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  1. Do you pick up catcliffe or nearest place
  2. this looks a very good idea and one i would go far
  3. Agreed, think getting to third gave them reality check that if they did scrape promotion,they would all be out of a job next season,
  4. Fletcher clearly was no where near fit and shouldn't have even been in squad,winnall waste of a shirt
  5. Right tenner a piece and get tango booked on,sure didn't include cup games in his ban
  6. Just had quick look at current relegation odds,we are 14/1, whereas Preston and forest who are near us are250/1 and 500/1.Probably them just been cautious
  7. Yes hope nice as last year ,can't beat sat in sun watching match with a pint,
  8. We will be over for stoke and Cardiff games
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