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  1. Join casino,it's free parking then,in there
  2. think liverpool will replace rotherham for pigs bum chums this season
  3. Cheers just seen it, hopefully win Sunday then happy days
  4. Cashed in after Villa match,only 57 quid difference ,so no brainier, waiting on Brentford for top half bet too but not a clue what will happen with that due to Bolton match
  5. I also cashed in for same reason, waiting on Brentford
  6. anyone got any idea when these will be sent out,gets ready for usual negativity but genuine question.should be good ,loads of steves photos over years have been top class
  7. Was it syp or Durham,Welsh,met etc police who where to blame, only come up for overtime and bother,just like in miners strike
  8. Singing in ground at half five, about only time heard them
  9. I bought it mainly because I have had couple of decent wins on horses and got spare cash at minute, which I might not have later,still think scheme is good if your in similar position,also no racing for a while,horses got flu
  10. Actually bought mine tonight,2 year deal on north
  11. It's deadline day tomorrow,if anyone didn't know,
  12. Come on then what's most anyone paid for a pint so far?
  13. Emailed club about this, asking if can be passed on, waiting for a reply
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