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  1. Markus Henriksen at Hull. Out of contract.
  2. He's better than Fox IMO but we should have signed Joe Bennett.
  3. So according to transfermarkt, out of contract 2019 are: Abdi Westwood Jones Pudil Hooper Boyd Lee Matias Palmer Nielsen Preston O'Grady Out of contract 2020 are: Fletcher Hutchinson Forestieri Nuhiu Winnall Pelupessy Fox Dawson Stobbs Penney Baker Kirby 2019: I'd offer a contract to Westwood and Palmer and release the rest. 2020: I'd transfer list all of them and see what offers come in. Offer contracts to Forestieri and Winnall if they perform well.
  4. It would be good to see it mixed up a bit but I expect Carlos to stick with his 442 that hasn't been working. I'd go with something like this. -------------Westwood------------ Palmer - Lees - Van Aken - Pudil ----- Hutchinson - Bannan ------- -----Lee-----------------Reach---- ---------------Hooper-------------- ---------------Joao----------------- We need to get back to keeping clean sheets. Lee and Reach drop when defending, there's goals in Lee, Reach and Hooper and pace with Joao. Bring Fletcher/Nuhiu on to see games out. Forestieri in for Reach and Loovens for Van Aken when they're fit.
  5. Loads of managers out there. Doesn't have to be one out of work. McCarthy, Holloway, Pardew, Strachan, Lee Johnson. More ambitious targets: Paulo Bento, Bruno Labbadia, Claude Puel.
  6. Something to The Winner Takes It All
  7. Yes, catchy and easy. This could work! Also, such a cool song.
  8. Conga Song. NU-HI-U instead of do-do-do. Needs a good lyricist to come up with some lyrics.
  9. Hahaha, dear oh dear. Obsessed much? Don't think they'll get a fire certificate for that, looks flammable.
  10. Think he's off. We'll miss him, he's been brilliant. Cheers Ben 10.
  11. Chris Waddle vs Blackburn 1995. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/matches/1995-1996/epl.match-stats.html/sheff-wed-vs-blackburn
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