14/1 to go down

    surprised odds are still that high,only checked sky bet, so others could be bigger.personally think we may stay up by other teams being so poor but have horrible feeling could end up like season forest sent us down.
  3. Advice please for this Saturday

    Red rose chippy blinds Riverside and its got tables and chairs
  4. one ommision tonight is me,hopefully good news as only other i have missed ,is leeds ,so heres hoping for same result
  5. Surely worth letting

    Give him a go,we might get a few Bob more if he does owt
  6. The fans who travelled today

    Its every away game lately,dread to think how much Millwall, Swansea, Bristol as cost
  7. cant believe what a good job theyve done on that ground to what it used to be
  8. tango time

    great bloke will do owt to help anybody
  9. tango time

    guess what minute cameras pan on to tango,mine is 21st when hopefully games gone quiet.hope all lads and lasses who have made trip have a great night and safe journey home
  10. Trouble is contracts mercenaries are on
  11. Team vs. Swansea

    If they can't play 2 games a week theres sumat up wi em.get a proper job,fans will start work at 5am get to Swansea get home about 2am and back to work at 5,for a fraction of what players are on
  12. But won't bridge trolls stop you going there because you don't already have a ticket?
  13. parking tickets

    Should send em down park side road,can't walk on pavement for cars parked on it.
  14. Crowd, keepers and Reach

    Looks a bargain compared with madine at same price,
  15. West stand upper

    Yes that's what I mean,think good atmosphere attracts more fans and view in there is great,imagine noise 2.5 k plus would make when you here how loud 300 sound.I for one would move from north to go in there