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  1. They are the best shirts i have seen in years If only !
  2. lsd112

    Places you've not sat and why

    sat /stood in all of them
  3. is this the new away kit in the action pictures from tonights game on twitter ?
  4. would not have a problem
  5. great day remember it well,wtf happened
  6. can anyone recomend any bars in albufeira to watch the results come in v reading and man city ,thanks in advance
  7. lsd112


    cant argue with that ,things looking up good times to come maybe
  8. lsd112


    love the two home shirts especialy the second also the white away
  9. very very nice will be intouch
  10. lsd112

    Old Fanzines - Database

    Think one was called Spitting Feathers got loads up the loft
  11. lsd112

    Must see video

    ha ha brilliant