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  1. Probably do an online one, which could be a slippery slope to the end of printed version as happening to newspapers and magazine
  2. If it happens at Hillsboro let's get programs 3 quid man in ground ,put him in west upper , singing Wednesday songs,will sound louder than normal matches
  3. After a night match in London,we stopped off for a pint,got afterbird,merson walked in about midnight,we gave him some stick,he turned round and walked out,came back about 20 minutes later and said ,leave it out lads I can't get a drink anywhere else,we did and he got round in for all mini bus,ended up having top sesh with him
  4. I work as a turnstile operator,we have had an unexpected email from club saying we have been furloughed. Mr chansiri as kindly agreed to pay extra 20 percent. Thank you wasn't expecting anything.
  5. With us all stuck at home,what's everyone watching on TV, sports wise.I have just binged watched second series of Sunderland till I die, excellent series couldn't stop watching it, couldn't help but think there just like us,in poo money wise and constantly under achieving.Wish we could get cameras in like this to get to know truth what really happens behind scenes.That part where that young player refused new contract and just walked out was eye opener,we slag chairmen without knowing true story in instance's like this
  6. Would sort all non triers out we have got
  7. Think this could seriously effect crowds going forward, people soon get out of habit of going, seriously thinking of calling it a day myself especially if they don't cooperate with salary cuts
  8. Ones who stand out for me where, Sunderland there promotion season, singing keano,to hey Jude second half,never stopped.Allways think they are a lot like us,not had much to celebrate last don't now how many years,but still turn out in numbers and love a good slurp
  9. got one of these for christmas,didnt now it was only for first half of match only.Great value
  10. Do we actually have one, Wickham fatter than me and as mobile,de Cruz , clearly not good enough for this league,do we actually look at players before we sign them
  11. It's poo but been as bad in past,save our owls, having to best Southend etc,but one thing we have is our fans
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