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  1. Wolves

    Poor support though,1200.if we where top with that team we would sell lot
  2. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    But wouldn't have been as low if not been on sky and remained Saturday afternoon, they might have even fetched 2k
  3. At least the Christmas lights are good

    Yes they where very impressive, walking up to main entrance on south stand and near shop.No doubt some will come on soon finding fault with them
  4. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    So we don't miss foresterri,hutch,Lee,lees,Boyd etc then?
  5. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    So you think forresterri,hutch Lee,lees,Boyd etc aren't being missed then?
  6. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    Sky money more than covered rs it
  7. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    Nearly full team out injured
  8. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    Are u Brian the blade?,are shoes coming off
  9. Fan base

    Wish I'd never asked
  10. Promotion odds

    That's why betdaq and betfair are good,matching peoples different opinions. If you don't think we will be promoted get your odds up and think you will be matched.People on here could back there opinions up with cash,but will they??
  11. Fan base

    Must be with me been old,I have always been a supporter.at least my post as given us a laugh
  12. Fan base

    That's what I mean
  13. Fan base

    When did we change from supporter's to this
  14. Mass exodus

    Sky would still have ko ,even in empty ground,ruined football
  15. Promotion odds

    Its on betdaq but only to bits wonder if some on here will lay us at bigger