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  1. I think he was trying to set us up long term so supported him at the time. The problem was the youngsters weren't good enough and he dropped the best GK in the league. Don't give a poo now though, that's long gone.
  2. I like Joao but we can absolutely replace him with that money and have change left over.
  3. Just more pace, not too fussed which position. Except for GK, we don't need a fast GK.
  4. He's much more effective on the left side or as a number 10 IMO. Problem he's got is that the left side is arguably our strongest position with Harris and Reach and a number 10 can be a bit of a luxury.
  5. Yeah that would add up. Agree that would be a sensible approach.
  6. Interesting that wages are much less than Bruce was one when there was compo for Bruce.
  7. Don't think so, I'd be concerned he'd jump ship again.
  8. Excellent news, strange that it's on the star website before the official site though.
  9. Markus Henriksen at Hull. Out of contract.
  10. He's better than Fox IMO but we should have signed Joe Bennett.
  11. So according to transfermarkt, out of contract 2019 are: Abdi Westwood Jones Pudil Hooper Boyd Lee Matias Palmer Nielsen Preston O'Grady Out of contract 2020 are: Fletcher Hutchinson Forestieri Nuhiu Winnall Pelupessy Fox Dawson Stobbs Penney Baker Kirby 2019: I'd offer a contract to Westwood and Palmer and release the rest. 2020: I'd transfer list all of them and see what offers come in. Offer contracts to Forestieri and Winnall if they perform well.
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