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  1. Probably reason why some never tried Wednesday,quick little holiday
  2. There was loads more than that, that many at Swansea had to open separate bit for us
  3. They can't get any staff,common problem with all entertainment venues at minute
  4. Only opening 5 turnstiles so club not expecting many,be big queue if more than 2k turn up
  5. Wonder why we don't use them anymore, Patterson caused some problems with his last season
  6. Wonder if him who fell over into lower lepps,is returning
  7. Nice to see teams bringing decent amounts, surprised by Shrewsbury and Oxford following,lot better than most in championship Wonder if it's effect of pandemic or new ground for most
  8. Should be like cricket,play on and use your squad players,hate these blank Saturdays
  9. If anyone doesn't fancy long trip to Plymouth,I have got some cheap tickets for leger at Donny available, should be good alternative day out
  10. Wish I had got 10 year season ticket,like one for life,end up about quid a match
  11. Think we are overpriced today at a general 7/4 with most firms
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