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  1. Anybody living down there now any pubs that will be showing Cardiff match on Friday, staying there before races on Saturday
  2. So sad looked after us on supporters club coach when we where just kids,only spoke with her few games ago
  3. but will it be enforced,park side road is nightmare with cars parked on pavement,coned out every match but no one ever gets done
  4. Don't think it's that unusual,when you get offered job you get full terms and not always as good as you thought initially, happened to me in past
  5. dont know what everyones on about,this used to be done every match not too long ago,well done on getting it restarted
  6. Might be my eyes going but can't mek em out
  7. Was just thinking same, looking at my 12/1 slip.Dc lumped on too,way round ffp
  8. rip john,makes me feel old when players i watched pass away
  9. think we should give them bigger amount of gate money
  10. selling pegs,pinching scrap on way to raise £39 quid admission
  11. dont know what picture was like on there but calendar looked like was filmed on somebodys mobile phone,not just ours but all matches
  12. A fellow owl and horse race trainer, announced he's been forced to retire due to finances,good luck in the future
  13. Join casino,it's free parking then,in there
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