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  1. fatbloke no1

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    I bought it mainly because I have had couple of decent wins on horses and got spare cash at minute, which I might not have later,still think scheme is good if your in similar position,also no racing for a while,horses got flu
  2. fatbloke no1

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    Actually bought mine tonight,2 year deal on north
  3. It's deadline day tomorrow,if anyone didn't know,
  4. fatbloke no1

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Only on for 5 minutes,
  5. fatbloke no1

    Pre match drinks

    Come on then what's most anyone paid for a pint so far?
  6. fatbloke no1

    Club 1867 Launch

    Emailed club about this, asking if can be passed on, waiting for a reply
  7. fatbloke no1


    Thought Fox played well,oh forgot can't say that on here
  8. fatbloke no1

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    Losing away at Wigan,when they where non league
  9. Was talk about having this today,to give fellow owls who have passed this year,a send off,be having my own ,to think about 3 people ,who looked after me in younger days,who sadly left us this year.RIP,Kenny Cooper,Phil Hayes,Weeny,all top lads
  10. fatbloke no1

    100 percent

    Top day out hopefully be back next year
  11. fatbloke no1

    100 percent

    Watched last two matches in owl and cat cat, Lanzarote owls pub,won both so if any one wants to keep run going send us donations and we will stay over here
  12. fatbloke no1

    Something seems to have changed

    Or they might just be helping a good cause
  13. Looked totally peed off, so called supporters booing and shouting for Jos out, total motivation to one of our best
  14. fatbloke no1

    International Break

    These breaks are a joke, disrupting season,have it like cricket and just use squad
  15. fatbloke no1

    DC Reflect or just go !!

    Wernt exactly queing round block to buy us before so why would it be so now?,be careful what you wish for